Slots minutes of meetings - July 2020

31 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Crafts blog - may need a line of closing event of rotary grant: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15K8Go5P5yJEepcB2v-hUF4XY9NMP1CfWg1O68K6JvFg/edit

  • Geeta: We had meeting today with girls and we spoke with Kushboo and Preethi they family is fine with all this meeting they won't have any issues. And just want know how eveyone felt about activity. Well we're speaking to girls sort of told them the skit was very nice and we tried to do samething. Later Bhanu suggeted to screen movies part of activities.

  • Dinesh: Tonight Upasana's talk she have shared link https://sites.google.com/view/designbaithak/ could be interesting to attend after milli meeting.

  • Mani: I have to look into skit video and edit final version. and Dinesh suggested there is few dialogues have been cut in between in his roles(mothers)

  • Bhanu update: Dry run for distributed syncing across devices https://hackmd.io/7s3JVZ5ySIqj4G73Qe29Cw?view I have listed out and We need to install all Apps, setup configuration, dockerize and have a single docker-compose file to bring up all the services. For yggdrasil and Cow Radio sanket might already have some scripts.

30 July 2020

Participants: Team

29 July 2020

Participants: Team

28 July 2020

Participants: Team

27 July 2020

Participants: Team with Vishnu

25 July 2020

Participants: Team with Afrah Shafiq

  • Bhanu: Afrah Shafiq is working with some NGO and they working in southeast asia part with women only and in India places like jharkhand and other places with tribal women getting them into feminist.

  • Dinesh: How many of you know OLPC and Lifelong Kindergarten projects https://web.media.mit.edu/~mres/

  • Afrah Shafiq: Apart from this independent project that working on my own and this more like side project for this NGO called https://www.creaworld.org/ this is kind of nice organization i have worked small design worked for them.

    • Basically they are kind of approach the feminist thing in the point of view and to see skilled based training girls and women.

    • So they have different institution they're trying to conduct small camps and they partner with other organization basically to train girls like football activities.

    • In present situation they can not to conduct camps now. They been exploring to move they academy online but to start with theoretical method.

    • They won't wanna Zoom classes and they wanna to create game like interactive modules for each lessons so that students can engage with there own time at anytime or anywhere. So this is the basic project.

    • So i made a basic script which involves video, animation and some graphics. So today i was discussing with Bhanu to think about almost game like interface for instance candy crush game.

    • Geeta and Madhu about mirzapur activities

    • Mani: Here is Papad-FlowChart Diagram https://photos.app.goo.gl/LqSinGRLmRfasuo67 for user role

      and admin roll. Still WIP and athithya had made some suggestion to changes in the flowchart.

  • Dinesh requests to help/contribute to prepare for dweb meet - a 10min presentation on our post-dweb work

24 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: So i went with one wi-fi providers to Devarayanadurga and way back we went to the another route to check tower. And i spoke to Srikant he's saying about videos using arush learning series https://youtu.be/nQuyubgGidw then i was thinking of renarrate and publish in education sector.

  • Bhanu: Sanketh do you look syncthing ldap (https://docs.syncthing.net/users/ldap.html) documentation and dictionary service.

    -- Sanketh re: Yeah i seen long back

    • Mani: I was working on Papad-FlowChart Diagram https://photos.app.goo.gl/LqSinGRLmRfasuo67

      -- Bhanu re: I suggest go through the media monitor documentation that Jabi and Vaishnavi all did on flowchart just refer it on.

  • Athithya: I have created hypothes https://hypothes.is/groups/1di72Rx6/collaborate and In papad angular source code am commenting variables and unwanted things removing.

  • Madhu: Around 1.30pm we started meeting the Mere Sapne activity in village.

    -- Before meeting starting since morning we're trying to explain how to install jitsi.

    -- Neha was ready conduct meeting but village's girls was practicing activity to perform so we rescheduled meeting to 1.30.

    -- Suresh also joined the call and he even visited village helping with setting up the recording.

    -- Geeta was suggesting to Neha and Priyaka for video recording and two group started performing. So in that group one performed on education to girls and another group performed on equality between boy and girl. The script created and performed by them.

  • Bhanu: Just to have familiarity it's important to note that how the idea came about and why did they pick. I think post this activities we will all sit and discuss.

  • Upasana: What we were thinking that because they also seems to enjoy culture activity or performs. I could be best to sort of transition third activity which is on beautician and tailoring own costume for any performes.

23 July 2020

Participants: Team

22 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Upasana - Today's meeting update on safe spaces discussion with DA: After this introduction and they encourage women to setup there own enterprises that was they idea the people from W4P, Medha, DA and us(Janastu). Later Medha spoke about whatever there been working on then Shalini spoke lot about field work experience what we had after that we explained our activities plan.

  • Emery and Dinesh update on raspberry pi ewindow with zoff last night we had a try and it worked. So we could connect with our toxs.

  • kavi guest appearence as kapi maybe she will talk more about tomorrow.

  • Dinesh: I talked Girish and Gopi this morning, So Girish wants to start coming couple of days tumkur and I think we should go especially we can drop of dogs, cats and looks up what happening in the whole mes(s/h) networks and comeback.

  • Sanketh: I was trying with raspberry pi so my headset is connect to my laptop and am running webnair on pi and i shared my sound device from my laptop to pi so for pi audio device whatever in my laptop. So what i want to do is combine my audio, shalini audio, dinesh's audio all onto the pi into one mixed and when ever meeting happens in room so we can all use our own mic with headset but i will streamed as a one janastu name.

  • Bhanu: Status on refactoring, home page completed also started with a blog post draft on the same topic, planning to publish by 25th July. link: https://hackmd.io/@sagesalus/BJHeT_Nxw

21 July 2020

Participants: Team with Jogi Panghaal

  • Dinesh: Jogi Panghaal is a long time friend so after he's NID started working as service design and he lived in bangalore many years a ago what's how i know him.

  • Geeta: I used to volunteer for Janastu now working on this mirzapur project and i have spoken to many village workers and with mentors there. What we got to know they are interested locally empowerment with tailoring, beautician and we also got to know few issues in village to stay in. Its hard for them to go to a place and 3 kilometers away and facing challenge to go there and few parent don't allow and no proper facility so such issues also got to know and they interest and talent. If we conduct few activities somehow we short listed Three activity. 1. Cook and self 2. Combining tailoring, beautician and dancer 3. Finding problems and comeup with solutions

  • Dinesh: This is what our immediate agenda because we have area like we need to deploy test and all that and all this we are talking about is long term. Soon we wanted to try it in tumkur but for now this project is directed to group called Medha in Mirzapur.

  • Jogi Panghaal: I thinks sounds interesting and it also sounds very familiar for instance activity of cooking the moment.

    -- Create small micro activities

    -- Combining tailoring, beautician and dancer this is very interesting it has potential across global.

    -- Work out on fiction and filming also they can record local songs and culture related

    And you know in same area were shot that film which got oscar about Period. End of Sentence. (2018) So i will be happy to sort of creating exercise we can work out all this.

  • Manjo asked cycle specifications with jogi later showed he's cycle in camera and explained.

  • Geeta: I was just coming up ppt about activities if it possible can we make story sort of.

  • Arun: here is the papad mobile requirements - https://hackmd.io/G5DS3pBZTEmLgpFnRvS2DQ#

  • Bhanu: I was refactoring papad code and i also thought that write down this for blog.

  • Athithya: I current fixed two issues one is that channel dropdown and other one is tagging. and shared screen then explained.

  • Mani: I was going thought activities doc for design and i would like to suggest talk to Myna because i have attended her art therapy she is good at activity making.

20 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: I want to bring up W4P status check but let's not do it today i think Shalini and I should pickup what we have promised what half done or not done how to response them. I think we will post all that information later today so before you come to tomorrow just take a peek will all discuss that.

  • Shalini updated on yesterday's meeting about activity in mirzapur they're conducted cooking stuff with girls.

    -- Geeta: We spoke to the girls and with Suresh sir and others as well it was kind of internal meeting we didn't meet any of villages and Suresh team were just updating that they data and about village visiting.

    -- Dinesh: Suggested that Upasana, Geeta, Madhu and Mani to comeup with mockup, packaging and documents. for example setting up a shop.

  • Dinesh: Should we briefly look at crafts.janastu.org i think we should change this words content with collaboratively. So created https://hypothes.is/groups/xnbw71pZ/slots we all go through with this small edit.

  • Dinesh: Anybody recognized this person???

    -- Manoj: Like Dinesh 20years a go.

    -- Bhanu re: No!!!

    -- Dinesh re: I person looks so much older then me. excuse me Thanks anyways manoj.

    -- Bhanu: But who this person?

    -- Dinesh: So point is that since work from home all this entrepreneurs activities going out family scale like children will say long time gone to restaurants and somebody will say oh yeah we gonna play at restaurant and then this menu card and then all things in card are 5 rupee or 10 rupee only so rest we can imagine. Am just like an example how this activity can be modeled.

    -- Bhanu: Oh this not about that person at all.

    -- Dinesh re: No. See the recipe. To think about this person and important of this i got twitted and i came on Hindustan Times.

    And later dinesh went through those links and explained

  • Bhanu: I have update i was refactoring Athithya's code, I thinks its was some that all this angular, React or modern frameworks. if we don't know the features we all doing things in old ways and that's the whole part of the mesh i saw in papad.

  • Arun: I just begin writting down requirements with the papad. I will share it once its done.

  • Manoj: Regarding webnair pi as we discussed first brief is ready

  • Shalini: Sanketh ordered USB to mouse and keyboard to test raspberry pi

  • Dinesh: I think every week somebody should write on blog on http://blog.janastu.org/

  • Mani: I been looking into Papad Doc (Pre-Draft) to continue with diagrams.

18 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Madhu: Regarding activities document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tOPR10jCPmJ4YeOYd-dIQNznxu0RXYrbEyYSp-PTj80/edit# actually yesterday with Bhanu discussed that we need some kind of protocol structured activity which we will create so that it will be easy to add new activities we can follow accounting to structure.

    • Dinesh: Starting activity is more important

    • Bhanu: I want to add whatever upasana is done that structured is good enough to do activity.

  • Athithya: Yesterday we and Dinesh about papad shared screen by adding channel record then we end up with display table. So far i worked channel now and currently working dropdown issue.

  • Upasana - Update on education webinars: That had someone from kerala talking about there programme which was setting up infrastructure ICT unable education and everywhere they provided free and open source software and they provided laptop then broadband facility and all the laptop had loaded with ubuntu installed with lot of other app packages and they divided four diffrent asparts one was capacity building including teaching trainer and second there was setting up hardware including personal device and broadband service and Third thing fousing into school and college then Fourth to make education easier to through computer. Overall session informative.

  • Arun: I been looking what kind of functionality and features all that we need for a Papad app. What am thinking i will create a document on it once we agree to that i will start coding into flutter and dart.

17 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Upasana - Education after lockdown: So first question what is happening with students don't have access internet or phone and moreover school, college infrastructure to think of even digial education sofar there is no report but outsider covered extreme report and second thing which is getting coverage is whats happening in mixed access area so good site could be is university that everyone has access to internet. So there is some coverage on this in national newspaper like scroll or caravamagazine pretty good coverage on this which i have linked in document https://hackmd.io/pdlsJmlUSBapPYS1xikaOw

  • Dinesh: Updated on yesterday's DA meeting So Preeti presented ppt and i started our conversion this is what we are designing so they all liked the activity and idea that we should take it forward and see how to practically do it and I in the end suggested and they also suggested same why can we work together.

  • Bhanu: About syncthing on server so what i notices was that we have created a folders for images, audio on server but it not updated in anywhere so whatever syncing is syncing in default path. So we won't directory access or make public we have to setup this folder path. Me and Arun was looking on this.

  • Athithya and Mani talked about papad testing and discussed about error occurred will uploadig image and audio. papad.test.openrun.net (Username: janastu password: jan123).

  • Bhanu: Suggested to Mani look into Papad Doc (Pre-Draft) from Yatharth to continue forward. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HMSkFLkHVC82WryG-LgbkH8ViWIT65RN08eQwB4mLjg/edit

  • Madhu: updated on activities list https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tOPR10jCPmJ4YeOYd-dIQNznxu0RXYrbEyYSp-PTj80/edit i wanted everybody to look at and give feedback on.

    -- Bhanu: Madhu can i make one suggestion the link which you have shared which would be nice if create a short link like bit.ly and give it a name. So that we can refer to that name it will be easy to fine. otherwise all this google doc and other links are confusing.

    -- Madhu re: Sure i will do it.

16 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Arun: Shalini i had question for you does webinar pi works with bigbluebutton and which browser your using for pi

    -- Shalini re: Yeah it works with chrome

  • Bhanu - packaging papad and syncthing discovery of devices (manual) updated sample at bit.ly/papad-annos witn vocab: That is annotate exercise for papad also thanks to upasana she also added in sheets and next is to add in server. After this files are sync to server pantoto also index by enginex?

    -- Shalini re: No i didn't link to another directory.

    Arun that folder syncthing is syncing where should me read by papad monitor and one more thing is file should available on webserver

    -- Arun: Give me sec. let me check!

    -- Dinesh asked to Athithya test papad channel papad.test.openrun.net (Username: janastu password: jan123)

    So the audio i have put there are all survey audio i think this audio should not public because in that sheet there are name, age and personal details.

    -- Shalini re: Bhanu those can go public no problem

    -- Dinesh: This is test thing we'll look at what channels to give for specific audio and we will not go public just checking what is feedback.

    Yeah we know it not public test but all that not coming through we should very carefull on it. And anyways i will data in sheets

    -- Dinesh re: Its important to give consent.

  • Dinesh - Update of dweb webinar prep call: So dweb its one year i went camp in san francisco it was beautiful people i met there. Basically we are looking beacuse of lockdown what is infact in education and what world is talking about in Karnataka, in Bengalore or Rural so i asked upasana to make a collection of link then we can have annotate link page what going on with respect to COVID.

  • Sanketh on rural broadband access webniar: It was more about how do influence policy making and how should be that policy and what if we touch with policy maker for betterment communite networks and to unsure next 50% not in online how do we import in online and what are strategy. So it was interesting talk.

  • Dinesh: Since Emery is leaves tonight let talk about emery and did anyone as anything to say.

15 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Tomorrow we have big meeting with DA, Medha and all so if possible to have a documented audio repo and something to do documention with syncthing, papad and yggdrasil. Then we all sit together on this. So i will ask three thing one is to go through papad doc which Mani shared and then gather bench of audio either migrant or villager after that Bhanu will start an excel sheet (Annotation sheet https://bit.ly/papad-annos) with tag in the papad. and three part do with yggdrasil.

  • Geeta: Explaining activities list https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tOPR10jCPmJ4YeOYd-dIQNznxu0RXYrbEyYSp-PTj80/edit# which was prepared Medha group so she suggested on Cook and sell snacks activity, then Upasana activity was on Presenting problems and solutions Later Madhuvanthi sugges on Dance combining with Sewing and Makeup.

    -- Shalini: I asked them to find out how many girls will be interested cooking etc.., So i just gave idea what activity we are planning. Neha and Priyaka also suggeted one village that will be good start because girls are excited.

  • Sanketh: We bought roof sheet for top floor and Emery have to do climbing skills.

  • Dinesh: Sanketh was looking at Kolibri https://learningequality.org/kolibri/

    -- Sanketh re: So latin america guys are use and exploring great extent then i want to see what Kolibri was its one of offline web service like if you no internet connectivity but you few contentpeople can browse and its like a mini internet archive.

  • Manoj: I mean we got laser cutting done but there was same problem again. So yesterday we discussed to make complete different one that is done.

    -- Dinesh: So we sat together just done box version of it let see how it gonna come out then we can improve.

  • Emery's talk today at 4pm on NixOS in https://8x8.vc/LibreTalks

14 July 2020

Participants: Team with Shivu

  • Shivu: am going to talk on AI and wanted to understand visible AI implementation in the field of research mean in language processing.

  • Dinesh: SO i had meeting with international team (rotary) and thank bhanu then everybody for doing last mintue of updating crafts site. I think they received well. Bhanu it so good now like got done few hours (new look and issues. crafts.janastu.org)

    -- Bhanu re: Yeah i was thinking about same thing only fire on our ass we do its like all one day work but that one has to come together in this way. but one feedback i have for Mani all this might be one of activity we have to see that to keep the continuity of project. that why i changed lot of thigs

    -- Okay got it yeah I see, thanks!

  • Emery's talk announced it's tomorrow on The talk is a brief introduction to linux distributions, followed by an overview of the NixOS distribution around 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM Join us on this link - https://8x8.vc/LibreTalks

  • Sanketh: am actively posting in librerouter forums asking all the features that i wanted link static ip etc..,

  • Dinesh: We have a phone got from Medha team this what they're giving for 22 girls mirzapur i think we'll try to setup everything we want. And see what if needs.

  • Manjo: Yesterday i got done laser cutting but its very thin am not satisfied with that so i asked for differnt one.

  • Dinesh: Shalini should be call with girls and make a plan or do you a document what activity.

    -- Shalini re: No, I was thinking to make details on activity then call probably today call geeta and others.

  • Athithya: Currently timeline with papad and working on react then having some issues am doing on it.

  • Arun: I just started looking at flutter and dart.

13 July 2020

Participants: Team

10 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Upasana makes RI slides - Crafter space we're started running all most Two years well we wrote proposal we already started working on it and most of thing are taken care of by side learing some of Servelots other money and Asha then everybody supporting it and what happen is during that year 2018 we grant from Rotary to run it for one year then we run it for two years.And now money is over we have to make this final report for Rotary. So Monday i have meeting with international supporters and local supporters so we'll be online presenting this. I thought overall summary ppt can do https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1FSS3xBE8DUWxUYHFMnDgcyiDXVtrDCCDEQlxo9Lin9k/edit?usp=sharing So i will go through this ppt done by Upasana.

  • Upasana: I could like to suggest to Mumble app, When i was going through migrant workers stories all the recording onething thinking of for instant make a mumble channel where people can just take about difficulty face with respect to education especially so if can get people from mirzapur to talk on that chennal about of difficulty faced whever skill based education need to digial apps. That way we can understand what are problems we are facing.

    -- Dinesh re: Yeah i never thought of having a Mumble channels for this that available continually so people can come of talk to each other. Its good to have channel like that should we try that.

    -- Shalini re: Suresh from Mirzapur, he knows how to use Mumble app there is MMU channel we had created for them.

    -- Dinesh re: Okay we will try this good idea Upasana will see what comes out.

  • Dinesh: We have PhD program from this morning and our Emery is first student who registed so we'll find how to go about this and write more about it. :)

    -- Shalini: What PhD???

    -- Dinesh re: We will be giving PhD's from now on just just kidding!

    So Sanketh is busy with fixing cnc router so we will take pictures and share it. and Next plan is to visit Kothanur to do craft activity.

  • Dinesh: Now workshop on papad/sync Shalini, Emery and Bhanu going to do.

  • Arun: I been working on papad, pantoto server and maptales.

  • Athithya: I fixed that audio play button in papad and still am fixing other errors

  • Yatharth: Me and Mani doing thing and we felt that we know very less about hole project Papad as such to start documentation because we don't understand technical and contexts of it atleast structure draft should come from team so that we know what to look for and we can work for more around the presentation, formatting will putting on github or wordpass like content is bit challenging for us.

    -- Bhanu: Do you have any specific questions regarding contexts?

    -- Yatharth re: Yeah like i build piece of last time i asked this question that were it started and all there didn't exiting old document there's written or documentation for some client which could read.

    -- Bhanu re: Right we're not giving all that was because of some other contexts currently software in use case are different diffrent and all that. as of now didn't wrote any non technical.

    -- Yatharth: Like what the use case so last time we talked about use case total communities have this community radio where they get calls from the listener and they tag it

    for easy searching for easy access and also audio upload on server and then the community members also can tag search through the archive of content.

    -- Bhanu re: That's how all this started currently our Mirzapur project, what we see is the calls specifically early but now people are producing shows like recording interview and doing all of this. There is lot people who can do all this and lot of other thing they can't do probably like editing, mixing etc.., So there'll be like skills based collaborate communication, different team, different groups who are doing different activity and that could produce audio/video content and other groups meant want to go through this audio/video content to produce show and to publish. So for that internal team who is working with content to be able to browse through this multimedia content that the current

    -- Yatharth: So what i understand like lots of content program happening and lot of people are involve in it and papad is a way to document in the workflow its a collaboration tool somewhere between so if i recorded an audio clip when i tag it and this metadata inside it and it can be forword to next person or community and information that can person can tag something like this.

    -- Bhanu re: Yeah something one workflow that we see

    -- Dinesh: Other important thing this is like an open anybody can use papad to tag they audio.

09 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Mani: I was going through this link https://hipstas.org/audiannotate/ and Yatharth asked me to share this Question to ask dinesh.

    -- Ask him is the Papad is going get shipped say soon or we preparing the documentation as a milestone of sorts in the journey to inform funders and other clients about it, also for the team Interaction wise, it may not be ready to be shipped, if shipping it is priority then refining the UI needs to be prioritised.

    Later explained Papad Design Board in Miro tool then asked suggestion on comments also went through Papad - UX Project draft doc

    -- Bhanu re: Yeah i think Yatharth and Mani just started design process but we are somewhere else so that the disconnect.

  • Athithya: Am looking on audio but facing some issues i need help from Bhanu.

    --Bhanu: I will follow up with today.

  • Shalini: So yesterday Me and Anu we tried to do this craft work like so Madhu was teaching other side and we're trying to connect webinar pi and she was teaching design structure of basket. That is how we made one session.

  • Manoj: After we discussed Dinesh yesterday making box with raspberry pi the display even if goes wrong they can fix it by themself by local whoever using. So that sort of thing was working.

  • Dinesh and Dheeraj talking about starlink beta testing later Dinesh was updating on DD valley 48% planning and Gopi/girish nonavinakere.

08 July 2020

Participants: Team

Yatharth: Our Question to team: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_kp3ILLI=/ 1) What is the intended use and why 2) What are the features in pipeline 3) How much time we have/Timeline 4) How are the users reacting to it 5) Is there an information architecture we can look at ? Apart from the current website 6) Although the application is simple right now, the interaction misses a lot of usability, which at the current stage can be resolved with some CSS and UI Fixes; A cleaner, simpler interface. Can be done fast. 7) A proper UX Design will take longer, In long run although a fundamental relook might be needed around why papad exists and then a thorough UX research might be needed. I feel papad currently might be a difficult tool for the communities also the motivations of why it will be used is not clear.

  • Papad documentation - similar as ref https://hipstas.org/audiannotate/

  • Emery on Yggdrasil and Overlay Networks

  • Dinesh: Things to test and know before Emery leaves 1. chat/mumble/tox/ 2. dinesh old latop from mix to ubuntu

  • Arun: I have setup papad monitor server and running i need to test and needs some people to testing.

  • Upasana: I got access all the document and gone through all of them. Now all that information refine into my notes. So i will getback to you Dinesh in the evening what should be add into ppt. I think we'll be done by tomorrow.

07 July 2020

Participants: Team

06 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Mani: I and Yatharth had a call this morning, We spoke about how to begin with designing and later we decided to give high priority to papad project. So we started with this tool https://miro.com/ to gather information and resources related papad.

  • Dinesh: Shall i show some photos this is what happening our rooms during weekend Shalini and others are working then shalini painting, directions, cleaning and there is Manoj painting then in the toproof build it's Sanketh and gang the MakerSpace coming up...

  • Dinesh: Bhanu, Mani was updating he and Yatharth are working on papad, i would say that this is highest priority we can get audio into two or three groups make collection and try to sync and use papad to annotate file from sync because that required whatever in sync folders should come out us url for papad so there should be local web server. Still we should coordinate how to make it very easy.

    • Bhanu: I agree that part still is there.

  • story for connecting with the migrants around your location. https://hackmd.io/xk6BXVcuTu6ssT7v4gt3TQ

  • should we try epicollect as an app/site reference

  • Migrant/lockdown "blog" reference https://hackmd.io/YskvEC82T7-mg6Rn0WkO7w

  • shalini - start cooking activity at the w4p villages (geeta/madhu/+)

    • ask if medha can provide 2 phones for dhuriya

    • can we get them together for comic relief webinar event like nalpad one

    • Dhuriya Neha says possible to use part of a building in the village

  • Wed w4p da medha reflection workshop meet

04 July 2020

Participants: Team with Kavita Philip

03 July 2020

Participants: Team

02 July 2020

Participants: Team

01 July 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Upasana had send a mail so we can just discuss about her application and response.

  • Dinesh: Yatharth you wanna share anything do you what work and you have any ideas which of activities meant be interesting

    -- Yatharth re: As of now something related design thing

    like publication to UI to animation and any communication thing i can do.

    -- Dinesh: So U, Mani, Bhanu, Sanketh and Arun work on documenting the logical network, physical network, syncthing and diagram try with some animation any of those so people can understood what's going on with our webinar pi and networks are all.

    -- Mani: I would like to add since i also started with ui/ux. So i and Yatharth will go through all project with help of bhanu let see how to come up with better design and documentation.

  • Arun: Basically i found that script to check files are modified or not which was not working in syncthing folder. I have just discovered python library for that am just using that and i gonna chat with Bhanu after this to test the file.

  • Dinesh: Today we have to test Pi one here and another one with Manoj's office for tomorrow's webinar pi demo with DA.

  • Shalini: Abhilash from GSS had called day before yesterday so he was saying he have been talking to two persons from Bidar they want help to build website especially in graphics also there shared website link http://thepolitic.in/

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