Slots minutes of meetings - January 2022

31 January 2022

  • Micah have updated Mapping blog and he needs Gopi and Bhanu communication. Bhanu said he will share with later.
  • Bhanu will push the latest changes to the server and he will update to team.
  • Athithya have updated papad Image preview upadates and asking help from Bhanu.
  • Dinesh and Shalini have updated work bench and Anupama updates.
  • Dinesh and Arun have discussed broken links.
  • Bhanu have updated application to team
  • Team have discussed papad annotation and plan to test on channapatna. Before we will, test with farm people.
  • Shared link:

27 January 2022

  • Dinesh asked everyone to login janastu wiki page and edit content
  • Dinesh told Arun to look and change from old pattern to new for Alipi.
  • Micah updated on DA Meeting, In Phase1 the janastu will support hardware and a workshop.
  • Nextcloud issues is fixed. is now working, with file upload limit upto 10GB. Bhanu told.
  • Dyuman shareding he was insttaling network monitoring script on the Ravemill Pi speed to the internet.
  • Today evening there is a Papad discussion, Micah asked Mani and others to join.

24 January 2022

  • Dinesh and Micah have discussed DA report.
  • Dinesh said we have to do seperately meeting to discuss DA meeting. Dinesh have updated what are all the things in Report.
  • Athithya have updated loading progress bar updates to team and also she discussed image preview issue with bhanu.
  • Bhanu have updated graph related work for the network monitoring.
  • Micah, shalini and Bhanu are planning to go Iruway farm tommorow.
  • Dinesh said tommorow we will discuss APC report in Iruway

20 January 2022

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