Slots covid minutes March 25 - March 31

Lockdown Day 7

Date: 31^st^ March, 2020 Participants: Athithya, Bhanu, Dinesh, Mani, Sanketh, Shalini, Shreyas, Vignesh, Emery

Shreyas: Don't think just generating more information will solve anything, while there is lot of fake news doing rounds in many languages, just making posters won't counter that. we need a careful campaign to address a lot of issues on ground, with also most of civil society and volunteers also in confusions.

re. the archiving activity, how do we convey consent and IP of the content collected, also that most people who will talk now will be anticipating / expecting some help and how do we be responsible for that?

tbd: it's too early to start the archiving related backend work, instead focus should be on naturally building relationships so as to get comfortable in having conversations as compared to a journalistic / surveying stories

we ==shouldn't be worrying about Scale== at this point, while the most important is to get started to do something on ground

In any case, there will various formats of data that we can expect through our incoming channels (whatsapp, telegram, mastodon, zotero, hypothesis) including video, audio, images, pdf, webpages(links), datasets (csv, tsv, json / api), just text as comment or note.

Lockdown Day 6 - conversation with Anant and Venkat

Date: 30^th^ March, 2020 Participants: Ananth, Athithya, Bhanu, Dinesh, Mani, Sanketh, Shalini, Venkat, Vignesh, Emery


who is it for who creates it - managing and curating etc whose material goes in to it

Omeka based structure format of material: not an archive on the outset secondary material: links to websites, documents, donation, .. oral histories - in the extent one can - funnel back the quick audio repos

office orders keep changing ways to crawl data from websites

anant: what is worth holding on to for the next 5 years

ask a group of 20-50 people - ask them what is worth holding on to local activism, research. doctors with stories to tell.

geographic? using fb data to see where they are headed and where they are going FB graph of people movement

datameet and anandology critics, analysis, .. Links to datameet project here

anant: friend on delhi govt committee, aditi in bangalore is tracking diff platform companies who come on when others go out another guy tracking how the word quarantine is translated and interpreted in diff languages. producing archival material.


  • fundamental - one wants it for oneself

  • material that should be held in a repository

  • now it has opened up stories that cannot be seen

    • what happened to the dream of them coming to the city

  • cgnetsware approach - people can call a number and someone can curate it

    • self selection to who will be doing it.

    • future audience will have to be created for this

    • we take charge of holding on to ourselves

      HUL is interested in holding on to the migrant stories

    • material will have to be coming from people

      • there are enuf people talking to them

langston huges- dreams deferred

  • civil rights moment

  • ethos of dreams being deferred captures the endemic


  • window in which there are a number of people who can help

  • what kind of resources can be put to use

    • podcasts of research ideas that are coming up

    • bunch of people helping are calling agricultural mandis

      • what is happening to the mandis etc

      • industry and students

      • can you call corporators (dogs going hungry and one woman is feeding dogs)


Also everybody will start using existing tools like Zotero, Hypothesis, nextcloud / google drive, Spreadsheets, google forms, Mastodon / Tusky, Mumble depending upon ones comfort. A team which monitors all incoming feeds will help with curating and structuring (still pretty vague)

Lockdown Day 4

Date: 28^th^ March, 2020 Participants: Team with shreyas

To Be Added

Lockdown Day 3

Date: 27^th^ March, 2020 Participants:

To Be Added

Lockdown Day 2

Date: 26^th^ March, 2020 Participants: Arun, Bhanu, Dinesh, Emery, Sanketh, Shalini, Vignesh

Shalini: Coordinating with Suresh, he had asked for help re. current situation also coordinating with Mama (Shepherd from belgaum) re awareness

Bhanu: shared the Followsheep server specs with Arun, which was just a API design doc, and Dinesh and shalini added feedback and suggestion, which is added here Follow sheep server backend revamp

Vignesh intros to the team currently a sys admin, his interest to contribute Django and python skills, so may be could look at papad architecture and help. working documentation link here

Lockdown Day 1

Date: 25^th^ March, 2020 Participants: Arun, Bhanu, Dinesh, Emery, Sanketh, Shalini

Conversation and updates from Dinesh and Shalini's field visit, link to minutes W4P-JAM - Minutes of meeting

Society of American Archivists Crisis Resource Kit

from SAA @Servelots Dinesh re. your q on twitter archiving, adding link to twitter ok, but losing tweet is possible. that case using a command line tool, is a python lib u can save contents of tweets to json file.

University of Virginia Digital Collection Toolkit for Crises

Documenting Your Community’s Experience of COVID-19: A Resource List Archivists adding what their respective 'units' are doing. Mostly university collection projects.

Web page recording

A collection of causes during COVID lockdown blrcauses

A collection of posters and other covid 19 awareness material in different indian languages

Crawled dataset from different official sources like ICMR MoHFW and available as JSON API

University info collection methods Stanford U. for COVID-19 related queries to its students.


Update re using Zotero on mobile browsers via bookmarklets

update: Zotero bookmarklet for mobile and desktop browsers Zotero will also take a snapshot of the webpage and save the cache under the attachments tab. here is a guide on how to add bookmarklet in phone browser

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