SWeeTs and SWeeT Web. The Social Web of today is characterized by participatory content creation and syndicated communication. Wikipedia is an example of participatory content creation, while the micro-blogging exchange using the Twitter service are examples of communication. A parallel and equally significant development of the web has been the steady effort on infusing the data on the web with semantics and the resultant growth of the Semantic Web. Various initiatives to leverage the social web have been applied to collectively build the Social Semantic Web. A SWeeT is an elementary unit of structured information that can be used by people to pronounce a semantic relationship of information on the web. Like "tweets" are used by people to express an idea or an interest on twitter(@/#), SWeeTs can be used to express a relationship. SWeeTs differ from Twitter tweets in two important ways: First, they are decentralized; the SWeeTs may be curated in arbitrary stores. Second, SWeeTs are structured so as to reflect a semantic relationship between web elements governed by an ontology. SWeeT (short for "semantic web tweet") work began around 2012 and initiated a community managed decentralised content accessibility process that became the basis for Renarration and then interconnecting archives work (http://milli.link). SWeeTs contributed to Wed Annotation standard WG discussions, and then replaced by W3C Web Annotations.

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