Slots minutes of meetings - December 2021

13 December 2021

  • Mukunth installed Ubuntu on his laptop and he setted papad then it worked.

  • Shalini and Bhanu discussed the mongodb issue.

  • Dinesh asked Arun to look for a temporary room for anthill hack people.

  • Micah and Dinesh talked about UP report and DA activities

  • Dinesh and shalini asked team how will be participants in anthill hack and talked listing activity, cooking recipes, online participants link, posters design and planning daily meeting.

09 December 2021

06 December 2021

  • Mani, Dinesh have discussed Posters. Dinesh wants real image below the hills on the poster.

  • Arun and Dinesh have discussed servelots server issue, Arun will reach yassarsh after this meeting.

  • Micah, Dinesh have poster redesigning work. Mani will share the overlay images to Micah

  • Dinesh, Shalini and Micah have discussed how Micah would be in DA meeting. Shalini will reach micah to discuss about budget part later.

  • Shalini have created work plan page. We have to work on the Technical aspect

  • Shared Link:


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