Slots minutes of meetings - August 2020

31 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: APC stage 2 this is netherlands project we should discuss about what we next phase. And for DA are we ready raspberry pi with software tested. Then at 4pm we have the biome meeting and after that DA + Medha + Us at 6pm then 7:30pm one hour Intro to CN that's the schedule for today.

  • Team discussed about Toy Hub over PM Modi speech and Prashant Bhushan issues.

  • Shalini: For DA, We have to send survey sheet of the Dhuriya village and Dihganjari village thats what we told them in the last meeting.

  • Bhanu: I was able to finish audio player and i was trying to add bubble for fragment annotation.

  • Athithya: I was helping for Madhu to create webinar pi page to load in Firefox Sync.

    -- Madhu re: Yeah i have created basic html page so i need some help for json files rendering she was guiding me.

  • Mani: I'm editing Shalini's Bio video after that i will working kolibri and pi

    -- Dinesh: Can record my video using OBS and Jitsi.

  • Dinesh: We went yesterday to ragigudda slum in bangalore i was most amazing facts and few agnii members are grow up there. They conducted lot of summer camp as well as Devarayanadurga and we met some of girls and boys. So the mainly we noticed that students are facing problem for online classes because of phones facility (low economic growth). SO what i feel future should be like Khan Academy learning class by class online later they can take exam if they are ready.

    --Bhanu re: I would suggest NIOS it interesting topics.


29 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: timeliner discussion for audio fragment tagging with arun, bhanu, athithya and yatharth

  • Dinesh: Have permission to put up a router on itb from DC tumkur

  • Dinesh: Did you see the link i made an initial audio fragment json structures for discussion So this is the simplest representation and look at the structure generating at server can accept if it works will use so i will walk through this doc.

  • Arun: I went my terrace and download some software and that allows me to listen aircraft transponder and its gets aircraft locations.

    -- Yatharth re: one can do that with satellites too to get photos from satellites

  • Upasana: The Rotary skill development training proposals i will sent it by the evening.

  • Mani: I was looking on kolibri Doc and going through Dry run for installation into Pi. still exploring on pi and i will update.

  • Athithya: I installed kolibri in my laptop and am exploring on pi to installation.

  • Madhuvanthi am playing around it with kolibri

  • Yatharth: I started thinking of making high fidelity design for janastu website that's what i was looking logos and others

    -- Dinesh re: I have looked at Maraa website

  • Geetha: Yesterday we was meeting with hundred girls they're addressing about girls health issues and they're motivating them in the middle some activities like songs.

  • webinars of interest

    • 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM Join us at - Topic: "Introduction to Asexuality." Speaker: Pushpa ; Associate Director, Solidarity Foundation

    • 4pm Reading Nukkad. This month's theme is trying to understand different definitions of Secularism, with reference to Alpa Shah's book - "In the Shadows of the State". indigenous politics, environmentalism, and insurgency in jharkhand, india. Website:

      join our session this Saturday at 4pm using this google meet link:

  • Links

    • openEngiadina is developing a platform for open local knowledge.

      Local knowledge consists of thousand of little pieces of information that describe the social, cultural and natural environment of an area

28 August 2020

Participants: Team

27 August 2020

Participants: Team

26 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Arun: I think right way to go zero conf this kind of use case we are talking about network discover other so zero conf seem to be nice tool.

  • Dinesh: I had a long meeting with DA and we have to deliver two raspberry pi field. And Mani has done a Raspberry Pi User Manual. can people volunteer.

    -- Bhanu: I went through already i have comments in structuring because well reading everywhere its coming for windows name to choose the option apart from that one more thing missing its important to setting up host name.

    -- Shalini re: I think not going to change the host name we are going to keep raspberry pi as host name. becauseit will make us easy to ssh into machine.

  • Dinesh: What you guys think if we want to deliver a raspberry pi to field.

    -- Shalini re: We have to do network setup test first thing should be finish and if manjo is ready with raspberry pi enclosure we can deliver it.

  • Dinesh: Can anyone try with so we have three volunteer Yatharth, Madhu and Mani.

25 August 2020

Participants: Team

24 August 2020

Participants: Team

22 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Yatharth is asking photos can we send some and what i understand he wants to know different ways of using raspberry pi.

    -- Bhanu re: I have shared photos in group and I was looking for july report i had webinar pi photos and This one with the photo of 3d printed

    -- Mani re: I have also sent raspberry pi photos of mine in the group.

  • Dinesh: For minutes, it would be nice if along with Mani one of you join and look back then make weekly summary report.

  • Arun: I'm making progress on Papad mobile app.

  • Dinesh: Yeshas wants to bring out his project and small hardware project so one idea is to see how and what is cooperative way of working on this some of things we all are doing together.

  • Athithya : Am working on raspberry pi enclosure video once completed i will post it in group.

  • Mani: Am working on documentation of raspberry pi installation.

  • Shalini and Dinesh was speaking about auditor to submit document on monday.

21 August 2020

Participants: Team

20 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: That mediagoblin link arun had shared then i was go through pages then we could just start watching video. sync media, metadata edit, spreadsheet, decentralised.

  • Madhu: About audio syncing so from girls last two calls the audio cropp and uploaded in the drive also excel sheet updated. So for html page i went through the document i require content full that page.

    --Sanketh: We just need html page that says like welcome to servelots webinar pi something like that and we have break this to syncthing how will webpage come all the sync account to firefox in all the pi's.

  • Dinesh: So Geetha and others did you try kolibri

    -- Geetha re: Not yet. Today i will begin.

  • Dinesh, Geetha and Madhu was discussing on craft making.

  • Upasana: Just that concept note for unhcr grant still need to write here is old doc with rough ideas and grant links

  • Mani: I have completed installation and setuped raspberry pi into laptop.

  • Athithya: I have changed backend url into new thing which Arun shared link according to that api changed all the data and i have to push the code.

  • arun dockerising papad and papad api

19 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh- update on radio lectures: umashankar: 1960s… radio became not fun and nationalist (hindi imposition etc) and realised they can do ads. downward spiral for people to engage.

  • Mani and Athithya was explaining raspberry pi setup and installation.

  • Everybody tried Creating new Firefox Profile with Firefox Sync

  • Arun: I have created new papad api is ready and deployed on server . So Athithya can test on this.

  • Geetha and Madhu update from mirzapur girls Dihganjari village - Today's meeting was with Dihganjari girls and it was more like general conversation.

  • Dinesh: We had call with APC team they want to do two recoding 5 minutes one from shreyas from Srishti School contexts and other one from servelots contexts so by the end august we should have like small idea of script and in september, october all will find necessary footage so in the end of october we should have small production video.

18 August 2020

Participants: Team

17 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh and Sanketh: Can we try testing OBS, Audacity and reaper can think of creating using small video or using own content with this tools. Later Dinesh mentioning on DA so we have to send report to DA immediately and all the things we put deadline as July and August ( we should look into and complete.

  • Upanasa: unhcr grant (concept note ideas) So has Digital Access, Inclusion and Participation programme and to apply this grant they required concept note.

  • Dinesh- radio lectures: The session was nice and it was just introduction to students mostly and Uma shankar was there also our team was present and Ram from chiguru was there he introduced why classmate and its idea and later talked about free software.

  • Arun: update my side am working on papad api

  • Shalini tried OBS tool for recording and later she was exploring to capture talk during meeting call then Mani also joined for testing.

  • Yatharth and Upanasa updating on janastu wesbite -

15 August 2020

Participants: Team

14 August 2020

Participants: Team

13 August 2020

Participants: Team

12 August 2020

Participants: Team, Ram (Agnii) and Shreyas

  • Shalini on syncthing setup issues - Bhanu in i did the syncthing folder exported to browsable content. So when you click this can see all the folders shared between the group.

  • Ram (Agnii) : Talks about his ongoing survey activity related to how women and children are affected by online education post lockdown.

    -- Let me give a background of information the institution i work with Karnataka state commission for protection of rights (KSCPCR). Its a independent body under the commission act 2015 and in Karnatake it was established in 2009 monitoring the JJ act, RTE act and POCSO act.

    -- Present challenges of online education due to covid19 schools are closed so lot of children facing problems to attend class. Therefore lots of studies has conducted by Govt. and Institution as well as.

    -- So being a independent body commission wanted to give suggestion to Govt. as well as high court for that we started a research mainly coordinating to university and institution so study is on social problems during online education. In this study our objective is to map the facility in the families around the education for example do they have computers, laptops, internet connection and phone.

    -- To understand function of childrens in the team of learning ability so learn from classroom and digital class makes a very difference later i wanted to understand psychological problems for example health related issues and physical activity issues.

    -- If see private school started online class but no Govt. schools are conducted on classes but Govt. doing online teaching through in different platforms like chadan tv kannada and radio classes.

    -- Important aspects of challenging faced by parents in infrastructure investing computers, laptops and phones mainly in underprivileged areas kids are faced more problems.

  • Shreyas: Last couple of months i been just going through of the works and trying to see how can we take it forward and also i been working how Living lab could be network based organization and where we kinfd of bring idea of co-op with communities so this is something what i was discussing with others. And also started doing short video clip and later discussed about and

11 August 2020

Participants: Team

10 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Upasana: Releases craft photo blog -

  • Bhanu: I was speaking Eshita and she's expecting 3 clock meeting today then explained one phase omika setup data entry and managing metadata and she said they don't have anybody for that resource and she wants us to find someone.

    -- Dinesh: Yeah good thing that you brought it up i think we should discuss how many of us could be interested in projects.

  • Bhanu: There's one interesting group called Biome so they have archive project and we're discussing with them about how to go with next phases and how many resource do we have all that. So we need one developer engineer person to setup software and other work in archive they have lot of materials projects so that needs to organised. Later we have import all of archive into software which we deployed. So we need somebody from our team who also do this sort of activities were we are involving with archive.

    -- Dinesh: Ref our archive project and is an attempt to enable 3rd parties/interested-people to bring interconnections among these archives.

  • Bhanu: this is project called The Democracy Archive Srirupa Roy from Göttingen we all work to together in bringing up three main collection under the project 1. Long Emergency 2. Campus Uprisings 3. Documenting Domination so that collection contains all this sort of material.

  • Bhanu: syncthing restapi as useful for pulling files into papad frontend. Although it only seems to work for the default folder, so am thinking of adding the papad folder into default folder(~/config/Sync) however they have a warning against using the api citing CPU usage issue.

  • Dinesh, Madhu and Geetha discussed on Wine bottle craft packaging

  • Athithya: She went through explained details of project and asked suggestion from team.

  • Geetha: Madhu and myself are working on audio files for demo for w4p

07 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Team discussed Syncthing testing and configuration and also with kolibri testing and Bhanu added in Pantoto syncserver shared 3 folders with sagehome device sagehome device sharing the folders with arunpi, geeta, madhu and mani laptops and phones.

  • Arun: i'm working on flutter, papad-mobile

  • Athithya: In mobile i installed a syncthing and shared my images Mani its working properly and then in Papad tag view and channel filtering working on.

  • Dinesh: I was talking to Girish and he was saying karnataka govt. has released 20pages circular how to go about education and most of it will be in doordarshan channel but teachers can go physically to village and meet students. So he's trying to see.

  • Mani: Yesterday i was testing syncthing in mobile and still i have to try in laptop and also i need to start with illustration design.

  • Dinesh: Manoj printed Raspberry pi new case using our laser printer

  • Dinesh: Madhu did you have this banana leaf stalk so idea is to make something like this for bottle and even Geetha can try to do.

06 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Team discussed Syncthing testing and configuration.

  • Shalini: I had meeting with 20 people w4p team and from mirzapur's people then DA and with others also from our side Dinesh was there. So the meeting was about regional and entrepreneur.

  • Geetha: Yesterday we had meeting with girls and they're saying there are done with skit and they want to go for some other activities and then we introduced both the activity to them the cook and combining beautician, tailoring, dancing and they chosen dancing. Girls said by the next meeting they'll tell they ideas.

  • Manoj: Raspberry pi designs are ready.

  • Mani: As we discussed I have re-edited and made a correction on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao-Janastu video.

05 August 2020

Participants: Team, Priyanka borar and Deepak

  • Dinesh: Priyanka is here. Lets catch her up what's going on Milli ( and Papad. Actually she has something to share with papad then i thought it could be nice if she attend to get larger picture of what's going on.

  • Priyanka: We started conversation on mirzapur project and possibility of looking where audio tagging, storytelling and then Dinesh told me about archiving. I thought good way to start and pickup a common element to both and then maybe a take couple of months to design that one module. So that's the one in the terms how to get started on this. second is i was looking at those applications for milli archive and i went through the document. So i should also understand what are looking from a designer and how could i contribute to that.

  • Bhanu: As for as Milli is consent its going to be long term project thats what we also started with one module for archive which handles audio that's where i wanted to see merger between papad project and milli as well mirzapur project needs. In design needs in the terms of how to make archive useful and more discoverable and reusable in stories.

    -- Priyanka: So i have one question i understand the intends from which we are doing this trying to do for archive but just short experiment if we remove the contexts of archive all to gather. Then what you find as closest interaction and what you mind about the archive.

    -- Dinesh re: Yeah, What we are doing for mirzapur project they generating data audio, stories, narratives and photos so all historic data is affected this problem because of someone's dependency to archive so someone goes and say they're the makers of knowledge. To begin you go with them and say all this audio data everything is there and i want cross link pieces of it and then push publishable material. So this is whole look at abstract somebody as to connect them.

  • Priyanka: So from this discussion maybe i have two layers that i see:

    • 1 Layer: Of the people who getting the stories from the field which we can considered as data and anybody can generate a story or anybody can record stories and put on platform.

    • 2 layer: execution or curator who want to build an interface on the top of data with a specific intent i could want to curator and make useful certain audience.

      -- Bhanu re: Yeah, you put it together very will.

  • Dinesh: Maybe we can spend some time if arun, bhanu talk about syncthing and other all.

    -- Bhanu re: The platform that we are see and what are the technology how they work this are backend we can call so this is software logical mesh using Yggdrasil Network its open source software it allows anybody connects to that network and all our platform devices and application devices which could be in raspberry pi many version. And another is syncthing it provides service for files system sharing and then all this other application we are trying to see that can help for communities like say toxbot- for audio chatting and

  • Bhanu update: I installed papad and all still didn't install syncthing and yggdrasil and i got pi running and sh can connect from my laptop and i was going through code review from Athithya's code.

  • Mani: am working on Platform-co-op-diagram the illustration part.

    -- Priyanka: I have one suggestion what Bhanu had created layout so you start redesigning way you understood and you can have this as a reference during illustration process.

    -- Mani re: Okay sure.

  • Arun: basically i been working on papad mobile and am just figuring out how to do it.

  • Dinesh: Sanketh and Shalini setting up dinner table pi and unfortunately deepak had to leave but will get back and reconnect after going thru the links in minutes/agenda.

04 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Bhanu- Platform co-op digream: I wanted to make it non like we have only tech presentation so people and this way i thought this is what value our team will get with whole projet. Like Medha there are learing people and we are tech people. Then i have setting up raspberry pi in home and asked Athithya to update on excel sheet.

03 August 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh: Update on Aug w4p report: So if you guys goto agenda page i have added one link which would be something we need to edit immediately because i have to send soon after the meeting and we can edit it live Aug w4p update (edit session) so we will walkthrough on.

    • So 1st thing in the list is Collecting data from villages and identifying 10-20 girls. Shortlist one village based on data. Can Geetha, Madhu and Upasana start editing then write about what's going on in the Dihaganjiri village as first village to started the activities.

      • In the list No.2 Possible list of activities / support to be taken up with Medha Learning Foundation. That we are observing and what we observing so this two you guys have to edit

      • Then 3rd one is Draft document on framework of packaging Webinar pie technology. Maybe we can start on that so anybody tried webinar?

        -- Arun re: I just installed syncthing and Yggdrasil on my raspberry pi i have to still install papad and all that.

        -- Dinesh: That's what you have to try Bhanu so we have to test it.

      • And 4th is Prototyping webinar pie technology across three different locations (hardware, software and networking elements), Bhanu is currently we are testing the prototype version of the platform.

      • Then the last point is Validate software and hardware compatibility of phones, So we have to try that we have phone here and i think Syncthing works from phone that we'll install in phone and see like how. Then we have to tell Medha what software they can install so that when there are working with girls sharing will start happing and also try to install Yggdrasil on phone. So Syncthing is very important we'll connect to pantoto papad version .Then what we'll do once something is sync we'll tag it all that and overtime as soon as Arun had made some progress with PapApp phone app for Papad then they can use it directly. So that the feature for next month.

  • Athithya: I have an update in Papad so in List view have integrated all record api and am showing on audio url and what are the tags on particular audio and what are channels for particular recording. Still have test and upgrade it.

  • Mani: I was editing on skit video correction and today morning i was speaking to Madhu, how to plan for the skit in OBS software for recording.

  • Arun: Did anybody used MDNS its small network to broadcaste discovers on local network. So for Papad mobile app am thinking of using MDNS to find out which raspberry pi are there in the local network.

01 August 2020

Participants: Team

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