Index Current projects and Past projects

Pantoto - Community Managed Community Knowledge.

Opens into… Alipi, Archives, Anthillhacks, Community Radio, Papad, COWMesh, Crafterspace and storytelling by recognising the traditional storytellers.

1998-2002 and

Community are startup and match makers of the (western) web world. Project was to develop Pantoto (software).

2003 - 2008

Community of NGOs and surveys, forms, office data and reports. Projects used Pantoto (software) as the under the hood. Opening the world of NGOs.

2009 - 2013

Alipi and RDFa - Community of NGOs and stake holders. NGOs as domain experts with an intent to get the content to their stakeholders.

2014 - 2017

SWeeTs, Renarration Web

2018 - 2020

Audio annotations, wifi mesh - decentralised Web and low literate community expressions/archives for storytelling.