3D Project

3D reconstruction, spatial navigation and gamification

3D reconstruction, spatial navigation and gamification, virtual reality and augmented reality. How can a web visitor to be able to walk into an office and start interacting with the objects? How can we provision 3D desktops with interactive objects? What would be a simple process and an optimal technology to capture and virtually deploy real spaces augmented with synthetic objects? How do we handle closed spaces like offices and open spaces like a village or a town? What are the most appropriate technologies for a web based toolset? Our Virtual Library explored walking into a library, pickingup a book and flipping through the pages using a Web browser. (library100.janastu.org work is a tribute to 100 years of our state Central Library at Cubbon park, Bangalore). This work was accompanied by 3D reconstruction of rural spaces and gamifying the exploration of these spaces for learning activities and introducing them to visitors offline and online.

3D Scanning, Reconstruction for Immersive experience

Gameplay and Demo videos

  • FarmCraft: Walk-through with Story Narrative - video annotation

  • FarmCraft: Reconstruction and Audio annotation

  • FarmCraft: Character Interaction

  • Virtual Library (ESG Library - find a book - the process)

  • State Library

  • Virtual Reality Story of Devarayana Durga Hills

  • Map indoor spaces

3> VLIB: Interactive libraries. Explore real libraries through 360 panoramas. Access id: admin 3354

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