Slots minutes May 1st - May 31st

Lockdown Day 66

Date: 29 May, 2020 Participants: Team

Nothing much on today's updates just Testing Raspberry Pi into different rooms like:

Lockdown Day 65

Date: 28 May, 2020 Participants: Team & shreyas

  • Shreyas n Dinesh discussing on point basis

    Respond to APC feedback on DLL

    Call follow up process document -

  • Shalini: Raspberry pi camera is not working in the big screen so i will setup tomorrow. And also we have to tell Suresh because Khushboo wants to conducte workshop with them and they want to know on which platform there all can collaborate together for this workshop and Suresh is saying little hard to gathering everyone that one place for two hours. So we suggested use some android application. But we have to tell them what application should use.

  • Arun: Still working on sample mtl file and trying to figuring out how to put html into mtl file.

  • Athithya: I was working on channels its fixed issues also integrated. am working on remaining part tag filtering.

    -- Dinesh: Can check video conferencing with your team. If it good we can use it for our coming meetings.

    -- Athithya re: Okay sure.

  • Bhanu: Explained how knightlab it works with demo

    Teltumbde timeline using timelinejs


    re-visit nextcloud public user flow, to be used in papad or other apps

  • Sanketh: I was trying options for ssh and localhost redirect when the device is behind a router or a firewall.

    Pagekite - (open source but paid accounts)

    ngrok - (free account available)

    serveo - (free, very basic ssh tunnelling)

  • Mani: In figma showed menu bar interaction with low fidelity.

Lockdown Day 64

Date: 27 May, 2020 Participants: Team &shreyas

Dinesh and Shreyas on can we share a post calling for volunteers to talk to 1. mizapur girls and 2. covid affected areas (can this be the reasonable utilization of the lockdownCFV with shilpa thoughts). Arun shared a design document for maptales and Khushboo on MMU team wants to initiate similar work - a chat space with returnees. Bhanu i was looking cluster junkie on Prasoon's This is the storytelling app I was talking about. The samples seemed really nice and Please try this and give feedback: later i was checking Athithya's code refactoring. Mani On figma and design standards with low fidelity. Later asked suggestion from team. Shalini i was working to setup raspberry pi into big screen in the office.

Lockdown Day 63

Date: 26 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: I shared Tweete did anybody get to see with a thread i think that is kind of foundational data for what we was trying to do so it was nice to read that. This twitter thread can be reference for our activity direction.

  • Bhanu: I went through the karma runner so it's mostly modern framework code. And yeah i opend issues with athithya's repository to start writing test. yesterday i was writing document for w4p meeting

  • Sanketh: Update on Chanpatna and Mysore- We went and stayed at achutha place and next day we went to Mysore for shooting photo but it was cloudy..uploads photos link by date.

  • Mani: On figma showed layout and design standards with low fidelity. Later asked suggestion from team.

  • Bhanu: Can we ask Arun also to join that call?

    -- Arun: Which call?

    -- Bhanu re: So we have a call weekly twice for NCBS project and Prasoon has started backend:

    -- Arun re: Okay Sure.

    • Athithya: layout problems in chrome browser is fixed. Bhanu will test it in chrome browser

    • Dinesh: briefly i want to update on w4p meeting since this time because of Lockdown they did in online. So Shalini and Me able to attend international conference and another four days ongoing sessions and am making notes of all this i will keep updating.

Lockdown Day 62

Date: 25 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Athithya: today i worked in css part in papad for card grid now its working perfectly and still remaining things are icon am looking on.

  • Vignesh: I worked on just changed url its works better now and still i have to work on the error handling also discussing with Athithya how to import csv file so export is done i was thinking if we import csv file there are anychanges when i have check that changes and i should update on database so we're discussing if works in back end and front end. I think we need some help.

    -- Bhanu: what i was thinking regarding import and export not much i see in front end basically if you export what the reference you will have in that export file so that rows when there are import back that you identif that object already exit in your database all of this are back end. Probably Arun can help you.

  • Mani: I have completed low fidelity design and am looking on prototype interaction.

  • Arun: Am still working on sample mtl file and writing into vue js. I think it will take couple of days to finish that.

Lockdown Day 60

Date: 23 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Mani: I was looking into figma tutorials and exploring things.

    -- Dinesh: Yeah we have over due janastu website we have to work on design also. basically will do one by one.

  • Shalini: Today I had a converation with Urmila's girls in the Duriya village. Then urmila said since am here to do something so there is no place we have to arrange first place so that we can do some event and i suggested them if you can ask last time place were meeting was conducted. Also they won't have proper resources.

    -- Dinesh: I think one phone and we also send raspberry pi for group activity. It will be easy to coordinate.

  • Sanketh: So Me and Murali are near Channapatana near ramanagara district, It was really nice we stared of with this artist Atul and visited places and clicking few photos. And he was telling about us how was Channapatana's artistan.

  • Arun: Am see server issue problem trying to fix.

Lockdown Day 59

Date: 22 May, 2020 Participants: team

[name=bhanu] adding some things live so that it will help later to add more details

  • Libretalk, add announcement and other details to indicate a call for or collaboration for panel around the topic

  • For the talk we should do a table of contents- "dedicating to lockdown migrants”

  • software to split applications and it's controls, so for neelkant mama's webinar it would have been nice that someone who was helping him could have had these tools to have made these things easier

    • Start testing with raspberry pi based implementation, this is current need

    • part of dry run

  • raspberry pi for webinar need -

  • govt. of india using doordarshan and radio broadcasts for educational needs v/s the webinars.

  • mani on figma and design standards

  • Dhanu - suggested accessibility design

  • Arun: am working on sample mtl file and using ujs to create single html file then manage to component between nodes. still gps is not yet linked that is the next.

  • Athithya: I have fixed channel and it cames from orignal data. Now am storging from orignal data in section storage after channel selection filtering storing in separate variables now it showing that result.

    -- Bhanu: you also fix chrome bug?

    -- Athithya re: Yeah i fixed. i think you have not taken latest code.

  • Khushoo: I had call with Suresh he mentioned one community name how are even dalits don't talks to them basically there are very low caste and they're belong to particular caste because other communities discrimination them so very normal there family girls to kidnapped or raped very often. So parents decides to do marriage they kids at young age around 12 to 13 to get out of village. From this locality we are kind of helping MMU to work. So he was telling about them.

  • Shalini: So yesterday i spoke with Sakshi i have explained project to see how she can contribute and with Neha i asked her if she can do data gathering. and i was testing some app.

Lockdown Day 58

Date: 21 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: In the meantime if you guys look at the agenda i had added link i find its important to do setup of Webnair general guidelines and contrubute it and we can also discuss it. Toady we huge issues beacuse of registration we're taking to Neelakan Maama our Shepherd online. Can they register? How literate are they?

  • Bhanu: today there is webnair with Shepherd Neelakan Maam he's speaker this is ongoing now hosted by few friends but they're some issues regarding like zoom conversation usually there ask for registration and then all this thing. But how it will helpfull for lot of people from joining should everyone install app etc.., lot of confusion so dinesh created document how can we comeup with better app which will be usefull to normal people. When we are organising that kind of webnair. So dinesh was saying you guys are doing online session.

    -- Vignesh: So one of the issues we faced in jitsi is people with mobile phone there had confusion how to they're like whenever they click link asking them to download app that was one confusion when we had issues with sharing link.

    -- Bhanu: regarding any issues with sound, camera, talking and network.

    -- Vignesh re: Yeah network was issues. people with poor network connectivity so we suggest them go with youtube live.

    -- Bhanu: And your audience same kind of people are like students and techie

    -- Vignesh re: Mostly yes

    -- Bhanu: So that was easy to communication.

  • Khushboo: I am injured i can't move my leg so i didn't do much today that update from my side.

  • Dinesh: Emery did a lot of work today like networking, nextgen and testing.

  • Mani: I was exploring with figma and tools and i did demo on it. then shared screenshare and explained to team.

  • Arun: I been working on design in my app trying to navigate, i hopefully ready end of day and then i will share with all.

  • Dinesh: In this series, Rest of World follows the rising stars of these video apps as they tell their stories of fame and its consequences and how an overlooked crop of social media platforms are reshaping Indian society.

Lockdown Day 57

Date: 20 May, 2020 Participants: Team

Dinesh was talking regarding water flooding at office than few hours internet wasn't working properly in meantime shalini and Ehmery trying to fix connection later i was checking with Sanketh if he could bring a water level sensor from sp road. Sanketh here i was near majestic went there to capture photo and meet few migrants i saw people affected to getback to there hometown because of this covid19 lockdown. But still people are waiting bus for long time and young girls, disabilities are suffering for toilets. Bahnu can you look into and covid action support group CoAST and common room - indonesia story in meanwhile you ehmery or shalini and all see decentralised photo posts and i was going through ram’s paper on radio priorities.can we see mesh radio content for broadcast radio and here is Webinar link to what role has the internet played in helping communities deal with coronavirus pandemic anyone check that video. So any update from Khushoo today i was taking to suresh and with MMU women. And by the way we have to activity monitoring server data Athithya and Vignesh update: we're working on fixing issues. Okay vignesh bhanu here still i didn't see into ur repository to deploy database i will look into tonight. Mani here i will share my paper work design dinesh and bhanu suggested to start with figma process further.

Lockdown Day 56

Date: 19 May, 2020 Participants: Team

Lockdown Day 55

Date: 18 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: DA plan to visit and then W4P have a seminar 3days from 25th. other than that i have a call at 9pm with Karissa so that is digital democracy and Shalini did biryani today in office and I have shared photos.

    -- Dinesh: DO you working on rotary craft report?

    -- Bhanu re: Not yet! I just read all the links and other reference.

  • Mani: I was looking into Figma still exploring on tools and thinking on design stuff.

  • Vignesh: Currently am working on issues in gitlab papad api and i able to create cst file i will push the code.

  • Athithya: I changed base url into live url and i pushed my code in development repository then i am working on release notes.

  • Dinesh: Padmini messaged they interested in make an archives on covid symptoms because there is multiple syndrome of virus and need to do some research and i was thinking of going to farm initiate some mask making and craft work.

  • Arun: I managed get webview working in flutter i need to figure it out how to put content inside this mtl.

    -- Bhanu: Can i share with you what i was doing with Maaya, That workflow you are working it all sounds similar to my maaya. just try it out.

  • Khushoo: I tried call priyanka but i was not able to talk to her and i had small chat with Suresh. Apart from that am not well today so i didn't do much.

  • Shalini: Toady Madhuresh called i need help with website so i have been working on. In meantime i was looking on server side.

  • Dinesh: i want to update couple of things one is giswatch project proposal deadline is on 28th this month and another one is apc membership.

Minutes of meetings Timeline Lockdown 3.0

Lockdown Day 53

Date: 16 May, 2020 Participants: Team + Shreya + Rami

  • Dinesh- feedback on radio page: I spoke to Sarbani what she saying that each of those links in the bottom of page make categories like sections for different diff aspects such as anthill/cnx event, community, mesh networking, accessibility issues, women and …, crafts and livelihood. So any progress figma Mani?

    -- Mani re: Yeah started playing around with figma.

    -- Dinesh: Okay you can always share screen sharing with others.

    -- Shreya : Yes figma's main thing is that it allows many user to collaboration, So i can help with design anytime.

    • Sanketh: My friend is here Rami is a python developer he works in data scientist so he wanna help out what i am working then he's also looking out django and flask write same basic code on the pi and i am just trying to do various setups of like distributing a network as same time having decentralization option available on that.

    • Rami: I am working as a data scientist regarding this Cow-mesh project trying to implement connecting to wi-fi currentlyexploring to connect available network means wi-fi to raspberry pi using webapp and later i see how to rename etc..,

    • Vignesh: we have did release note and documentation i will share it today.

Lockdown Day 52

Date: 15 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: I think it would be nice if everybody follows the link Mani has shared about COVID-19 Campaign - Namma Halli Radio what he as done regarding covid thing then will talk about how to take it further and i could suggest to add few line about tvs student's contribution in the campain then we should make use of those link in document.

  • Dinesh: So Shalini i talk to Suresh and Khushoo this morning before she called Neha and priyanka i was saying to Suresh that this all new for us as we learn we go forward this what i mentioned him. with respect to laptops that why working raspberry pi kind of thing so think it nice to give one pi to khushoo and ask her to connect and use it for something after that she says okay we'll send one to suresh and team maybe Neha could be interested in installing and playing it...So we should go with this kind of open box rather than laplops and then we should thinking of content.

    -- Bhanu: This use Local ke liya Vocal as a opportunity to give a purpose i will get immediate content from them. Opener for people to start thinking how we can use somthing. And i was thinking of how to coordinating with Khushoo and shalini, i am waiting for this things to start conversation.

    -- Shalini: Bhanu what we should do for that you are looking for some document?

    -- Bhanu: No, primary interface for people we have chosen to put as women and specific role to them all this we are working out and i am thinking how do we implement to get started with collected data.

  • Arun: I'm working on webview and flutter basically webviewer something that allows do a webpage just figuring out

Lockdown Day 51

Date: 14 May, 2020 Participants: Team & Priyanka Borar (UX/UI Designer)

  • Dinesh: Anyway everybody is here Priyanka, I will just introduce the names on screen to you.

  • Priyanka: So., Yeah one of you maybe start telling me about project so far i know little bit of overview from Dinesh and we had a couple of discussion.

  • Bhanu: Okay so this is Papad and this one we worked on 2015 to 2016. This application was specifically for community radio stations to organize there audio files and incoming calls which used to get archived they want way to manage them. So our idea was that since not many tool much out there to tag like audios. So imagine this channels that will be publishing. Here is demo of papad in the left side panel i that opended the list of channels that is posted with this service and i will click one of channels probably AnthillHacks. So idea was to have a crowdsourced platform to allow for any user to suggest tags to the audio and right now this tag is add for whole audio file. All that tags your seeing this section are suggeted by users right now we are seeing possibility using this software back again in our radio projects or for radio teams to use this workflow to manage there daily work which could be recording audios, do editing and publishing programme all of this things.

    -- Dinesh: Let me say something so basic problem is here when you have audio files how do you index it and how do you navigate and how to tag with images.

    -- Priyanka: Yeah got it

  • Bhanu: I like to show Alipi demo, Let Dinesh explain idea so this an example bio cultural which was written by the Tribal Community in Rajasthan. So whole thing was how this community live what is a cultural and traditional and they lifestyle and environment. However what Alipi does service now this url when i click on this button this url will be sent to alipi to look for any other alternative version that is available for this story and Alipi allows for users to post alternative version stories or particular part in the story.

    -- Priyanka: Does it look for stories throughout the web or within network i mean it could be anywhere in the web for alternative

    -- Dinesh: The interesting thing like this from text to very textual document how can we go towards something to reach with different people. If somebody shares this link with somebody else. So what it does is it creates a link from this document first paragraph to something you want to give as an alternative to that publish or to that paragraph So this was work we have been doing for all most 10 years and there i want to see like how web can became an accessible to all kinds of communities.

  • Bhanu: So next thing we calling it Maaya, Basically all this annotation images videos and other format and what it we able to see that as a audio visual narrative that the experiment has.

    -- Dinesh: Basic thing here is for example., The practice that we are taking is ask people to send us some relevant story or images to what they said now that like a small community activities they send and get back is visual storytelling from what they sent. later there can start doing himself. if we have nice application this promotes them to edit and share that's the whole thing.

    -- Priyanka: Okay focus is here from narration to content right?

    -- Dinesh: Yeah storytelling coming from a audio to like how will do visual story.

  • Dinesh: We also doing something called followsheep project and i have a App that Shepherd carry with them. its simple app only three button in it, take a photo or give an audio and say something about where you are or give a lable like you can type something. But its all offline when they meet somebody or Shalini, me are here we grab it and put it on the server then it will show all the tracks. So all this are related to one context its more about storytelling platform.

  • Priyanka: I will also making some notes for myself. if i think have question that makes right!

    -- Dinesh: Right..We will come back again maybe whenever you feel to talk about something.

  • Khushboo: I had a call with Suresh and team i asked them to collect data from villages and with help of Neha i will be documenting it from tomorrow onwards.

  • Mani: I like to know regarding UI design tool from Priyanka?

    -- Priyanka: I suggest you to use Figma because it gives more collaboration to user.

  • Vignesh- papad update: I fixed few error also bug which bhanu mention yesterday station id other list i have worked on today.

  • Emery talked about introduction to Micro Kernels. how and why us.


Lockdown Day 50

Date: 13 May, 2020 Participants: Team & Anurag

  • Dinesh: Today we will start spending some time on the w4p, crafts and mirzapur project and Anurag here as Guest. Later he introduced to the team with her.

  • Anurag: Thanks Dinesh for that, very nice to meet everybody on this platform. i will briefly tell what i am upto most recently planing on some online session crafts based development we been working munj crafts, munja is a grass that is found on river bank through yamuna and ganga's. So with a munj they make a lot of baskets around cities in Uttar Pradesh and i'm working in two areas near Lucknow.This are works skilled people are available and we want to reach out and mainly government is very key in it and work under monamifoundation(.com) mostly its works with corporate funds getting that into artisan works and my background is in textile.

  • Dinesh: Our project is about after century of schooling it more like unschool probably go to do literatures and if we go into technology has brought where we press a button and talk that is first time in human evolution you can record your voice and that changes everything and that verybody narrative thousand of communities knowledge. we i have to get into local people and they learning like need to communicate eachother normally they do but technology new them right So we working on local. by the way our wonderful Prime Minister mentioned 'Be vocal about local'.

  • Shalini: I will brief our project basically i want see how young girls use technology or how can they adopt technology in Uttar Pradesh,By developing skills to they generate income that what we are trying to see. when we visited the girls in the mirzapur area and we're very curious to know what there aspiration and what they want to became. So most of them told they want to do silai and beautician very few will say i want to study more. Moreover we are trying to understand what are they key skills with our interaction. Later introduced our small recording to them we wanted to see and try how technology they feel to use.

    -- Dinesh: Not only phone also i mean thinking of them as simple recording or community based approach stories.

    -- Shalini: When we introduced device to them and they started recording narrating stories and with family parents and relatives are involved. So we saw same improvement they became if right resources given this is what we are tried and we met different groups age girls from 16-25 years in different villages.but they aspiration are very different and it various if we analysis data. currently we are working with MMU group in mirzapur they have like 200 hundred kishori girls with them. So they us data it was very interesting.

  • Khushoo: There is huge wave inbetween teenage girls they i have compromise they future because of survival needs.

  • Anurag: So on option is that we able understand this for more deeply i could make a question on basis kind of information and i know to large majority makers want to work with. Okay i will leave now bye see you all again!

  • Dinesh: Can we talk about Local ke liya Vocal in agenda

    -- Bhanu: I think were looking for a name from last two week which was scroll down in agenda unfortunately Modi came up name...I think he might probably attended our meeting but i like this name if we want can take it.

  • Shalini: Toady i was talk to Duriya girls they gathered through WhatsApp call next 23rd we are meeting on them again so that time we should talk about what we are planning.

  • Mani: Regarding Covid19-NHR i was listening to few clip and i supposed to begin writing.

  • Vignesh: About papad backend the put method are working now and Athithya was integrated and tested. currently i am fixing errors.

  • Arun: I been making more progrees on my App right now i have list view, mtl file, able to check it, view detail of file and created play button then i play the file. i need to work on play functionally.

  • Dinesh: Tomorrow Emery will take a session on MicroKernel

Lockdown Day 49

Date: 12 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Arun: I made good progress with flutter and dart i got zip file now able to unzip it even i can extract files and display contents on the app.

  • Vignesh: I started working on API and data part i have given link Athithya she have to integrate.

  • Bhanu: I want know how Athithya is integrating into papad?

    -- Athithya re: So according to that data structure i have everything from backend to frontend. Then i worked on issues which was posted in gitlab.

  • Dinesh: Everybody is asking what is that personal document which yesterday i have shared to me?

    -- Khushboo: Really it wasn't for everybody

  • Khushboo- mirzapur update: I have translated small into video still few are remaining for the MMU team

    -- Dinesh: Its all in the document?

    -- Khushoo: Yeah share it.

    tomorrow morning i have call with MMU team main talk will be with the women how get information from village for us.

    -- Dinesh: They also send handwritten papers?

    -- Khushoo re: Yes it is very mechanical information. we don't know anything from those names and am still working them.

  • Shalini: I don't have much to say today i was in Auditor office. So later we talked with kishori girl one young girl was studying doing M. Sc she is 21 year old. Suresh introduced that girl with us and she sent her experience field and her name is Negah so she might coordinate with Priyanka and she sent a small recording i will play now.

  • Mani: Regarding Covid19 I have collected all resource which girish recorded in different villages all those content i droped into nextcloud and i don't know how to start with Covid19 related writing am still thinking on that.

Lockdown Day 48

Date: 11 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Mani: I was looking into Covid19 campaign (Namma-Halli-radio) related contents to make documentation. meantime i called to Abhilash regarding Irrfan’s audio clip he said i dont have any raw file with me maybe you can check with ESG people they meant have.

  • Arun: Am much progress with flutter and dart i manage to get zip file and able read zip file inside application files then trying to put that content in image file to display the html things like that.

  • Khushboo: I had meeting with Suresh and i had conversation communities it was pretty interesting and i have shared article in my update timesheet.

  • Athithya- Papad update: I am was facing issue with development branch later i have fixed it. Vignesh has changed data still he's working on.

  • Dinesh and Bhanu suggested Arun to check if anyone is there to code papad app in server side.

  • Shalini: Today we met some pourakarmika and i was trying talk to them then Sanketh was taking photo and we could able to record some stories how was they life during lockdown i was useful conversation.

Lockdown Day 46

Date: 09 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: He was asking Mani to look into agenda, So that can we make a photo/media archive of Girish's covid photos and help for Khusbhoo to put MMU content into a web page. Then later he suggesting that we also need a daily journal where we can eaily find links maybe someone can add a section called annotated links to the minutes page.

  • Bhanu: Today i was very enthusiast about my workout session i just did a few push-up and my hands and leg i feel like not in my control so later i rest for few hours. And yesterday i was talking with Vignesh about the papad problem that we had i was able understand the error, issue is getting data from related table in one query i think we found what is solution it takes sometime to work.

  • Shalini: Today I spoke with Kanhaiya, he's a carpenter and Migrant from Ghorakpur, UP three days before Dinesh and Sanketh met so they interviewed him Kanhaiya currently lives around jp nager. So Kanhaiya was interest that he was helping with other migrant workers in his area by supplying rations everything pulse he got interested in crafts works because he a ghorak community pot maker there family also makes pots. and he as plan to involve into crafts. later i spoke Kanhaiya's wife to understand if she is interested in crafts.

Lockdown Day 45

Date: 08 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Sanketh was asking if some of you can help with little script he need for raspberry pi and his for recording page.

    -- Arun re: Yeah sure, he can talk to me anytime.

    -- Dinesh re: fine, i will ask him to call.

  • Arun- update: figuring out permission issues read and write external storage on the phone and i have created MTL file and trying to read that file on the phone.

  • Mani update Irrfan’s maaya : I called Girish and Abhilash to check either their have raw audio source file from Irrfan's talk well speaking to Girish he as recorded Irrfan’s clip it seems but after event he have given to Abhilash after few minute i check with Abhilash he said it might be in hard disk i will check and let you know.

    -- Dinesh: suggested Mani go directly to GSS office and check, i think that could work.

  • Dinesh one more update Cynthia is asking if we can give small paragraph thier writing about APC team and how they involved in COVID-19.So can we write little about and let's include few Girish's works. later dinesh played out Cynthia's audio message from he's phone in the middle of meeting.

  • Shalini: So i have collected stories from everyone COVID-19 related narrative stories and i will share that part some of are uploaded on nextcloud and writing on documentation in our field visit.

  • Bhanu: Today we had demo i was able to share papad demo with Venkat and Prasoon, So yeah they're some issues especially into tags etc..,apart from demo any progress from Vignesh and Athithya in papad?

    -- Vignesh re: same error getting and still not able to fix.

    -- Bhanu re: Are you front of system ? follow my steps

    -- Vignesh re: Okay

    -- Bhanu re: So work on it with those steps and let me know before end of this call we will take it further.

    -- Vignesh re: Yeah!

    -- Bhanu: Athithy what are you upto?

    -- Athithy re: i am going through the issues whatever you have posted and writing documentation.

    -- Bhanu re: All the links are not working basically that admin page there should all be working even API don't.

    -- Athithy re: Okay sure i will check

    -- Mani: if there is any link so i can test and post issues?

    -- Bhanu re: Not yet Mani, there nothing functional to be tested that's why not deployed.

    -- Mani re: Okay thanks!

    -- Bhanu : Athithy and Vignesh i have shared Papad app Data stations: and audios and tags: we can use those data. check the links.

    -- Athithy re: Ok.

  • Khushboo: I have started looking those audio clip from Migrants people yesterday and next week i have parallel conversation with MMU simultaneously doing documentation.

Lockdown Day 44

Date: 07 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Sanketh and Me visited group of Migrants people more then 100 from Ghorakpur, UP area and Bihar. Very interesting group like different kinds of workers one group of carpenter worker, painters and others are like labourers. they not working big companies or metro mostly they work some house if somebody asks help. So now with COVID all nobody calls them. inspect of govt. say no trains all even they no idea what to do or getback to work, but primarily already it's two months they want to go meet they family and all but very few people like 10 of them meant have they wife and kids around here. but all rest are bachelors but Kanhaiya the guy we met he's wife and kids are around he was saying pass two months. We been eating rice daily that's all they(govt.) gave here. they don't give any milk or bread and they don't give any needs but still we have find our ration or needs and then he was talking about he's story we have recorded please listen to it.

    -- I have asked Khushboo to make article based on they stories there .

    and Sanketh as taken set photos later he'll be sharing in nextcloud and we have requested Kanhaiya to share more photos.So that was very interesting.

    -- Khushboo i'm gonna listen to those content after our calls.

    -- Dinesh re: Okay sure.

    Later Dinesh suggested to Khushboo after listening all clips make a note on audio and Mani can edit into one clip after that we'll put in Maaya stories, Khushboo it will be good experience for you to get into.

    -- Khushboo re: Ok.

  • Khushboo- mirzapur update: I had detailed conversation with Suresh and other three women (Renu, Priyanka and Swetha) we had pretty long video call in morning with them. they're in the office. basically i was getting hang on like they day today thing.

    -- Shalini - Khushboo can you tell us more what exactly spoken with them because yesterday also you had same conversation with them and Today we suppose to have have excel sheet and minutes as will as data what you have collected.

    -- Khushboo re: Yeah i'm working on it. the moment little bit is ready i will share it with you shalini

    -- Shalini: Okay fine.

  • Arun: I been making lot of progress i don't had proper sleep last night. i'm figuring out how to read files and read Zip files all of that.

  • Bhanu- papad follow-up: So Vignesh first i want to update to you that you been facing issues those data and i have debugged it in and pushed some changes then it's working on my local so you can check that branch and let me know if works for you.

    -- Vignesh re: Okay i will check and ping you.

  • Mani: I have completed Irrfan’s Maaya but audio level not clear.

    -- Dinesh: Suggested can somebody give voice over in kannada.

    and later Bhanu asked Mani to collect raw source file from Ablilash with Girish i think that clip will be better.

    --Mani re: Okay sure will check.

  • Bhanu update : today i spent most of my day debugging that Papad API and i have setup proper API and content in my laptop

    -- Dinesh: when is our next meeting with Prasoon

    -- Bhanu re: Tomorrow

    -- Dinesh: So i have something to show right

    -- Bhanu re: Yeah

  • Emery : Setuped and it tested phone

Lockdown Day 43

Date: 06 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Arun- flutter and dart tuts update: I'm still doing that tutorial following long.

    -- Dinesh re: You like it

    -- Arun re: It's been okay for so far starting it very basic programing dart flutter all of it. In meanwhile I was

    trying to lookup on phone gap just read a file that is on the file system and read able to display content of that file that's what i'm right now!.

  • Athithya- papad update: So, Bhanu opened issues in Gitlab i am trying to solve one by one and few issues are committed. In meanwhile Bhanu asked with Vignesh your end point throwing cross orign error you have to use some library in flash its there so use that. otherwise same orign request blocks. So i think that App works and if can deploy endpoint i can test.

  • Vignesh Update: I mean error i already told the issues not fixed it

    --Bhanu re: What is the error so i can also look at it?

    --Vignesh re: I'm not able to fetch code data from two tables.

    --Bhanu re: I got your problem means station table you are doing station get all but your not getting anything in that right

    -- Vignesh re: Yes!

    --Bhanu re: Okay i will look at it.

  • Khushboo- mirzapur update: Toady Shalini introduced Suresh and other three ladies so basically an interaction call was today with them, later there shared data with us i think shalini gonna upload and after that i had separate video call with Suresh.

    --Dinesh: How was it?

    --Khushboo re: Basically we disused what are the working style managing everything and also i mention somebody pass away because of hunger issue and he knew this person that was sad about to hear. later he explained they're working with villages still i see people hungering.

    --Khushboo: if anybody can do wordpress kind of thing

    --Dinesh re: we can put all content together what you want in it. if you talk to Suresh, when i easy to work on it.

    --Khushboo re: Oh okay tomorrow i gonna have call with him will check if already have available content.

    --Dinesh re: Just make dowm content if that is ready for designing part Mani or somebody will help.

    --Khushboo re: Okay sure.

  • Later Dinesh was telling that Alekhya called today her company insist to use aarogya setu app, Apparently she is not interested to use that app so i given her suggestion on how to use or avoid to it.

  • Mani: Irrfan’s Maaya, I have still working on i will share today, so i had issue with XAMPP controller was trying to fix

  • Dinesh: Athithya do you know any person from fsci?

    --Athithya re: Yeah i know

    --Dinesh re: Can you check with him about our call room issues in

    --Athithya re: Yes sure.

Lockdown Day 42

Date: 05 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Arun: Yeah I purchase udemy course on flutter and dart So just doing that today going through course. well i'm still in second module right now so hopefully end of this modules probably i know enough to build the App.

    -- Dinesh: Arun if you can help shalini with

  • Shalini: Yup...i woke up with bad news my friends mother passed away so i was busy like getting them cab and pass i have called murali, sanketh i don't konw so many people i asked help.later they got cab and pass to travel native place. That's why i could not speak to anyone in Duriya village girls.

    -- Shalini: Did Khushboo came to office toady?

    -- Dinesh re: No i don't see her in office

    -- Khushboo re: After i talk to Anu then i will proceed that is how.

    -- Dinesh re: Oh i see, you suppose to come here and after talking to Anu

    -- Khushboo re: Yeah we suppose to talk.

    -- Dinesh re: Okay got it. i will talk to you after because Anu is apparently very busy with some another editing work

    -- Khushboo re: got!

  • Bhanu Papad follow-up: Athithya i was tying to clone your code beacuse already node module folder in that. i try to run. but throwed some error some package not according to platform

    --Athithya re: I will check and fix it.

  • Vignesh Papad update: I have added project to gitlab and pushed it also i created issues.

  • Mani: Irrfan’s Maaya, i have worked on subtitle and added in the link. I will start with Maaya putting all together.

  • Emery: We could use joinpeertube for audio and video

    --Dinesh re: i thought we could use just for audio

    --Emery re: Yeah i think that's works

    --Dinesh re: other direction is like will we all doing nextcloud we'll also start using joinpeertube i held this discussion with Adithy and Shilpa for urban folk project

    and they are willing see and make folk related for people approach upload things. then i was thinking maybe something link joinpeertube it will help.

Lockdown Day 41

Date: 04 May, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Arun- I had debug trouble with phonegrap and might move to flutter i think so this gonna take me little bit longer too done on flutter i have just started.

  • Mani- I was looking on April report and uploaded Irrfan’s Maaya resource

  • However, Murali came in the middle of call had a conversation with Shalini regarding picking up her to office because there is no transport facilities during lockdown. and later Murali asked Shalini he wanted to activate site and help for server.

  • Shalini- Today we had chart with Suresh and team members so those ladies basically work on field and we told them about technical part. they have 80 to 85 young girls list so we noted down. So they work for 40 to 50 villages and we asked them that we are also interested to work with those villages. and later shalini shared about stories from Mama with Grand children.

  • Dinesh- we have edited bit of Shilpa's COVID Sheet

  • Bhanu- shared he's experimental homemade wine which was made by him, and dinesh got excitement about wine and yesterday i was looking on deploying papad application. So i was talking with Athithya about her configuration then tonight i will sit on papad. later bhanu talked about

Minutes of meetings Timeline Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown Day 39

Date: 02 May, 2020 Participants: Team & Aditya, Ram

(P.S: Can someone add more points i have missed in the beginning of call)

  • W4P report - also summary of all activities of April

  • Arts and Culture - Mirzapur post Local network local economy - talk theme with A&AS

  • Aditya on his story tracking idea. Song by him and Mujeeb.

  • Ram- asking Dinesh's take session on jitsi libretalk to students

  • Shalini update- Followsheep GPX tracks

  • Mani- has collected all collect resource from Abhilash for Irrfan's maaya, he'll upload it in nextcloud and share link.

  • Dinesh and Bhanu disussed about shilpa's update and edit in excel sheet (

    and looking for more volunteers.

  • Dinesh- Geetha and i been went some link how to put some content in Kannada out there. and yesterday they was article in kannada newspaper about communal thing. let this article do small summary in kannada so we are working on that once it is ready will ask Anu do voice over then we found old kannada song called Keliddu Sullagabahudu Nodiddu Sullagabahudu

Lockdown Day 38

Date: 01 May, 2020 Participants: Team & Shilpa

  • Arun- I have got fixed my laptop and working towards.

    -- Dinesh: I'm just asking did you do any GPX file for arun?

    -- Shalini re: Yeah i did and i will share link to him.

  • Khushboo update- Shalini, Anu and me we had call Nesha and with other girls from Duriya village. We talked about generic thing of life which moving around and how we're living rural and urban. it was similar kind of that conversation. i understand bhojpuri so it was easy for me to interact with those girls and later she narrated her a poem.

  • Shilpa- So i just moved excel sheet have you made any changes and i will go ahead and make some changes.

  • Mani- Irrfan maaya update i have edited a Audio clip from symposium on handmade 2018 event. corrected noise and increased volume a bit. then Dinesh suggested to collect resource from Abhilash and let's proceed with Maaya.

  • Bhanu- I have to follow up with Vignesh after this call regarding Papad, probably i am thinking of connecting with Arun or Prasoon to proceed further beacuse it has been delayed.

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