Slots minutes of meetings - September 2021

23 September 2021

  • Shafali and Dinesh have discussed Rotary club documentation

  • Sanketh is here from the farm

  • Dinesh have updated BioDiversity workshops and architecture workshop updates

  • Dinesh have updated Octobr 7th plan

  • Athithya have updated Devearayanadurga Map sheet webpage

06 September 2021

  • Dinesh, shalini went to Ragiguda.

  • Bhanu have updated Papad updates. He added end point for the time slots. He asked athithya to test papad.

  • Athithya have updated his Papad updates. She added css for the buttons on.

  • Shafali have updated Rotary_New docs

  • Bhanu, shafali and Yatarth have discussed structure for the Rotary_new doc

02 September 2021

  • Athithya and Bhanu have discussed Papad issue and how Athithya can help on that.

  • Bhanu have updated Papad UI updates and he is figuring out the start and end time stamp issues. Dinesh said if anything need from Emery please contact emery and put dinesh on loop

  • Yatarth is working on one page for the Janastu website and he tested "open source" services to build website visually to streamline the design to site workflow, it seems there are literally zero competent free tools

  • Shafali and Dinesh have discussed Durgadahalli Tourist Bungalo documentation

  • Bhanu have updated Event Manager proposal and how to go forward with the proposal

  • Shalini said, she will handover the Raspberry Pi to Manoj

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