Slots minutes June 01st - June 30th

Lockdown Day 98

Date: 30 June, 2020 Participants: Team, Preeti Singh, Jayant, Yatharth, Upasana & Anu

  • Dinesh and Sanketh were discussing we have to look into webinar Pi is more a replacement for a laptop than a smartphone. How do use pi in phone and sharing information then media. So someone has to test then Manoj said i and my team can help with testing. In the meantime Dinesh was asking with everyone when to be deliver date of webinar pi? Later Dinesh and Shalini was talking Medha may already have smart phones to give so what is the specification we can suggest (for synthing, for recording, for webinar, for mesh and other needs). In the sametime Preeti and Jayant was on call and started discussing how they re-visited and met two girls from Mirzapur in the village. Still i remember this was our second time we went there agin before we all went together last time in the same place Preeti was mentioned to Dinesh. Jayant was saying to Dinesh I read your report and it was similar to what we are working to that and during covid pandemic we need to do seminar were they(girls) want to learn basic things. So we are wondering when can you deliver the webinar pi. Then conversation went through with Preeti, Jayant, Dinesh, Shalini and others regarding current status of webinar pi with documentation, setting up of software and other needs, 3 heads: meri pehchan, sapne, game plan program etc.., Later Arun was updated testing feedback for monitor with papad and Emery was mentioning about toxbot ready for it to use.

Lockdown Day 97

Date: 29 June, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Khaniya from the migrant he talked by yesterday in the house since he's a carpenter worker and Sanketh was talking about what he can build one of our table just like conversation went with migrant people in visit.

    -- Like we have to do Khaniya group what we planned is to do webinar pi Suddiya and Devalappa calling them online and asking them to do online training with them. So we have think how we do setup then Dinesh also mentioned we should do part by part video recording how do they train when we can archive that to keep our future references.

  • Dinesh: There is Vaishnavi from Dhaatri with Palgar Kritika so we ready discussed Vaishnavi messaged and asked that people from Palghar are interested in getting some online training do something from Areca. Then i thought of doing webinar seminar with Devalappa & others with they smart phones.

  • Dinesh: Lot of people asking webinar pi they want talk to government and everyone else so lot of things going on. So it could be interesting to do 1. excelsheet with cost 2. whats in the pi: storage, network, sync, reachability, wifi hotspot 3. document the pi.

  • Arun: Papad monitor script is ready and am going to test let me know were to deploy we can set it up and configure into pi.

  • Mani: Talked about mmu logo and shared about ux course link https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/digital-skills-user-experience

  • Shalini: Showed and tried what Manoj had made 360 rotate cam stand i was not possible to attach or full rotate into pi cam. So Dinesh was saying its not meant for 360 rotation whatever position is there now its correct.

Lockdown Day 94

Date: 26 June, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Shalini, me and with others we are going to meet Kothanur migrants around 2-3pm. So Bhanu will be attending archive's meeting today at 4pm and Sanketh and Bhanu did you see sync server Shalini had posted it required https certificate and Arun if you go to agenda https://syncserver.janastu.org:8384/ Shalini was issue with syncthing even i wont know webinar pi is running and syncthing on webinar PI:

  • Shalini, Arun, Sanketh, Bhanu and Dinesh were discussing how to install Syncthing and its configuration on syncthing on Pantoto Server: https://syncserver.janastu.org:8384/ , syncthing on webinar PI: and Installation ref link for syncthing on PI: https://www.thedigitalpictureframe.com/using-syncthing-to-synchronize-files-between-your-raspberry-pi-and-your-mac-pc-linux-computers/

  • Dinesh: Did you peek on papad?

    -- Arun: Yeah i bascially working papad monitor app script right now so papad already have list of annotation just need to save that into json file so what am going to do create monitor that will monitor papad sync directory. if any time file change in there and i will reupload annotation then merge those annotation into own database and am creacting separate script to manage all of this.

  • Dinesh: In meantime should we try content sync wherever papad Bhanu? papad has two parts. the annotation (papad.pantoto.org) and the content channels also available as local urls (eg: da.pantoto.org)

    -- Bhanu: Go ahead what do you mean content sync

    -- Dinesh re: Like the audio files that papad uses so one papad to another papad sync

    -- Bhanu re: Yeah we have to try that little bit play go around in the sense where files will go also the file naming.

  • Manjo: design of raspberry pi display because size of 3d printer it has been delayed so looked new designer i check outside all in the amount of time i will cost more.

  • Mani: I was looking into figma still working on design with micro interactions and all.

  • Athithya: I installed syncthing in my laptop and its not running locally.

Lockdown Day 93

Date: 25 June, 2020 Participants: Team & Upasana

  • Manoj: Got a new design done from designer of raspberry pi display i will just share a screen of model builed. based on yesterdays and all made it changes and in the stand little different from exiting model so we can places it webcam right behind it or attact to external pitting itself from there we can draw lines to the webcam whatever we want to place it and on top extra handle given that is for webcam. Anyway we are printing new design by today.

  • Arun: New 6tb hard disk is installed in the pantoto server and still middle of configuration and copying data over from the /srb folder into new device.

  • Mani: With new version of the logo with the corrections and asked feedback.

Lockdown Day 92

Date: 24 June, 2020 Participants: Team & Upasana

  • Dinesh, Upasana and Shalini discussing about Coronavirus pandemic current situation in Bangalore and across India. Later Upasana was talking her thesis LibreLabour.

  • Upasana: I went through w4p report most of embedded links and it need should to restructure and we need to figure out how to more readable format. Like I will go throught to more in detail i will getback today with proper structure.

  • Dinesh: Sanketh, Nico was asking if we have any feedback on Librerouter or Mesh related there is conference call coming saturday and he wants feedback on that if you have something to say you can leave voice message or talk to nico. So he is very interested how to take it forward

    --Sanketh: Okay sure

  • Dinesh: Emery is way back now and shall we open report https://hackmd.io/RLA1GkWPRuexD1EalPuj8A so Upasana will write on and i was talking to Sanketh we need to write something related to diagram and about how the sync and configuration works and if we can test this afternoon. And Arun can you take peek Docker sync if that goes well it could be nice in server side. Other than Bhanu and Arun talked about Papad issue and later discussed papad url sync.

  • Manoj: We have done one raspberry pi display design based on yesterday's information still have print. So i can share this file to view.

  • System architecture diagram - new version of the illustration with the corrections

    https://i.imgur.com/VTnYJIv.jpg and also see drive link hi-res image and pdf https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zeIOn_R7MbhpQ5g8a2BKTOXuK2duFAZ4?usp=sharing

Lockdown Day 91

Date: 23 June, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Emery do you think we can use toxbot, first thing whatever recorded have to sync and second thing Sanketh wants to change thinkcentre.

    -- Emery: I think toxbot is setup of working and have to test.

    Manoj had shared display design of raspberry pi for 3d print so we will add this today into w4p report

    -- Sanketh there should be slot for camera and cable

    -- Dinesh: Okay i will call manoj

  • Sanketh: Anyways inmean time i just ping prasoon to check on him what is he doing during self quarantine then he mentioned sifting to other places and that place not have good quality internet speed. So i said him to look for WiMax. I was speaking to Gopi yesterday he was saying you city people you call yourself opensource but you been in the city only and i been roaming around even i crossed state borders this is what free means.

  • Dinesh: Back to agenda we need to finish report shalini do you have repository and any update

    -- Shalini: I have added in link: https://hackmd.io/s7_WzNCMSUaVgTR9f-MgLQ

  • Dinesh: Arun basically we need to look who to parameteras to how to document for the annotation and media so installed different places all the annotation and media folder to sync other component

    -- Arun: So Papad is there to annotate to audio file right?

    yeah those files and the annotate are syncable so how do we configuration

    -- Arun: you have papad indent that's running on raspberry pi that references to benches of audio file then annotation of those audio file

    -- Dinesh: right!

    -- Bhanu: Audio id part we always put it later and right now how can resolve dynamically reach or resolve audio file and i don't how to do.

  • Mani: had shared screen and asked feedback on Diagram with team

Lockdown Day 90

Date: 22 June, 2020 Participants: Team, Getha & Manoj

  • Dinesh: Geeta is here she will be helping us with Mirzapur project. Today we all need to provide content to this list https://hackmd.io/RLA1GkWPRuexD1EalPuj8A (w4p midterm report). So Mani if you go through minutes and suggest like what are interesting things. Shalini and you can work together on that part. Second one s pi related we have webinar pi anything we can contribute in terms of photos of built one or any on package screenshot. Another thing we should write on what on cloud Bhanu can draw diagram something and Mani can help in design. Bhanu will lead papad and network thing user based design and Geeta, Madhu and Shalini look at what to send about the sessions with Mirzapur village girls so Shalini will lead. Manoj and team will create design on display of raspberry pi and Sanketh will contribute in dry run of syncthing https://hackmd.io/7s3JVZ5ySIqj4G73Qe29Cw and Emery will setup toxbot then Arun i can review stuff.

  • Madhu: She was sharing Shalini's dupatta incident with her brother well going to home from office. Later she talked about on 20th June she has conducted survey with Mirzapur village girls and attached an excel sheet in the mail (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nNybWZI_d4PjXOky_adsAjT3XB-aPk6jUDomab-2HNU/edit#gid=0)

Lockdown Day 87

Date: 19 June, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Emery and Dinesh was discussing about tox bot the think is Api from group stuff is awkward and am automatically generating the tox api because group api is different i have to write emery was saying. In Dinesh point of view two thing i can think of so one is if you have phone and tox app record and sync to get our community radio and another thing if we have captive portal then press a button. https://github.com/JFreegman/ToxBot

  • Dinesh: Am part of indian accessibility related community group and they invited me as expect for this group we had that meeting today.


  • Bhanu: https://blog.janastu.org/ inviting people to write on our blog, also probably we make a internal guide for contributing and i am looking dry run for deployment - https://hackmd.io/@sagesalus/ByUUI1BT8

  • Arun: Update from my side working on setting up

  • Mani: created logo for MMU team and that was simplified from previous logo.

Lockdown Day 86

Date: 18 June, 2020 Participants: Team & Yatharth

Lockdown Day 85

Date: 17 June, 2020 Participants: Team & Manoj

Lockdown Day 84

Date: 16 June, 2020 Participants: Team

Lockdown Day 83

Date: 15 June, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh - Update from farm visit: I and others went to farm because of Madhu her baby was born and Leo and family also came they got some trees to plant. So Emery in the farm staying at Davalappa house and Anu came back she will go later then Manoj and team came so there also looked around and went to neighbors house in fram were doing cleaning manually stuff so they're trying to do something. The tailoring machine got fixed so now available for People to use and Madhu's husband Harish might start using it is a tailor.

  • Bhanu update from 14th IAW2020 last day discussions: It was interesting one that Kush Patel he's presentation was on design studio and he did one project in Kerala and another project from somewhere but it waas about getting community youths into building design that was one interesting talk when shreetama her talk was on archive, labour something like that so she was working with university students teaching them and she use to teach some diversity and make archive.

  • Shalini - Update of pi webinar discussion with naveen: So we show him webinar pi and he was interested and asking how much cost of hole setup and later we introduced audacity how to do sound editing. So we brought 3D printer from fram when Manoj and we're thinking of how can make use and display cases for raspberry pi.

  • Arun: Am still working on Maptales and testing in local area.

  • Dinesh - Testing classmate: Athithya we can sit together will go through https://classmeet.chiguru.tech/app/ath-j1c-83d

Lockdown Day 76

Date: 08 June, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: We have to come up with calendar for our schedule, activities and today's regarding libretalk session let's discuss how to set the stage by the way i will start session first and talking on Marvel of Memory - The flawless method of memorizing the Vedas (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVV1Z_MUF08) and Bhanu will be shareing set on Heluvaru () j.mp/unbox-janastu then Shalini and Sanketh will be continue on Follow Sheep, BCP, Alipi http://mitan.in/followsheep , http://wiki.janastu.org/wiki/Alipi.

  • Arun: I still working on sample mtl file and looking at markdown files.

    -- Dinesh: So Nikki called he wants to do document on followsheep and i will ask him to talk with Shalini and Arun on whats going on now.

    -- Shalini: On server everything is down i think you have added script that configuration missed gone out.

    -- Arun re: Okay Let me check.

    • Shalini: Mani regarding logo i asked Suresh he said second one he likes it.

      -- Mani re: Okay I will made the different size and file format also include source file and send final version mail.

Sample Logo

Final Logo

Lockdown Day 74

Date: 06 June, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Arun: Something kind of we need to created were can insert video and audio basically thinking of doing markdown files and i was working vue.js it became more complicated so moved into javascript.

    -- Dinesh: see a discussion on audio/video markdown https://talk.commonmark.org/t/embedded-audio-and-video/44 this gives how other people are handling it and i want to show another in twitter @iamanand https://twitter.com/iam_anandv/status/1268769333758455815

    which is by tapas to compile using thetreadreader https://twitter.com/oldengold/status/1269136848703586304 So today i noted one more threadreader app which is function called Compile not just show thread it takes things and generate article somewhere else so which can

    be shared as article and i was doing researching Origin Tracking: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/2575802_Type-checking_Revisited_Modular_Error-handling and if anyone interested go through i have shared link.

    -- Arun: Am thinking of separating Maptales platform in crateing platform for jo tag what you think that?

    -- Dinesh: i think if you are sloving that problem i just shared link called Litterati app https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/litterati/litterati-join-the-community-thats-cleaning-the-pl

  • Sanketh: In Lap_Pi design we tried of implementing in one of pi and test screen then in monitor so thought of doing again here or ask Shreyas to help even by asking with Srishti student.

    -- Dinesh: So if you come of small list of reference implemention that mirzapur pi. I think we can start putting together and then see like which will help.

  • Dinesh: Calendar of next week and libretalk scheduling: who and when

    Sunday 7th june: 11am ragikanatalk

    Monday 8th June: Sarbini talk with ISOC.

    Tuesday: Libre talks. Bhanu,Dinesh,Sanketh,Shalini

    Thursday June 11th, 6-7pm - Curating Archives(Ishita): Beyond the Institutional Narratives. Bhanu,Dinesh,Shalini

    Saturday June 13th - venkat/ranjani

    Sunday June 14th, 6-7pm - Curating Archives(Ishita):Closing conservation. Bhanu,Dinesh,Shalini

    June /ranjani

    Workshops list for mirzapur

Lockdown Day 73

Date: 05 June, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: He was updating on farm activity and plans.

  • Sanketh: Setuped LibreRouter and was looking into Yggdrasil and testing what all scripts required.

  • Arun: I been trying with twine looking to see how i can create system similar twine and planing to merge html css javascript into one file for playable into Maptales.

  • Mani: I need to start with MMU logo and i was looking into Figma.

Lockdown Day 72

Date: 04 June, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Arun: Am still working sample mtl file and looking at twinejs and all trying to understand.

  • Athithya: In papad i cleared all datum and added new data and testing i should begin today and We need proper audio url from next cloud https://files.janastu.org. Onemore thing regarding Libretalk now students are free can Dinesh conduct session on coming weekend.

  • Mani: Shared screen on understanding of micro interaction with combination of figma, adobe after effects asked suggestion with Bhanu. Later discussed with Shalini regarding MMU logo.

  • Bhanu: I was working on slides for Sarbani then slides and profiles for Ishita so this two talks preparing contents.

  • Sanketh: Yesterday i worked on Zerotier and network manager also checking with Ubuntu commands.

Lockdown Day 71

Date: 03 June, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Athithya: On Papad update in database Me and Vignesh clearing data and creating new related to Papad making some set of data with image and testing. https://gitlab.com/thiya1995/papad/

  • Mani: Shared screen on understanding of micro interaction with combination of figma and adobe after effects.

  • Shalini: I had call with MMU team they have collected some data from the villages some around 50 girls names. So one of the village today Me and Geeta we were on call with 20 kids the girls from one of village that they had survey. In individually all girls introduced them themselves we talked them personality knowing by there interested and it was fun activity with them. The girls where very comfortable by talking and sharing they ideas and goals. today it was just an introduction call Me and Geeta together and talked to those girls next time we will planning for some activities with them and i will share document whatever we collected data from them.

    -- Khushboo: Which group was that because it will overlap?

    -- Shalini re: I understand we didn't do with those girls which already you have started so this is are another set of girls we're talking in new village with help of Neha and Priyanka.

    -- Khushboo: Okay i could suggest two things here it should equal participation and emphasize equal participation in planning and second

    thing is not direct intervention with there project.

  • Sanketh: I been on audio sync what architect will suit best to share audio files locally i got another tool called https://www.zerotier.com/ so zerotier sort of vpn i have to try and install into raspberry pi.

  • Arun: Update from side am looking into twinejs figuring out how to do configuration so that can be used inside Maptales. https://twinery.org/forum/discussion/5980/right-way-to-trigger-the-page-to-re-evaluate-from-javascript

  • Shalini: Mani we want to create logo for MMU group i will send details to you.

Lockdown Day 70

Date: 02 June, 2020 Participants: Team, Sarbani, Shreyas and Madhu

  • Dinesh: Bhanu in arcGIS story for example https://arcg.is/19aTrm what i was asking was each that you picked already has a location so i was wondering that can used by storytelling.(some photos from my cam here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zBGLsSWcRsDvCthq7 - wonder if exif data can be used add location to the story. FYI tried this - a feature of Google Maps https://drive.google.com/open?id=139fzOM5TugVb9PLBJyCO_HfWExkYDLNY but it did not add some Dhuria village photos on the map).

    -- Bhanu: I think i will try with image metadata so this experiment mostly to try all those features arcGIS.

  • Shalini - Docker server running out of space: I was checking server space so i run command which shows Docker system df how much space the image container volumes and case are using so just share the screen i need help from Arun and Bhanu.

    -- Arun: I already through images some days back when this thing was over recovery some 7gb something like that.

  • Sarbani: There are two things i like to share with you all, About ISOC the internet society organising webinar on how community networks are working during COVID-19 times with the community and for the community. So thats on 8th of June and there asked me to talk on our community network and i thought that Janastu also should include. So i could required 3 slides for ISOC talk from you all. On second thing what i was thinking of is the work that you all are doing for Mirzapur project can it be made spoken tutorial format which can be Hindi, English various other languages that will be completely your own tutorials which we can make in IIT Bombay with us https://spoken-tutorial.org/ project.

  • Bhanu: I will just give a introduction on arcGIS demo https://arcg.is/19aTrm so this is one of our report using arcGIS story so this experiment i started because we already had content i was try to check what are the features that there in this platform and basically i want to see UI and UX. So something are very nice like adding content we can edit in page and they gave the layout with few themes apart from that multimedia feature i was most interest to look that.

  • Shreyas and Madhu discussing how to move on to get the Asterisk server setup with softphone.

Lockdown Day 69

Date: 01 June, 2020 Participants: Team, Geeta & Preeti from Medha

  • Shalini: Suresh and group the workshop that Khushboo should conducted but didn't happened yesterday. So we asked them to organise in same days and still there are not given any related data.

  • Bhanu: I was planning to integrating timeline with Papad that will be the next upgrade and when probably that led to little bit backend model changes for the data API we are getting.

  • Athithya: I need to start for Angular testing the studying material today i will be doing. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7uSdb_U7Fu8XlgXvBUOXyOE2Z_1B-jt9

  • Vignesh: Today i finished import csv function in Papad that i have to test it and i haven't pushed code after this meeting will test the code once everthing is fine i will send it.

    -- Bhanu: I think have issues after testing for export feature so once we fix that will have a sample sheet on station, audio and recording.

  • Arun: I'm still working on sample thing and looking at interaction fiction called wine which there generate html and all of that. I kind of figure out how either i can create system similar to that wine for Maptales. And i started writing interactive story called The City kind of borrowing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Castle_(novel)

  • Mani: On figma and design standards and asking suggestion from bhanu.

  • Geeta: In eVidyaloka I'm volunteer teacher there what eVidyaloka does they'll give two days in a week and i will have two slot for 40 minute and in dashboard i can choose the time slot and i can choose subject and moreover we wont hand with syllable will teach your own or we will follow given existing syllables which provided school. So in a week i will hand 6th std in English subject.

  • Preeti: On last month we kind of focus two things in interesting what we want to do with Garima Girls with internal Medha group batch. so we used combination of WhatsApp and Zoom for communication purpose and another thing doing activity.

    -- Dinesh: So what we are looking to see like how we can send some live before that we are trying after we will be deploying and also seeing how we can collect audio through software.

  • Shalini: Demonstrated how to conduct meeting call through Raspberry Pi using camera.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7uSdb_U7Fu8XlgXvBUOXyOE2Z_1B-jt9 https://twinery.org/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Castle_(novel) https://libcom.org/files/Franz Kafka-The Castle %28Oxford World%27s Classics%29 %282009%29.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HyperNormalisation https://www.pageflow.io/en/ check pageflow APC story https://creator.hosted-pageflow.com/admin/login login: salus.sage@gmail.com pwd: Janastu

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