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The third major edition of Anthillhacks starts on December 30, 2020 and continues through January 2021 and hopefully longer. This time the idea of Anthillhacks is to encourage people to meet virtually and on site at Iruway Farm near Devarayanadurga and more importantly, in this COVID period, to do small projects, workshops and activities locally wherever participants live. The topics for these breakout, offline sessions will continue the work initiated online. The topics begin with crafts, rural people and the uses of technology. rururbanization and selfhoods, makers spaces, decentralized web and geneaologies of the open source concept. Our goal for this edition, as for all editions, is to be inclusive of diverse linguistic and literacy groups along with our long term commitment to incorporate diversity in other forms in thoughtful and challenging ways.

  • Session link:

    this link will be where the session will be live. If you are connecting through phone, you can download the Jitsi app and on laptop / desktop you can use latest Chrome or Firefox. It is very likely the session will be recorded and also live streamed on Facebook and Youtube. If you do not want be recorded, please message us and we will try to edit you out from the recording.

  • Gathering (pre/post meets):

    this is a link to a gathering space online, before session and after to meet speakers and others, in private groups or find each other and to continue conversations after the session - maybe with a plate of food (beyond lunch time in India).

  • Channel (during/after sessions):

    this is the discord link/invite for larger conversations around AnthillHacks. Discord is a chatting forum where you can lurk around and initiate conversations. You can give feedback, start new workshops and suggest new directions. There's a channel where we collect the links that attendees have sent in relation to the talks. Another channel holds notes from the session. Feel free to explore, roam and lurk around after-hours.

  • Gitbook (archives/details):


December 30, 2020 12.30 PM Session 1 Craft

Yatharth, Crafts/Technology/Futures, Designer, Janastu Collective, Bangalore Atul Johri, Design-Craft interfaces, Tulsi Farms, Chennapattana Annapurna Garimella, Interlocutor, Managing Trustee, A.R.T. Trust, Bangalore Session Recording:

January 06, 2021 12.30 PM Session 2 Rural People and the Use of Technology

Girish Vedanth, on community radio, Pragati Foundation, Nonavinakere Sindhura D. Manjunath, on videos and villagers, A.R.T. Trust, Bangalore Indu Krishnan, Interlocutor, Documentary Film Maker, Bangalore Session Recording:

January 14, 2021 12.30 PM Session 3 The Black Sheep of Progress

Shalini on the pastoral fields near Belgaum with Neelkantha mama and Ankit's film crew on making of the documentary 'Herd Walk/Bhed Chal'.

Shrestha with ESG team in the villages by Amrut Mahal Kaval near Chellakere with Karianna on Farmer Producer Orgs. Readings from ESG archives

Interlocutor: Prof. Kandasamy, Prof Animal Genetics, Coimbatore

Session Recording:

Topics Upcoming

Rururbanization Tinkering and Thinkering Wireless Mesh Opensource Genealogies


--- General overview page: A visual overview of the hill after the annotations: graphical walkthrough "Neowarli" Anthill illustration by Megha Vishwanath ---


  • Date: 18-26 July 2015

  • Location: Anteras, Devarayanadurga hills

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  • Date: 13-14 Aug 2016

  • Location: Devarayanadurga hills

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  • Date: 19-20 Nov 2018

  • Location: iruWay farm, foothills of Devarayanadurga hills


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  • Location Anteras, Devarayanadurga and iruWay farm, Durgadahalli foothill

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ANTHILLHACKS 20.21 (online sessions)