Slots minutes of meetings - January 2021

29 Jan 2021

28 Jan 2021

  • Sanketh going through on ASPi - Software Installation Steps https://hackmd.io/@alemaree/BkMf3u91u

  • Dinesh suggesting to write a script for flim fest and we have think different aspect of film making they could be based on animation (fx) and how the camera need be handle and somebody should have artististic way of capturing local stories for that make small two groups (girls)

  • Mani give idea storyboard and previsualization.

  • Dinesh saying once short film came, bhanu working on papad he's preparing for papad which also works with videos so films can interconnect part of it all and we can do subtle in different languages.

  • After sometimes Dinesh and Sindhu will work film doc.

  • Micah updating on ragigudda activities

  • Sanketh talked about Śāle ಶಾಲೆ the organization they mostly record carnatic music and documentary film.

  • Shalini updating ragigudda activities which she was previously discussed with shreyas about our work.

  • Dinesh asked sanketh to look on librerouter

  • Team was go through doc From Ideas to Action - The W4P Project https://hackmd.io/j605-cZ_QBK7cQWuozXTcw?view

    • Dinesh explaining Bell Curve of training and literacy in the doc.

    • Micha explained learning about new opportunities part in the doc.

27 Jan 2021

  • Sindhu waiting for the response from the others to do film document

  • Mani working on photos archiving for the open.janastu.org and he tried to on Rasperry pi os installation. He is getting error. After sometimes sanketh and Mani will join and try to fix the error.

  • Dinesh in the farm and Shalini in Bangalore

  • Sanketh have to do some script changes on Rasperry pi os. Once he finished he needs help from mani.

25 Jan 2021

  • Micah finished w4p project https://hackmd.io/j605-cZ_QBK7cQWuozXTcw From Ideas to Action - The W4P Project and also he is working on compost grant

  • Athithya working on Kolibri document for Film making, mani and shafali will helping to add content.

  • Micah and Mani once they free they will work on Open.janastu

22 Jan 2021

  • Shafali explained briefly on Challenge Map https://files.janastu.org/s/59WtdSANoaa9m9J from Mayank discussion.

  • DA all want a pi so shalini suppose to send sheet what to buy

  • Sanketh and shalini need to come up how do you make a own ASPi kit document

  • Recorded and take video with ASPi then how do you edit it and how do you send it also interlinking audios and annotated (papad).

  • tutorial will come from kolibri studio.

  • Shalini updating on Gyanodaya class with girls has started and they trying to do pi training to local kids.

  • Next few day we gonna do mock for film festival and this will be given to DA. (Responsibility below)

    • Mani - collect all relevant document, content and links make it one doc.

    • Micah and Bhanu - looking at papad audio and to see how to demo (different audio)

    • Arun - Checking raspberry pi image installation.

    • Geetha and Athithya - kolibri studio

    • Sindhu - To see how to sell ticket and check where film will be watching.

    • Sanketh - how do make own ASPi and what are the tools and to software document.

    • Shalini - Make hardware document and checking with Gyanodaya class.

    • Dinesh - Going to do metadata and analysis of why pi approach other than specific skills training.

21 Jan 2021

  • Micah will be helping for Mani with tagging part in open.janastu and he was going through Sculpting a Webinar Pi - The Pi 4 Debacles doc

  • Today we have 2pm meeting with DA and Medha

    • Dinesh: What are we going to update them?

    • Shafali: just update that how to do the filmfest if no mobiles are available more like weekend things.

  • Mani I have edited session3 https://files.janastu.org/s/Rz8zATmxy7nQCqb removed unwanted clips. and karthik sent footage it is kind of interview video https://photos.app.goo.gl/KtkTaLHySiLC3s3S7 those clip not matching with Shrestha talk. then pls someone send Ankit's trailer link.

20 Jan 2021

19 Jan 2021

  • Dinesh updating on Belgaum and Shepherds we are going to maharashtra border to see Balumama place.

  • Dinesh asked Mani to create Helavaru repos into open.janastu.org

  • Micha needs feedback on Sculpting a Webinar Pi - The Pi 4 Debacles https://hackmd.io/pGk1fFIdSECY1QRs1yz9VA

  • Shafali and dinesh discussing on writing stories of IOP 21 for 21 https://hackmd.io/EAd-t_VQTGCJLJsrwZiNVg

  • Mani to edit session 3 video.

  • Bhanu: my update working on papad - synching integration, have paused the ui / ux of the anno player, coz was stuck very badly in there.. yesterday was not able to catch up with arun, will catch up today

18 Jan 2021

  • Dinesh: We need to contextualise ASPi (webinar pi roots) with online classes that are forcing rural parents to buy phones for young kids. And touch upon its side-effects

  • Shafali: I will work on those articles today IOP 21 for 21 https://hackmd.io/EAd-t_VQTGCJLJsrwZiNVg

  • Mani is going to edit session 3 video.

  • Arun nothing much just am looking into php thing.

13 Jan 2021

  • Team was doing Dry run for Anthillhacks session 3.

12 Jan 2021

  • Dinesh: We'll go with jitsi for session on Thursday Jan 14th and record with OBS tool then do separate short clip from sessions video which is interesting part. Later Bhanu can comeup with papad fragmentation with that videos. So lets start with anthillhacks spreadsheet wherever the link or video and all that add in it.

  • For sending mail with calendar don't do with CC. try to test again today before mailing to anthillhacks event.

  • Yatharth working on The Black Sheep of Progress poster for Anthillhacks session 3.

  • Dinesh and Yatharth planning tomorrow to do dry run for Anthillhacks session 3

  • Bhanu and Dinesh discussing on Anthillhacks media spreadsheet and to see how to create papad fragmentation lot of it.

11 Jan 2021

  • Dinesh and Bhanu was talking on elastic search and news track.

  • Manjo and Micah will be meeting around 3.30pm today on wikifactory to discuss and take it further.

  • Dinesh: We guys planned tomorrow morning to go Belgaum we'll be there for a week. So go through next anthillhacks draft and we have to finalize date maybe on thursday should conduct events.

  • Sindhu interested in kolibri, collect short videos from garima girls and making channel then push it to file.janastu.org.

  • Yatharth updating on tacticaltech grant.

  • Shafali update on Garima girls she was sharing go to with this filmmaking and screening. so we have ask girls to give more time and choose topics then work together.

  • Dinesh asked shafali to create rough timeline on garima girls plan and sent it to DA, Medha and to our team

  • Athithya: For Banavasi website. I called Kiran. He said he will send the content for the website within 4 days.

  • Mani will be sending mail with calendar for tomorrow meeting to team only testing purpose so that i will be helpfull and easier to send anthillhacks event with calendar reminder.

  • Bhanu working campusuprisings fixing issues and https debugging.

08 Jan 2021

07 Jan 2021

  • On Anthillhacks 20.21 session-2 Dinesh was sharing his thoughts and to see how to bring more participants into next session.

  • Mani is editing recorded clip from session-2 and he'll upload into nextcloud and share link.

  • Dinesh was suggesting to edit sneak peek publish to our social media.

05 Jan 2021

  • For Anthillhacks 20.21 Online session-2, Mani have to send out mail to everybody by evening.

  • Bhanu has started anthillhacks archive page. https://janastu.gitbook.io/anthillhacks/

  • On anthillhacks archive page, Dhinesh suggested that should have separate page for each session. Later Micah saying we can go with https://kumu.io/ also Yatharth suggested https://www.notion.so/

  • Yatharth spoke about https://www.cia.gov/

  • For tomorrow's session we have setup youtube and fb live streaming (Athithya,Yatharth, Sindhu and Mani is responsible for that)

  • On session recording: Mani recording from OBS software also in parallely Yatharth will record into classmeet from Office and after that mani going to edit and upload link.

  • Shalini going to belgaum on 13th and Sanketh is going to Hyderabad tomorrow.

  • Dinesh was talking about Rich Media wth Micah.

  • Somebody be live on tomorrow's session monitoring discord and wonder.

  • Dinesh have updated content on discord and wonder in the page.

  • Shalini and Dinesh discussing for upcoming session Interlocutor and speaker.

  • Geeta updating on today's meeting with DA and Medha https://hackmd.io/JZiXB8bHTXKpreU4tHoFxQ?view#Jan-5th-2021 JaM Curriculum minute

  • Arun and Dinesh checking is better to do a telegram channel regarding news track. So that we can migrate server.

04 Jan 2021

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