These are organisations we are allied with across domains and places.

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  • Mitan in the language of the Adivasis of Bastar means - A long term business relationship across the value chain upholding human dignity. MITAN was promoted by a network of professionals from diverse fields, including Scientists, Designers, Information Technologists, Textile Engineers, Social Scientists, Architects, and Communications & Media professionals committed to craft-based, sustainable livelihoods approach to development.

  • AGNII - Art For All began as an entertainment group performing fire-dance and drum shows and today has metamorphosed into an ART for a CAUSE group, aspiring to create a culture of peace, friendship and harmony in the society. Agnii is driven by passion to see the world smile and dance with joy.

  • Namma Nimma is the bicycle sharing system at the Campus of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. The pilot initiative consists of four manned bicycle rental stations within the institute campus. These bicycles are available to students, staff and visitors, to commute within the campus. The project works on a simple Sign-Up, Select, Ride and Return system where students sign-up via the website, and get a registration ID, select a cycle from any of the station racks, ride the cycle to their destination and return it to the nearest station.

  • Namma School Radio We believe in branching out our team as much as possible, in order to reach out to as many as possible. We also use open source resources, which gives contributors complete independence over their career growth. For further information on how to be a part of Namma Halli Radio, do write to us at

  • Neelkanth Mama a shepherd and social activist, distinguished intelligence of the educated that relies on technology from wisdom among the shepherds who rely on nature for their knowledge

  • Prabir Chitrakar - Patachitra artists in bengal, Community of artist working on contemporary as well as traditional patachitra.

  • Alemaree - Creating a Makerspace and helping community in crafts.

  • Futuretronlab The future is always around the corner. Our mission is to build an affordable and aesthetically pleasing Eco-friendly bike that revolutionizes intra-city travel

  • Technology Governance and Citizenship (TGC) is a series of discussions about technology and society, with an emphasis on encouraging conversations between programmers, computer scientists, social scientists and practitioners.

  • Barcamp Bangalore is an volunteer run event, open to public, participatory, workshop-event focused around people, ideas and collaboration. There is no fixed format and agenda. Any interesting topic to share or want to collaborate with folks with a variety of experience Barcamp is the place.

  • PyCon India is the premier conference on using and developing the Python programming language in India. Conducted annually by the Python developer community, it attracts the best Python programmers from India and abroad.

  • The KDE community is an international technology team dedicated to creating a free and user-friendly computing experience. It is represented in legal and financial matters by KDE e.v which is a registered non-profit organization in Germany –

  • LLN - Living Labs Network is a place based organisation that works with different contexts and communities for a participatory reimagination of development for the place

  • Milli is a consortium of individuals and communities interested in the nurturing of archives. Archives enable diverse stories. This aim guides the work of the consortium, the purpose, form and content of an archive, and what environments it could nourish in the future.

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