Slots minutes of meetings - June 2021

30 June 2021

  • Shafali presented Jacob presentation to team

  • Sanketh shared his chithagala work

  • Shafali and dinesh have discussed on presentation slides (for Appreciation Ceremony for the Swarambh event). We need to submit the slides as soon as possible so mizapur girls are working on it, said Shafali

29 June 2021

28 June 2021

  • Mani and Yatharth discussed uploading film video for the w4p report.

  • Dinesh and Yatharth discussed w4p draft report

  • Mani, Dinesh and others talked about film making equipment to provide for girls.

  • Rishi is interested in Girish's project and Dinesh said he'll connect them to Girish for more information.

  • Dinesh asked Mani to create a 1 Minute video for the isif.asia project and also Dinesh asked the designer to create an image/diagram for the project.

  • The Team discussed syncthing for the papad and Dinesh asked to volunteer for the covide syncthing testing.

25 June 2021

24 June 2021

  • Started with General Discussion

  • There was a internet connectivity issues in the farm later Sanketh and Others tried to fix, Dinesh mentioned.

  • Yatharth said Design Draft 1 for W4P report is almost done only visuals need to be added.

  • Milli update: Joel pushed Ux and Bhanu will work on UI in react

  • Dinesh, Bhanu and Shalini discussed on creating new link for milli files instead of https://app.milli.link/iaw2021rec

  • Team went through slots/team talks-to-team https://hackmd.io/zZswdpAdTg2enYJOUj95-g

  • Dinesh talking that Athithya as started this doc with links to covid related audio files (for now). I have asked shashi (he used to be part of the team girish and local kannada journalism grad) to help with fragment identification of significant parts. (others are welcome to join in this work - outside team ppl would be able to monetize) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x9SKSKTMDKh3z9xQ9Nw0-BM7KDun1BFEs7yjWkdjVbk/edit#gid=850233729

  • Dinesh and Bhanu looking Papad how to take forward.

23 June 2021

22 June 2021

  • We need to make progress and send off the raspberry pi or COVID portal (@sankethkumar and @Thiyavel any updates?)

  • We have to do a W4p Report: That small part Sanketh is supposed to write (@tbdinesh will be helping with that content)

  • Jayant has sent an email: He's asking our team to prepare 1 or 2 presentations on their technical learning journey for the event.( Shafali Jain. & @Madhuvalli can you pls help?)

  • Any update with Sharath's post-meeting on IndicNLP Datasets and Concepts Discussion (Mani will follow up)

21 June 2021

18 June 2021

  • Shafali and Dinesh discussed W4p Knowledge Report and tecnology partner role for the Janastu

  • Bhanu and Dinesh discussed about Milli project and today's mlli meeting updates

  • Shafali asked Sanketh to do ASPI part content for the W4P Knowledge Report

  • Dinesh, Bhanu and Yatarth discussed IITB field works. Also, if someone form Janastu would like to register for MS by Research to work on this project, we should be able to support one such stipend as well. Stipends are paid directly to the scholar from the institute.

  • Rangana from durgadahalli called Dinesh for the update of Internet. Internet is not working at Durgadahalli

  • Dinesh asked everybody to collect covid updates data to share with Athithya.

17 June 2021

16 June 2021

Shared link: https://hackmd.io/a-MrAKmHRY6FsqrEjtPkTg

15 June 2021

  • Bhanu, Dinesh, Yatarth and Shafali discussed W4P Knowledge Report document. Yatarth said he will look into the document.

  • Shafali explained Open collective project fund and through this project we will figure out how we can get money

  • Dinesh said someone take your account and proceed later we will divert into Garima Girls.

  • Shalini got 4gorilla tripods tof the film making girls

  • We have to make certificates for the Kifi videos

  • Yatarth have some video to start the Block chain study session. Tomorrow 1/2 hour will have Block chain study class. Mani will record the session through OBS

  • Dinesh, Shalini and Sanketh have discussed Internet Giga byte splitter

14 June 2021

11 June 2021

10 June 2021

  • Athithya covid19 webpage, Dinesh and Sanketh was going through

  • Mayank from DA has asked this question we have to answer

    • Theme: The Internet Economy

      • Research Question: Can decentralized blockchain-based economic systems incentivize vulnerable communities to create and grow their own networking infrastructure, services, and content? (In collaboration with Grassroots Economics)

  • Yatharth sent correction pastoral map to Radhika

09 June 2021

  • Shalini have shared new instructions how to download zoom rec on the server. She asked Mani to follow those comments.

  • Tomorrow june 10, 4:30 PM milli tech will be presenting our milli work.

  • Athithya was displaying landing page for covid19 and asking for suggestion.

    • Dinesh telling her to create sub-folder and other languages contents in it.

  • Yatharth sent them all the Pastoral Map with changes.

  • Dinesh saying it would be good if we have like a english, Kannada and Hindi version. Let make a text file now.

08 June 2021

  • Mani downloaded Milli-iaw202 Sessions recording, So team was looking how to upload that into janastu servers. Shalini going to help Mani on server related.

  • Madhu and dinesh talked on shafali's wrote profile note about girls experience on filmmaking, We have to send to DA asap. https://hackmd.io/IbZNgWKuT2ure6ghQ4K4Eg.

    • Pooja's video still not ready. we'll edit and send today said Madhu

    • Dinesh asked Mani to send girls picture with ASPi. Later he posted in the telegram group.

  • Athithya created hackmd doc collected all Covid project related to make web page for covid19 https://hackmd.io/iLlxazj_Qw2bXMeGyS48qQ

    • Dinesh suggested there will be a folder with the video, audios and one page it will be in local language (Kannada, Hindi) which should be default index.html

    • It has to start synchronization whole folder.

  • Yatharth sent mail - Design maps Gujarat, TN, and Uttarakhand said Shafali.

07 June 2021

  • Shafali, Rishi, Madhu and Mani discussed about DA question "what she learnt, what happened when she talked to people she was filming”. that Mirzapur girls participated in Kishori Film Festival

  • Athithya adding requirements for the Covid web page https://hackmd.io/iLlxazj_Qw2bXMeGyS48qQ?view

04 June 2021

  • Dinesh said he will ask CFP people if we can have a meeting tomorrow.

  • Dinesh made hackmd page for the yesterday meeting https://hackmd.io/QPvJVjhDRqyaho9mSWThtg - IIITB Janastu Mphasis on Intentional Audio Networks

  • Bhanu deployed app.milli.link to the server and team tested search page https://app.milli.link/search/

  • Bhanu got mail from Gopi, he will catch up with Gopi.

  • Dinesh, Yatarth and Bhanu discussed Map pastoralists. Bhanu said he will join the meeting tommorow https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1evP6aLYXvqLjqX6l4iQfpFKC-M4bAcXazAtW-t-T83A/edit#gid=1191752291

  • Bhanu invited team for the International Archives Week - Milli Sessions 2021 https://www.milli.link/iaw2021/

  • Dinesh asked Mani to record the Milli session and asked Mani to edit the recorded session upload in Next cloud.

  • Dinesh explained the millli events and he recommended team to attend the meeting and asked to fwd the Invitation to friends. We might get some help for community and our projects

  • Dinesh and Sanketh discussed Covid sheet and pi projects

  • Dinesh asked Athithya to create separate covid document for each language

03 June 2021

  • Srinath, Sridhar and Sarath from Web Science Lab joined meeting today.

  • Dinesh introduced Team members to Web Science Lab people.

  • Srinath, Sridhar and Sharath have asked data and he needs time to understand all the Data.

  • Dinesh explained the data, types of Data and annotating data and how.

  • Shafali explained Mirzapur activities with annotaion Data and Milli Projects.

  • Dinesh said we will share all the links through Mail to Web Science Lab people.

  • Yatarth, Dinesh and Shafali have discussed CFP projects and status of the mpa and Geocode. Dinesh asked if we shall arrange meeting tommorow with CFP people.

Shared links:

  1. https://github.com/janastu - Janastu Github

  2. https://gitlab.com/servelots - Servelots Gitlab

02 June 2021

01 June 2021

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