Slots minutes of meetings - October 2020

31 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh and team was updating mesh setup in tumkur.

  • Mani was asking help with team to edit this page https://hackmd.io/iOM2rt5JRfmbh7LgVWhBaA?view Interim report for APC. collecting points..he have started adding photos and links.

  • Arun working on Elastic Search

  • Bhanu moving forward the papad development.

30 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Shalini and Mani discussing about videos editing for CNx.

  • Bhanu updating about today section to DA community section.

  • Shalini was updating on APC report - https://hackmd.io/@shalini/HkaMNUFdw and asked others to contribute on.

  • For mirzapur girls Bhanu suggested to everyone to take session about known technology

  • Athithya , Micah and Mani updating on tested Discord. In firefox browser we faced webcam and share screen issue. In chrome browser working properly. Then I tried in raspberry pi is working properly.

  • Micah suggested someone wants to try bots use this server https://discord.gg/n9fVpE

  • Bhanu working on Papad audio annotation tool.

  • Arun facing some issues on Elastic search and he need some help for that.

  • Shafali updating IRS Institute update.

  • Bhanu and Micah discussing Panatotor app tool.

  • Geeta suggessted some Photography training or intro would make excited....its my guess

  • Micah will comes up with photo editing tool

29 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh updating on ramya marriage in Tumkuru.

  • Shalini and Geetha discussing on duriya village to see how to coordinate. if need form a girls tech group.

  • Team was discussed on discord testing and issues https://discord.com/.

  • Bhanu suggested to try Discord in Raspberry pi.

28 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh asked Invite 10peoples to test Discord and he recommended while connecting in discord some people will connect on 3G network, wifi.

  • Bhanu guided how to connect 3G network on Browser

  • Arun working on Elastic Search

  • Bhanu updating yesterday DA meeting

  • Geeta updating DA today's activity with girls

  • Bhanu recommended introducing OSM and Wikipedia to Garima Girls.

  • Bhanu updating experimental on getfader, hubs.mozilla and interactive panorama to create virtual space environment.

  • Tomorrow Dinesh is going to give a talk. if need others can join and updating on CNx event. https://hackmd.io/xMOBarH7TCyq1hKzWMR0Jg?view

27 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • https://8x8.vc/usuyvr/duria.mxpr for duria and mizapur meeting on jitsi

  • Team moved to https://8x8.vc/usuyvr/duria.mxpr for testing

  • Geeta and shafali created Presentation for the Mirzapur meeting

  • Bhanu suggested to add Girls creeted Videos in Inshot

  • Shalini suggested to add images for the slide

  • Bhanu introduced Aframe and pano annotator to team

  • Dinesh asked micah to try Pano annotator and Aframe

23 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Today Athithya and Mani started testing Papad application but in audio-annotate page the Image is not adding. So athithya was checking with Arun an Bhanu regarding issues.

  • About Pi testing syncthing, kolibri and graphic tools is done so far now.

    • Syncthing:

      PI: Blackback

      Device name: cowpi-9c98


      PI: Caseback

      Device name: cowpi-4fff

      Device ID:


      PI: Whiteback

      Device name: cowpi-9ca7


  • Bhanu updated- fragment editor work, stuck on re-size fragments to map to audio player current playing state to reset player seek bar to align with fragment edge.

  • Dinesh updating on battery pack testing into Pi and sanketh was fixing issues. Then i pretend Pi will go today. Later shared about upcoming CNx event and plan.

  • Mani: what about footage for editing. when should i come and collect.

    -- Dinesh re: will plan on that.

  • Geetha and Shafali updating mirzapur girls session.

  • DA is asking photos from the area. then Dinesh suggested that girls should be wearing mask in the photos and do blogging.

22 October 2020

Participants: Team

21 October 2020

Participants: Team

20 October 2020

Participants: Team

19 October 2020

Participants: Team

16 October 2020

Participants: Team

15 October 2020

Participants: Team

14 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Arun and Dinesh discussed about Server issue. Arun didn't get Long emergency Json data-Bhanu sent Json data to Arun

  • Hany Babu website updates from Arun. He is working on it. Arun have started with a simple jekyll design and he expanding on it, talking to Hany Babu wife Jenny Rowena about the content on the site

  • Dinesh wants migrating server from dockers to postbox.Arun helping on it.

  • Mani have some issue on while connecting vnc viewer to pi. He need to install yggdrasil-network on his system.

  • Discussion went on How to enable cors for the public.janastu.org ?

  • Bhanu will be working on fragmentation.He annotated audio with some dummy data and also he planning to popup form module when user clicking add button with that adding tags or images.

  • Dinesh asked shafali to look into Papad UI and give suggestion or feedback. She suggessted instead of displaying suggested tag name it as tag.

  • Dinesh, Geeta, shalini discussed on PI testing plan with Medha.

  • Open default site (localhost) on pi connecting to hotspot

  • Dinesh asked mani and athithya to cleanup the Mirzapur Channel.

  • Dinesh asked athithya to delete Unnecessary channels in the application

  • Athithya asked bhanu help for deleting the channel from the postman

13 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Shalini working on the pi and she is attending Medha meeting.

  • Today evening we will test the aamne samne pi remotely and tomorrow will send the pi to Medha & DA. And Dinesh suggested to Athithya, Geetha and Mani to test PI immediately once Sanketh is done with installation.

  • Bhanu have updated Biome Meeting.

  • Srirupa wants Search engine Feature and Bhanu recommended Omeka(https://omeka.org/)

  • Arun have to do elastic Search(https://www.elastic.co/) on the server

  • Bhanu have to give longemergency json endpoints to arun

12 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • sk should finish the install script by EOD today

  • arun is helping move old server sites to new one. so we can get rid of the old one.

  • Shafali explained todays event in Medha community.

  • Dinesh was talking about upcoming activities for the Garima girls and also he shared his idea to conduct online workshop,teaching Expeyes to Garima Girls, advanced workshop events

  • Geeta said Today was the last session from Medha people to Garima girls

  • Dinesh asked someone to take the responsibility for the 1page Documentation which is going to share to the Medha people and Micah take the responsibility to complete the Documentation.

  • Shalini partially will be part of making the user manual

  • Shafali wants peripheral device photos for the pi setup Document.

  • Shalini tried to find stickers but nothing suitable found. We need to print our stickers.

  • We have to come up with song (Aamne Samne) who is taking responsibility? - Shalini take the responsibilty to lead the song for Aamne Samne pi

  • Bhanu is updating on Milli meeting

  • Dinesh and Jai Ram is here let's discuss about ragigudda slum plan - For going activities we have to find a space or rent house.

  • Sankenth wants to know home page setup for chromium browser

  • Everybody tomorrow we will spend 2 to 3 hours for testing the PI.

  • Dinesh and Arun was talking about server redirection. Shaini is available for helping Arun to list out the migrant server websites.

  • For everyweek will assign some people to make minutes of notes.

10 October 2020

Participants: Team

09 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Shafali and Dinesh was talking about purpose of using classmeet and jitsi.

  • Dinesh shared first aid kit pics Cowpi. Aamne Saamne Pi. https://photos.app.goo.gl/5ccRkWB9BCGE55Qh7

  • Arun: I have backed up 476GB of static content from the acsia server along with the content of the home directories. Is there anything else that needs to be backed up? Let me know or else I'll reinstall ubuntu on the server

  • Geetha and Shafali updating on mirzapur girls session on Syncthing.

  • Mani: Server & Website Monitoring: Pls someone look and clean up those link in sheet and include relevant site. So that I can check everyday if site's are working or not. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IUhNylg3LSsfcBS32I8CWUvXjvEZBWEEHnXoty9YAIo/edit?usp=sharing

  • Athithya: https://test.bigbluebutton.org/ @voidspace asked to test this bigblubutton in raspberry pi

  • Shafali: I can look at the manual from the video reference.

  • Dinesh: Girish had done lot of video related to radio and community if we can generate 2 or 3 minutes video. So we have to be presenting at CNx event.

    -- Mani re: Sure i will work on.

08 October 2020

Participants: Team with Annapurna

07 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh and Bhanu talked about befantastic application. So Shafali should apply inside of using Rame name in the application.

  • Dinesh shared that Girish is shortlisted for Disaster Management during COVID-19 Pandemic https://www.techemerge.org/resilience

  • Arun, Dinesh and Bhanu discussed about https redirect, server issues and static page then scheduled call for today to find solution.

  • Team went through on doc https://hackmd.io/@sagesalus/Bk4WxTFUP and Updating on yesterday's meeting with W4P-DA.

  • Dinesh asked that They (DA) want us to make 1 pager note on the implementation plan of PI. So Micha and Shafali will be volunteering for writing page.

  • Geetha and Shafali updating on mirzapur girls. In todays call we tried installing syncthing but most of girls faced problem with gmail login.

  • Athithya added Inshot videos into nextcloud https://files.janastu.org/s/XYb55M3a2L6ZYBb

  • Pi testing is scheduled today at 6pm with Athithya, Shalini, Dinesh and Mani also others can join.

06 October 2020

Participants: Team

05 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Bhanu: Finished Biome it was about design update and fields. Then I want to look with schema.org. So thursday i will get back with call again.

  • Dinesh and Bhanu was discussing BIM vocabulary for Biome.

  • Arun, Dinesh and Bhanu talking about https redirect - if not we use other server. Later discussed Papad flutter.

  • Geetha and Shafali was updating mirzapur girls session we discussed about Inshot and introduced syncthing then explained features and clearing doubts which girls were facing problem well using app.

  • Dinesh: Tomorrow we meeting with DA and Medha so let's discuss on plan.

    -- Shalini: The meeting plan in agend i have mentioned demo's we'll show apps and will discuss webinar pi handling and SIM cards who will buy.

    -- Bhanu: Created Agenda page for w4p meeting https://hackmd.io/m1xD8ed_RkmlgBgsNMGBQA

  • Shalini was updating on PI: I have asked install script with Sanketh and he's done landing page. About enclosure we have logitech camera and power bank then we have do

    painting on first aid kit and we have to prepare one manual.

    -- Bhanu for manual we have capture couple of picture.

    -- Athithya and Mani we can help for manual.

  • Dinesh for tomorrow's meeting with DA and Medha. we'll update for ten minute with Inshot and others we tried and then will talk about PI which we are planning to send and will demonstrate kolibri.

03 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Bhanu and Shalini discussed about W4P weekly meeting request date.

  • Discussed on Micha's artwork to paint on the first aid kit. So Raja somebody will do if possible or will go with stickers.

    Geetha Updating Syncthing plan: I am thinking of 3 use cases for girls

    1) To check very basic testing

    I will ask all the girls to add my device id to their Syncthing and i will share a folder with them with few files in it

    Expected output: all the girls should be able to: 1) add device 2) accept folder 3) see the files shared by me in their mobile device

    2) Peer sharing

    We will make group of 2 girls

    Make them add each other's device id to respective Syncthing and share a folder with each other

    Expected outcome: both the girls should be able to see the picture shared by her peer

    3) Laptop and mobile synching

    Once the sychthing is installed in laptop, Each group will create a folder in laptop and they will add laptop device id to their respective mobile and they will have a folder from laptop shared/synched with mobile

    Expected outcome: they will all see whatever is pasted in laptop folder is visible in mobile as well and vice versa.

    • Dinesh: Before organizing do exercise and see how girls are using it.

    • Bhanu: If they are using phones to take photos, videos and audio recording then they want to edit using audacity. So one of them push to laptop instead of using cable if they are some network. Like sharepoint, or lan shared folder.

    • Shalini: Syncthing easy to access or organizing and it will be usefull to future documentation.

    • Mani: For me Syncthing lets you access your files across multiple devices.

  • Dinesh: Sanketh's friend he lives in the slum in bangalore he's uncle was bbmp covid warrior and tested positive then there is no hospital to admit and then they got admitted in local hospital nearby and after staying three days he died and they wouldn't released body because to pay 4 lakh. So we want to make story something with situation in Kannada or english if anybody volunteering taking forward.

    -- Upasana re: Yes i can do.

    and another thing Girish's he went to village and thinking about how to start activity. Other than we have tested router ready to link to Devarayanadurga. With respective to crafter Space with widows women so he suggesting maybe how widows to come and use this space for farming then include other organization.

  • Bhanu and Bhanu updating on Biome follow-up.

02 October 2020

Participants: Team

  • Shalini: Can someone design for webnair stickers for first aid kit. see some images https://photos.app.goo.gl/1egfraaxf5VZodyZA

    -- Micha: Yes, I will work on.

  • Dinesh: Today we had a crafts stall at Exhibition cum Sale - Gandhi Bhavan (beedi vyapara 2020 https://photos.app.goo.gl/sYSRNAU6ukStjH7W6)

  • Geetha was updating about meeting. I had a call with Jayant (Madha) in the morning, below was the discussion:

    • Next app to be introduced to garima girls is Syncthing....

    • Next week rough plan (we can discuss) :

      -- Day 1: Janastu - continuation of Inshot and introduction of Syncthing

      -- Day 2: Medha - they have a topic to cover

      -- Day 3: Janastu - installation of Syncthing on mobile

      -- Day 4: Janastu - installation of Syncthing on laptop

      -- Day 5: if girls have doubts on syncthing those will be addressed. If not Medha has a topic to cover (this slot sharing can be decided on Day 4)

    • Notes:

      -- Jayant said he can try to have someone on field on the day of installation of Syncthing so that they can guide girls better but he has not confirmed/committed (it was his idea)

      -- He agreed on trail to have session in laptops and simultaneously girls can install Syncthing on mobile in the session itself

    • Query:

      -- He is suggesting to have call everyday at 3pm to discuss on next day's flow of session with garima girls.... Between Medha and Janastu mentors.

  • Dinesh updating Girish's testing routers and we have see how to connect tumkur to Devarayanadurga the link. Later he shared neighbor's trouble that Girish is trying to setup another community radio.

  • Arun: For server issue i'm waiting for response from the author of nginx proxy companion.

  • Dinesh: Design Baithak: Week 20: Friday, the 2nd of October @6pm. TB Dinesh & renarration. Readings: Coyotes in the fortress. Ay! & AnnotateThis.

01 October 2020

Participants: Team

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