Slots minutes of meetings - February 2022

14 February 2022

  • Started with General discussion.
  • Arun have updated Flutter application and he is planning to create UI using React and Next Js library.
  • Bhanu have updated Papad status and what is the upcoming feature.
  • Dinesh have updated Ram's (Chiguru Member) going to work on Papad web annotation 4hours perday.
  • Shalini have updated chat application to team. How this application is working, where are we failing.
  • Mani have updated editing on anthill contents videos.

07 February 2022

  • 2/6, 2:40 PM] Iihr Website Sridhar Gutam: Hello Dinesh. I am Sridhar Gutam from ICAR-IIHR, Hesaraghatta Lake Post, Bengaluru [2/6, 2:41 PM] Iihr Website Sridhar Gutam: We are looking for a website builders for our National Horticulture Fair 2022 [2/6, 2:42 PM] Iihr Website Sridhar Gutam: It would be virtual. So, we want to make it 360 or 3D website..... Visitors can virtually walk thru the displays (crops in field) and learn more about them... [2/6, 2:42 PM] Iihr Website Sridhar Gutam: Photos, Videos, Audio and Text [2/6, 2:42 PM] Iihr Website Sridhar Gutam: When Can I call you tomorrow regarding this....??
  • Dinesh have updated updates and he asked team to start work on that.
  • Athithya have updated image preview and her upcoming works
  • Mukuntha have updated his upcoming works and he explained matrix bot with telegram chat and planning to implement next cloud.
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