Slots minutes of meetings - September 2020

30 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Team discussed video conferencing tool testing on PI and configuration that none of us had a usb mic, sound check couldn't proceed, earphone speaker didn't work, screen share fail and we are pushing the pi to far to replace pc, not sure if it's cut out for that.

  • Bhanu: team is planning to do kolibri and syncthing activit, those are the only two apps now we could think of demo-ing.

  • Dinesh and Bhanu was talking testing with Sanketh's that configuration was working.

  • Madhu, Athithya and Mani discussion regarding video conferencing application testing. Testing raspi -

  • Mani: I have bluetooth headset..i like to know how to connect to PI. but am using laptop screen to connect my Pi. will it works.

    -- Bhanu re: Yeah, It works check with Pi.

  • Geetha: Yesterday medha went and met girls it was simple meeting. They gave feedback that most of girls didn't understand application.

  • Shalini: tomorrow there is seminar on Community Listening: A W4P Approach for Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Economic Development invited us to participate.

  • Bhanu, Dinesh and Shafali was discussed Inshot activities with girls. to create own storytelling.

  • Dinesh suggested someone work on video clip using mirzapur girls collected photos and links.

    -- Mani re: Okay i will work on.

  • Shanketh shared Pi testing it's configuration & specifications.

    • pi4 with raspberry display and case, usb powered aux speakers, logitech camera (with mic), power bank, 3a charger with c-type usb cable, mini keyboard with trackpad.

    • hdmi supported tv/monitor, micro hdmi to hdmi converter, hdmi cable, usb keyboard, usb mouse

    • jio hotspot / airtel hotspot

  • Dinesh: tomorrow we have this meeting shalini had send a mail if you all can share and edit just few thing can show and tell. W4P DA meet doc

29 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Shafali: She was talking applying Befantastic Fellowship and shared docs -

  • Arun and Bhanu discussed on website certificate issues.

  • Athithya am collecting content for Garima girls in kolibri studio and after that today Me, Mani and Madhu we sat on how to create kolibri studio.

  • Dinesh: syncthing directly from people's device shouldn't go to server curate to our server (pantoto). But we have to make one sort of activity workflow like they collected something on there phone that seem to be a Pi and send to pantoto server.

    -- whoever has Pi if we can check few of application like browser base: Classmeet, Zoom, Jitsi and Google meet then syncthing and make plan for Papad. Say like installing on Pi and working locally.

  • Geetha, Bhanu and Dinesh was talking on syncthing, kolibri studio and Inshot.

  • Mani was sharing experience on wheelchair testing which Manoj created.

  • Shalini was explaining how she overcame issues with raspberry pi like microphone, screen display and app so on.

  • Bhanu and Dinesh discussed on Laura's call.

  • Shalini i was attending this APR IGS there're many session then i attended 5G internet on child exploitation and child abuse and gender digital divide then i have share one link where they talk about open-source that there use to match video and image matching.

28 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Updating on tumkur and router then shared device which Girish had similar to Bhagavad Gita.

    -- Edit short video using Inshot from Medha phone.

    -- pis setup and we almost ready to send three pis with software.

    -- Befantastic i was thinking either Micha, Mani or others apply on be of ragigudda artist.

    -- Arun and bhanu any progress with and

  • Geetha and Shafali upading on Garima girls meeting: Today's session was storytelling and making crafts. Later we introduced Inshot and showed a demo how to use.

  • Mani: am collecting learning contents for kolibri.

  • Athithya and Geetha: this are the topic we are collecting the content.

    • The topics i could think were:

      1) MS word, excel, power point 2) Spoken English

      3) demo videos on Inshot, kolibri, syncthing, voicethread, hackmd page 4) things to explore for first time laptop users

      5) about small scale industries 6) motivating stories

      7) Audiobooks 8) Any workshops on Dance, Film editing tools, DIYs

      9) Awareness about menstrual hygiene, cyber security, basic laws which girls must know, environment. add your suggestions as well

26 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Geetha, Athithya, Mani and Madhu was exploring kolibri. Later they shared thoughts and ideas.

  • Bhanu and Arun discussed on website certificate issues.

  • Yatharth: I am writing 2 pieces, webinar pi for medha and progress on Rpi; also next week will push a little on the play area for janastu website+gitbook

  • Athithya was looking on Hany Babu website design templates.

25 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Bhanu and Arun on website server issues and certificate error.

  • Geetha was exploring kolibri and discussed with Bhanu that there is no such option for learner to comment on content.

    -- Athithya re: yeah am also tried its failing quiz part

  • Dinesh, Bhanu and Geetha was going through on Activities doc, Scenario and illustration and talked about Medha's meeting.

    -- Geeta: I liked the scenarios writteen by micah and yatharth and all others can add more scenarios to it

    -- Shafali: yeah both of them did amazing with illustrations.

    -- Micha: shafali wrote mine i just did the illustration

  • Dinesh: We have discuss few things on monday meeting with Medha they have already planned some. for Garima Girls we have insert ourself. So Yatharth and Shafali make a plan on inshot.

    -- Shafali re: marketing research and financial something.

  • Dinesh on saturday we might go to ragigudda slum there is some street play happening.

  • Bhanu on papad, Biome's Omeka and long emergency new collection data sheet.

  • Team was discussing on Hany Babu website and later yatharth suggested on carrd

  • Shafali: interesting thing for papad to experiment with garima girls as well

  • Micha: The monday report that we have to give. what else should we add

24 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: We only need a couple of "moderators" - mani madhu and whoever wants to be a moderator. now it echo test all moderators and all here are.

  • Dinesh: Response to DA/W4P Questions September 2020.

  • Yatharth: Document Raspberry Pi for Garima Girls from Mirzapur

  • Micha: edited papaday to add more speculation as in spulative design wala.

  • Sanketh: Updating on hdmi cable and wi-fi setup and raspberry pi.

  • Arun and Dinesh was discussing on website server issues.

  • Bhanu: For Biome i spoke to them (anurag and all) and with Srishti for design. Then Omeka issues still existing.

  • Dinesh: Upasana we should write rotary proposal for crafts.

  • Geetha, Mani and Athithya was updating on voicethread.

  • Dinesh: Tomorrow we have meeting with Medha its about planning activities.

  • Geetha was talking about Kolibri user interface.

23 September 2020

Participants: Team


Agenda centered around the 3 questions by Medha for w4p project report that DA needs to submit, notes by micah on the discussion is here Sharing our Thoughts about how the Project is progressing and Bhanu added summary of notes using wikum here Shafali has the first activity ready for collaborating with medha and Garima girls, Shalini has sent email to DA and medha to fix up time to discuss and execute latest by next week Using telegram newly, so observing team's response - video annotation tool for teaching purposes, referred by megha and useful for mirzapur usecase.

  • Dinesh: How many of you able to catch up the post on telegram or what is the last message everybody saw? will go one by one.

    -- everyone started replying.

  • Shafali - On activities for mirzapur including inshot and storytelling themes introduction to garima girls.

  • Dinesh: got to know of which we can use to annotate and provide feedback. but 1. to download annotated voice/video it asks for money or 2. the viewer has to register which does not work for mxpr needs. So if you try and like.. we can maybe use OBS to screen record and then share feedback to the 'hamari' gangs of mxpr.

    Here is a sample one. Long but.. check it out. A real session by an instructor (Meg) and wait.. here is the one i did.. she helped me export it (for me it asked for $6) (this is the same as above but you dont have to use signup).

  • Dinesh: I have posted questions that DA is asking because they are writing report. So we should start discussion.

    • 1) How do you go about creating that “safe” and “welcoming” space virtually? Digital Awareness - One Papaday at a time

    • 2) Have you noticed any changes to the way you do this between face to face and virtual connections?

    • 3) Have the young women shaped what that space looks like themselves as the listening process progressed?

  • Bhanu: I have question Mircah's document what more should we add. That would answer first question.

  • Geetha: When Neha visits field the Dihganjari girls are very happy to have a conversation face to face even we are there virtually that's the difference i see. Then it comes to Garima girls i don't see much difference because they participate with same enthusiastic face to face and remote.

  • Madhu: Answering to first point safe and welcoming space the more girls had interested in doing video calls because they are new to phones and the little girls they were curious to come to the virtual space. One more thing without mentor (Neha) they are not coming to virtual space beacuse of safety.

  • Shalini: For Garima girls they made a group leaders and they'll push other members to come online. So they given responsibility that you have to do this and those girls are very much interested like Khushboo, Neha and Vandana if we assign them they ready to do.

  • Geetha: I feel that in there homes asks why are you going the parents not allowing to go out. Some girls will be absent if there is no mentor only on phone. if someone like Neha is there possibility of having calls.

  • Dinesh: The raspberry pi might be a safer space and conversation where the community need not be afraid of it.

  • Shafali: When we do face to face and virtually, So if i think of physically i was there maybe we could have gone in the village, getting an experience also constrains the activities that we can design.

  • Geetha: If we have virtual calls if it covers everyone its a much data gathering can understand they body language, girls are understanding or interested all this we can observe if physically present.

  • Shafali: when we can engage with Garima girls the first activities stories of there villages for introduction part.

  • Dinesh: Call Medha for meeting and do co-planning and shafali do outline of activity documents before meeting.

22 September 2020

Participants: Team with Farah

  • Shafali and Bhanu was discussing on possibility of papad and audio journal.

    -- Dinesh re: Papad is fragment annotatior it can be images annotatie that's why call it storytelling tool so we can generate video out of it with narrative storytelling and it should be inclusive of low literacy people who can't read and write.

  • Dinesh update on DA meeting: Keypoint 1. They are not allowing us in there planning things. 2. Medha providing is devices and we have to help with application.

    Geetha: Upadate on activities with Garima girls (Apps to be introduced)

    -- Dinesh re: All four (Shafali, Geetha, Madhu and Yatharth) of you mainly work on syncthig and others (Mani, Athithya) can work on exercise and use syncthing to see if it works.

  • Dinesh: I want a responsible person for following up. 1. Micah for Garima girls activities document. 2. Yatharth for why webinar pi during covid-19 document.

  • Farah: Doing article on food and protest. So i was looking on that and trying to speak with people who was part of protest.

    -- Dinesh and Bhanu suggested her talk with Gopi or with GSS people.

  • Arun: update on docker container server and i was kind of figure out how it works. and I need help of designer for creating website.

    -- Yatharth and Athithya are volunteering designing and coding.

  • Dinesh: someone can help with Video scripts for APC stories in the works:

21 September 2020

Participants: Team

19 September 2020

Participants: Team

18 September 2020

Participants: Team

17 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Shafali, Dinesh and Geetha was talking on Activities for Mirzapur girls

  • Dinesh updating on Ragigudda slum in Bangalore yesterday they had meeting with Ram, Jayram, Sanketh and Girish.

    -- The idea is to see how can self-sustaining model works and to understand who might be interested.

    -- To conduct five to six workshop to see who'll pay and register. To identify interested kids and neighborhood then do like a own group.

    -- Later we can invest some basic equipment

  • Arun, Bhanu and Dinesh were discussing on server certificate issue.

  • Athithya: and this is also not working server certificate issue

  • Mani: Can we look into agenda page for Website Monitoring and hackmd page list:

    • To re-start Website Monitoring

      -- App for Server & Website Monitor: Download

      -- Website Links for Monitoring: Sheets

    • List of hackmd pages, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Website Links included together and all can help by adding more to maintain list.

      -- Track Project’s Links

16 September 2020

Participants: Team with Sarbani

15 September 2020

Participants: Team

14 September 2020

Participants: Team

12 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Madhu, Athithya and Mani was discussing on OBS tool.

  • Sanketh: He talked about raspberry pi. So that the pi should be separate from screen and he thinking of making wireless webcam. Later shared the issues he faced.

  • Dinesh: The idea is to collect few audio files (i should be fun, music or songs ) each contribute three and we'll have a collection of clip will put it on papad then tag using spreadsheets

  • Mani: Regarding OBS tool yesterday i have explained with Geetha, Madhu and Athithya how to use and video capture then i have also colled audio clip on spoken tutorial for mirzapur girls and shared with Athithya she'll upload in the sheets.

  • Athithya: I have collected on audio clip based on english grammar session which is explained in hindi

  • Shalini: We did session on safe space with Garima girls and we wanted them to give homework on how to handle social networking.

  • Dinesh: Updated on Milli design collection.

11 September 2020

Participants: Team

10 September 2020

Participants: Team

09 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Team discussed on Kolibri testing and configuration. In the meeting it was more about Kolibri and Geetha was sharing she was created a student user with others name on her kolibri class. Later she realized it's not possible and then she explained about kolibri studio for content creation. Athithya, Madhu, Yatharth and Mani updating on kolibri exploring like installing, kolibri studio for content creation and setting up.

  • Shalini: I'm still working on Webinar Pi and based on Sanketh's document i have to test virtual keyboard on the smaller screen on Pi. So i just exploried.

  • Dinesh: have another meeting. talking about

08 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Geetha: She was talking about mirzapur's girls call and They're spoken on social media, cyber crime in the session with girls.

  • Dinesh: Arun is lowkey this week (otherwise i wants to spend some time on Roshy with edx) but he'll be available for server related. Then in tumkur got permission in one of the building setup to Router. And i been with Girish yesterday one thing we discussed was how to engage with ragigudda slum in bangalore.

  • Sanketh - RPI audio update: I thought of How to handle audio inconsistency on raspberry pi. So when we connect usb headset the default audio goes to HDMI is conneted to avoid that like in raspberry pi command alxa. So what have come to is like i load the settings that we want the usb audio as a priority need to have maximum both mic and speakers this will load in boot time.

  • Mani: I was going through Kolibri installation steps for raspberry pi after completing installing i will write a document on it.

  • Athithya: She explained kolibri and it's channel to team.

  • Dinesh: Suggested to Yatharth design a process diagram of what is teaching thing that we want to do. Others can give inputs whoever wants.

  • Bhanu on Biome today we have meeting with everyone.

  • P.S: Today our meeting started and ended with songs.

07 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Updating on tumkur he got permission in one of the building to setup tower.

  • Madhu, Geetha and Dinesh was talking about mirzapur's girls meeeting. Later Geetha was explained they had a call with girls and team was trying to understanding with girls which apps are there using and about security.

  • Bhanu: Made some progress with fragment annotation in mock data set i have to unbatch with css.

  • Yatharth: I spend weekend doing milli task and i will work on documentation for webinar pi.

  • Bhanu suggested for Mani and Athithya to give priority for and write document.

  • Arun, Bhanu, Madhu, Geetha and Athithya had discussion (session) on Virtual safe space the safety settings on social media for mirzapur's girls as they are using FB, Gmail etc.., To see what are the alternative application in free software and there advantage.

05 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • updates about papad and documentation

  • discussion on using webinar pi instead of smartphones

  • updates about blog (papad)

04 September 2020

Participants: Team

03 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Shalini: She was testing webinar pi are all USB is working and installed Ubuntu MATE instead of Raspbian OS.

  • Bhanu: narendranodi_in modi's personal twitter account was hacked today The hacker posted his ethereum key, and continued saying that india will get crypto currency soon n finally he revealed himself.

  • Mani: @Shalini @Sanketh do you have any settings links how to connect microphone, camera into pi. if you have please share i can try with my pi.

  • Madhu: I talked with Athithya on Virtual safe space: safety settings on social media for garima girls (as they are using FB, Gmail, YouTube). She said will arrange session with or She'll only guide through.

  • Geetha: On Bangles or bracelet making activity with dihaganjari. She is going to speak to Neha and Akanksha about conducting this activity.

  • Dinesh and Bhanu updated on Community Networks (CN) International conference.

  • Yatharth: I was thinking for Janastu website we can go with some local arts illustration. if we know someone in our networks like some rural artists we can involve them. I will just share what i was thinking and its very basic right now.

    -- Dinesh re: You have seen , and nice illustration.

02 September 2020

Participants: Team

  • Athithya, Madhu and Mani discussed about ClassMeet testing into Raspberry pi. Everyone facing the some problem that microphone is not detecting in Pi. Later Athithya was saying it is problem with 32 bit Raspberry Pi OS thats what she figured out with Ram and even we can't fix the error. Also she suggeted to look into Hardware processor architecture

  • Madhu was talking syncthing files and it's configuration with Athithya.

  • Athithya: I was trying Kolibri in Raspberry pi and reading documentation. But required somebody to help for installation in Pi.

    -- Mani re: Even i was looking into kolibri will update you the progress.

  • Geetha: I just want to update you all nothing much going on with girls in the village. The activities going slow because of there is no enough resources like phone, stitching machine etc.., So we have to come up activity with low resources and plan. Another thing I thought of making blogging for Mirzapur's girls if Upasana guide us. So we can start with that means related to girls stories and our experience with them.

01 September 2020

Participants: Team

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