Slots minutes of meetings - August 2021

30th August 2021

  • Mani have updated his Mother health status.
  • Dinesh and Shalini have discussed Nextcloud issue. Shalini have to check the version and she will update later.
  • Bhanu and Dinesh have discussed Papad-migration and Dinesh asked Bhanu should make progress on Papad, so that we can introduce Papad to our connectivity.
  • Dinesh and Sanketh have discussed status of Network, hardware equipments status on durgadahalli
  • Athithya have updated Papad work and she said she will push the code later to gitlab.

24th August 2021

  • Athithya have updated Broken lines and papad updates to Bhanu
  • Shafali, Micah, Yatarth and Bhanu planned to visit Tumkur
  • Bhanu have updated Papad2.0. He and design team planed to restructuring tha papad application and also they are planning to rename the project as Papad 2.0
  • Bhanu said will use React JS framework for the Papad 2.0 application
  • Shalini asked Bhanu to buy grocessary items for the cooking before leaving Bangalore.

23rd August 2021

  • Bhanu, shafali, yatarth and micah shared his kotagiri trip experience
  • Dinesh said is missing in and we got know its in Archive project page. He asked yatarth to structure it properly
  • Dinesh asked the team to comment on servelots story on APC
  • COW video mentions support of APC and Sida - need to be careful.. re fcra.

16 August 2021

11 August 2021

09 August 2021

  • Dinesh are in low bandwidth network. They are not able to attend the meeting.
  • Bhanu went for Bank works. He updated, refactoring papad code to add support to diff media formats. Ll share more later. Athithya said she has installed on her local, need a status update on that.
  • Athithya successfully installed Papad on laptop. She needs guide from Bhanu to understand the flow of adding the images,tags, share file on syncthing.
  • Mani working on Papad installation on his laptop
  • Yatharth will work on Website landing page.

05 August 2021

02 August 2021

  • Dinesh and Yatharth talked about solar server resources.
  • Dinesh have updated last week workshops, APC workshops.
  • Dinesh and sanketh have updated what are all the grants we updated
  • Bhanu have updated Papad ongoing work and he will give demo to team on wednesday
  • Bhanu and shafali have updated milli works
  • Micah have updated Design Beku updates, LLN updates
  • Bhanu, shafali have updated milli last week updates
  • Dinesh, Yatarth and Mani have discussed website and breaking links. Micah and Yatarth will make Pastoralist Map blog on Janastu.
  • Athithya have updated covid audio files updates. Dinesh asked her to fragment the audios
  • Shalini asked athithya to recheck the server status
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