Slots minutes of meetings - May 2021

31 May 2021

  • Shafali and Dinesh have discussed w4p knowledge report

  • Dinesh have said we are giving Technical support only not training Garima Girls

  • Dinesh have updating current project, IEEE project and APC projects. For the Girish project we are not getting fund from that project. If anybody willing to travel Uttarkhand

  • Dinesh have presented Girish Community Radio project presentation

  • Micah, Yatarth and Shafali have interested to travel Uttarkhand

  • Micah have updated Pastoralist Map work. We need 1week to complete. Dinesh said we can get call tomorrow with CFP people

  • Dinesh asked Arun to work Corona Cares Updates with PI.

28 May 2021

  • Started with General Discussion

  • Need to send budget list to DA tomorrow. This time we have to suggest Servelots inside of Janastu for next phase of W4P Programme, because its purely technical works. said Dinesh

  • Shafali and Dinesh discussing on kolibri studio, fragmentation and how to connect papad which should be useful low-literate and students.

  • Dinesh explaining to shafali about Milli how it is going forward into more archive and storytelling.

  • Yatharth sharing thoughts on he's instagram post about dalit community, inequality and social issues.

  • Sanketh was saying he'll start work on raspberry pi once he setup monitor, SBMI cable and other parts.

  • Athithya and Shafali finished pastoral data of Maharastra Mapping and Tamil Nadu Mapping

27 May 2021

  • Shalini and Manoj visit Thimmanayakana Halli

    • They contacted chetan and he said already Asha worker are in the village then later we went near tample met chetan explaining about we have plan of giving device and nedd to see who can take responsibility

    • We learnt that one nurse who did nursing in the village and two asha workrs

    • Later we met nurse she's ready to help and volunteer if we put isolation center and we give medicine toolkit to her and even we met asha workers

    • To make school isolation center we need permission from panchayat.

  • Yesterday much on content update said Bhanu.

  • Arun and Dinesh discussing on wifi mesh issues.

  • Add your Bio here OR Please DM me your Bio text can I include into GitBook. Said Mani

  • Shalini and Shafali will be attending talk on 28th May: Community Networks Tech-Talk: “Education and Community Networks, Building Opportunities”

26 May 2021

25 May 2021

24 May 2021

21 May 2021

20 May 2021

19 May 2021

18 May 2021

17 May 2021

  • Dinesh have updated Durgadahalli Panchayat meeting updates

  • Dinesh, shafali, Sanketh and Bhanu have discussed covid status

  • Dinesh have organising 6 Oximeters and 2Doctors for the Durgadahalli place

  • Debasis,Myank,Dhruv and Satendra Singh have joined on meeting

  • Dinesh have shared the idea about webinar pi, phone and explain the covid document

  • Shafali have shared Kavitha shared information to her

  • Dinesh have shared how do we managed this pandemic situation in locally

  • Debasis comment Dinesh.. Are you working with local Sarpanch's??? What has been the response of Sarpanch/ Local authorities in taking help of Aspi like devices and girls???

  • Shafali comment @Mayank & @Debasis these 52 girls what resources do they have now, Or have you given any thought to how resources are to be distributed?

  • Dinesh have said we will send ASPI to Mirzapur and also he needs local dealer for the monitor

  • Bhanu have explained workflow how is it going to work with ASPI and Monitor

  • Myank will update where Girls are staying by next week

  • Sanketh have updated Rasperry Pi updates, HDMI cable to HDMI Monitor

  • Myank have asked shall we create Message Group to Coordination

  • Myank have updated what are all the devices available in the field

14 May 2021

13 May 2021

  • Started with General Discussion

  • Team discussing the pastoral meeting and it's progress.

  • On Monday is DA meeting, Dinesh and Sanketh discussed about plan.

  • Dinesh and others are working on covid spreadsheet what Bhanu sent to them. If we follow that sheet then it be helpful for mirzapur.

  • Shalini noticed that in Elastic Search, She's received abuse message from it. Later Bhanu suggesting her to bring down site. currently that site is not in the production.

  • For Photo Gallery application select any one theme and start work on it, said Dinesh to Athithya.

  • Mani trying to understand error on, Dinesh suggesting him to upload files somewhere temporarily till then nextcloud up.

12 May 2021

11 May 2021

10 May 2021

07 May 2021

  • Started with General Discussion

  • Shalini and Yatarth have discussed power issue at office, shalini asked yatarth to check with Manoj

  • Athithya have updated My Map Updates to export the CSV locally and Bhanu asked Athithya to try Mapbox studio

  • Dinesh and Bhanu have explained Center for Pastoralist need and Dinesh asked someone to try with Mapbox studio and illustration tool

  • Yatarth wants to try Map illustration and Shafali took mapbox studio

  • Dinesh and Bhanu have discussed Papad updates

06 May 2021

  • Started with general discussion

  • Shalini have updated Mesh network setup in Durgadahalli to Naveen

  • Dinesh, Mani and Yatarth have discussed w4p Report

  • Bhanu have shared his thought on Covid spread sheet updates

05 May 2021

  • Started with general discussion

  • Shalini have updated Jayashree status

  • Dinesh have updated Arkh from Campodia and we saw Arkh Introducing Offline Knowledge Hotspot videos

  • Dinesh said 4clk today we have Central Pastoralists meeting with Gopi. Bhanu also wants to join.

  • Dinesh asked Athithya to export the CSV from My map and try to implement your ideas to create CSV file and tommorow will check

  • Dinesh, Shalini and Bhanu have discussed Papad NGINX issue

04 May 2021

  • Dinesh have updated DA meeting. DA asked to send 2more ASPI

  • Dinesh and Shalini have discussed ASPI status

  • Bhanu have suggested Excel sheet will be good to go for Resource sharing

  • Dinesh have updated we are going to work with Jayashree in Thimnayanahalli

  • Dinesh and Bhanu have discussed how to go forward covid resource sharing, volunteers, update sheet. Dinesh have shared to team

  • Bhanu have updated Papad application. There is https issue error Arun can help on it. Arun said we have to upgrade the server

  • Arun, Dinesh, Bhanu and Shalin have discussed server issue

03 May 2021

  • Started with general discussion

  • Arun have updated Roshi works to team

  • Yatarth have presented W4P report to team and he is working on w4p report

  • Dinesh have updated Padmini volunteer work padmini: do you have people on your team who I can get as volunteers? reliable, need to check in four times a day approx 15-20 mins a day.

  • Yatarth wants to learn d3.js. Dinesh will share the details to yatarth.

  • Dinesh shared slot3354

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