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Pantoto - Community Managed Community Knowledge.

Opens into… Alipi, Archives, Anthillhacks, Community Radio, Papad, COWMesh, Crafterspace and storytelling by recognising the traditional storytellers.


Community are startup and match makers of the (western) web world. Project was to develop Pantoto (software).

2003 - 2008

Community of NGOs and surveys, forms, office data and reports. Projects used Pantoto (software) as the under the hood. Opening the world of NGOs.

2009 - 2013

Alipi and RDFa - Community of NGOs and stake holders. NGOs as domain experts with an intent to get the content to their stakeholders.

2014 - 2017

SWeeTs, Renarration Web

2018 - 2020

Audio annotations, wifi mesh - decentralised Web and low literate community expressions/archives for storytelling.