Slots minutes of meetings - March 2021

31 March 2021

  • In nextcloud we are not able to upload files getting unknown error has occurred. Shalini is trying to fix.

  • Shalini has collected some footage from Thimnayahalli which was shot by students, So we might have to edit and present to them. Later Mani said he will go through all the footage and edit it.

  • Dinesh and Shalini discussing server issues.

  • Yatharth updating on Cat health.

  • Shafali got mail from Compost which is related to network and technology. We have to reply to that.

  • Dinesh was asking compost release party event update with shafali.

30 March 2021

  • Mani and Yartharth was going through open.janastu page the recent update changes.

  • For photo archive Dinesh suggested not upload photos into nextcloud the reason is that sometime it fail run. So I will talk to Ram and see how to take it forward.

  • Dinesh updating that they went Thimnayahalli to put another node. And later met Gopal from the village so he's very interested in getting wi-fi and helping out even building service to node.

  • Sindhu is selected for Unnat Bharat Abhiyan through her iimb.

  • Today we have Milli call

29 March 2021

  • Dinesh asked Athithya to documentation on sheet-mapper and If we open this on your phone in portrait mode, we'll see the title width exceeding the screen width.

  • Shafali and Dinesh talking on Holi fest

  • Dinesh updating on DDHills Jatre, finally they setup one librerouter with raspberry pi and whatever manoj prepared it was not loaded and tested then moreover we faced battery issues.

  • About film fest, Shafali saying there is some problem we're not able to conducte classes because of timing issues with girls. So Dinesh suggested to check availability with Bhanu and Madhu if they can do after 7 clock. We need to talk with Bhanu to see Papad and how to bring it in filmfest now project is officially over its all about reporting to DA.

26 March 2021

25 March 2021

  • Athithya wants to know how to use mapbox in offline that she was asking suggestion from Arun.

  • Shafali and Micah working on milli.

  • Arun working on Maptales and today he's going to tumakuru for Jatre.

  • Dinesh and team are setting up cameras for jatre.

24 March 2021

  • Dinesh suggested to recorded minutes if possible.

  • Shafali went yesterday to DA office to meet with learning team. first they (DA) had online discussion with Dinesh and Shalini and Medha team. After that conversation went on tech related and Mirzapur Girls.

  • Dinesh asked Athithya to work cowmesh captive pages sites which should run without internet (locally) also suggeted try with css.

  • Yatarth have showed Capturing photos from camera and also displayed the face with tracking. Still he's woarking on javascript and interface in html & css to get final output.

  • Micah was updating on bidar he met district collector and archiving story from him related to historical things of bidar.

  • Arun working on Maptales figuring out some sample content.

23 March 2021

  • Shreyas and Dinesh have discussed about Mesh Network, Libre Router

  • Dinesh said take more content, photos from Crafter space, for pointing the craft make some triangle or different colors of circle

  • Yatarth have presented Capturing photos from camera and also alternatively displayed the face with different background and different face

  • Sanketh have updated Libre Router Backend Issues

  • Dinesh have updated DA meeting and Shristi Design meeting call. DA meeting went good and also they complaint for sending pi instead of sending 20pi's

  • Bhanu have updated domain name for the gram seva sangh.

22 March 2021

19 March 2021

18 March 2021

  • Sindhu had talked with Ram for AWS, She has storaging files directly in hd bucket and using cloud front in that should stream videos.

  • Dinesh and others are started working on RMPL

  • Shalini was checking anyone used COPid web-server

  • Athithya and Shalini discussed on server monitoring testing.

  • Shalini need help from Arun for mongodb server backup.

  • Mani and Dinesh discussed sheet-mapper for Jatre

  • Dinesh asked any response for W4P tech challenge Report or anybody taking responsible

17 March 2021

  • Dinesh and Shafali have discussed Myank mail

  • Dinesh said we want to collect all the details from shalini,shafali,athithya and mani. How shalini and shafali interact with girls, shafali experience, papad activity, , syncthing, kolibri, texted things, Raspberry pi documents collect all the documents and put it in one directory.

  • Shalini will share the w4p reports to team members

  • Shafali have updated basic guidelines of photograpy activity with Garima Girls and today they are going to do with camera

  • Today onwards, Yatarth and Bhanu will take the photography activity to Garima Girls

  • Dinesh said will pull Upasana and Laura into Photography activities

  • Dinesh, Arun and Shalini have discussed server backup. Shalini will take static sites server backup

  • Athithya have to check with Ram for Server monitoring

  • Sindhu have showed lightning work.

16 March 2021

15 March 2021

  • Sindhu and Mani checking AWS video link from eventbrite either its playing on not.

  • Ram, Shreyas, Venkat chilukuri and Anu they're are in office.

  • Shreyas updating on grant to setup climate research centre in the Bidar district. The idea is work with farmers to set research and oral narratives.

  • Venkat, Shreyas and others planning to start studio for ungraduate students at srishti school. It is structured into five context for now:

    • Everyday struggle and challenges access any kind of public service this could be transportation service and banking service etc..,

    • To work with visually impaired students

    • Looking at idea of financial investment

    • Ragi gudda area could be another micro context where go and work.

    • Devarayanadurga (DDhills) they could be multiple activities happening.

  • Micah and Shafali won't be available this week, For GG activities some has to take responsible. So Dinesh asked team to come up with list and later Micha said will discuss the time and status on the group.

  • We have to talk about finalising W4P Technology Challenge Report

12 March 2021

11 March 2021

10 March 2021

  • Shalini need video editing software on mobile to introduce to School girls.

  • Dinesh have updated Dance performance with School students

  • Shafali have updated Garima girls.They brought up some ideas for videos and we want to find good, contextual reference short films that they can use as reference. The ideas are similar to 1. Nature documentary 2. Bridal makeup procedure and environment 3. 'social work' 4. The processes of a shop 5. Creating something visual using some software.

  • For Devarayanadurga-jatre Shafali and Yatarth , they are thinking to project the Deverayanadurga Hills to background.

  • Shalini, Athithya and Yatarth have discussed Ragiguda activities

  • Shafali, Micah and Yatarth have discussed photograph events with ggirls

  • Dinesh have updated DL is not expired unless it's Oct 2021 now

09 March 2021

  • Dinesh have updated changes for the Devarayanadurga-jatre page on gitbook

  • Micah's compost article for Techno-Futures from Bidar. use that as a refs and make a map for jatre.

  • Dinesh asked micah and Yatarth to add upcoming events to Devarayanadurga Jatre doc

  • Yatarth created temporary google doc for the Devarayanadurga-jatre

  • Dinesh, Yatarth and shafali discussing Deverayandurga-jatre doc to add Biodiversity of map, light painting, projection mapping, Experiential photobooth telling Jatre's story

  • Dinesh suggested Fusion Fest Projection mapping example

  • Micah sharing their experiences about creating compost page to team members

08 Mar 2021

  • Mani need help from Sindhu for the Scrum task 4 have to complete.

  • Mani have updated the open.janastu task for everyone

  • Sindhu and Mani discussing on AWS testing updates

  • Yatarth said tagging features is not there, so mani and micah suggesting tab option into gitbook.

  • Yatarth have updated Eco energy proposal submission.

  • Mani recommended will add page for Manoj works also on

  • Micah have updated on film fest that they had screened a reference short film to Mirzapur Girls on saturday

  • Arun installing Kolibri studio on his laptop, he is facing some script issues while installing kolibri

  • Dinesh have updated why server domain is failing. He asked Athithya to contact Ram for the monitoring the website

  • Dinesh have updated Thimnayahalli work status, they did cabeling on Durgadahalli

  • March 23,24,26 jadre in Durgadahalli, Dinesh have some idea to show case Raspberry pi, and also he is thinking how to use old building on Durgadahalli hill.

  • Dinesh created sheet for the Maya he asked Bhanu and Arun to add the points.

  • Dinesh and Shalini visiting the school again at 3:30 to check the status

05 Mar 2021

  • Yatharth need some help in editing and refining the proposal today,

  • Shalini and Manoj planning to buy battery.

  • Shalini has message in girls group they're ready for meeting later shafali suggested to one screen film and introduce discord to them.

  • Sindhu saying screening at Raagi Gudda went well and they had a follow up discussion about the films. Rishi has plan is to focus on some camera and story techniques which were seen in the films.

04 Mar 2021

03 Mar 2021

02 Mar 2021

  • Athithya: I checked all the site status and updated on google sheet itself.

  • Mani: In I have updated title names in whichever articles not mentioned. Then later helping with kolibri studio channel for film fest and AWS testing.

  • Yatharth: Following up on this, the Gitbook issue is an issue in their side and they say they are working on it.

  • Dinesh: we (Sindhu, shalini, sanketh incl) are busy redoing the mesh link.

01 Mar 2021

  • Dinesh asked Micah to publish raspberry pi blog.

  • In every article title name is missing we need to fix.

  • Gitbook is not working maybe issue with server side.

  • Athithya will be following up with shalini related to server and website for monitoring.

  • Yatarth working on Eco energy document.

  • Micah and Dinesh was talking on Compost design.

  • Sindhu updating on ragi gudda area they're planning to screen film this week.

  • Dinesh updating on Biome project how to take forward.

  • Someone has to work on Kolibri and discord set up for film fest.

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