Slots covid minutes April 01 - April 30

Lockdown Day 37

Date: 30th April, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Unfortunately Dinesh's headphone was not working properly mid of call in the meantime Khushboo was reading hindi poem which was written by her. somehow dinesh fixed he's audio mic later listening poem, Dinesh and Bhanu suggested her to publish online platform.

  • Dinesh - The first link in agenda see it for couple of minutes about Irrfan Khan last Audio Clip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm8hhYDseiQ&feature=youtu.be). I wanna talk about it, So for now somehow you all seen Irrfan Maaya link which is the last audio of Irrfan and i was thinking if can find some small audio clips of Irrfan and handmade 2018 event's videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_llTFn4KY3o&t=9m) can collage it whatever. i can contribute couple of minutes from the symposium on #thehandmade 2018. i could suggest take related content and do a Maaya.

    -- And next thing in agenda heli keli / kaho suno. So everybody on own listen to Lata Mangeshkar's song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3JSqcyy8r4)

    Alright down click next link in the agenda, So one of the things Shalini what might general name for the Mirzapur project. i was thnking in Kannada in heli keli and Hindi could be kaho suno whatever i mean Bhanu started this suno suno thing which

    became like both listen speak right we all work on this just a suggestion.

    -- I was trying call Shilpa probably she'll join soon, Before that can we click on Shilpa call for volunteers (https://hackmd.io/UbJtM5LZQHiVQSYzUgA7bQ?view) and there is sample hospital map sheet https://lapis-great-season.glitch.me/ generated by Bhanu using hospital information and the excel sheet in the COVID drive folder (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CGI34vRsZGzgA7pO2S5ilvpsIf9uKgT0uQqoBlDhC2A/).So that could be our model how somebody keep editing an excel sheet from map will be generated. See all of us is very important to test.

    --- Dinesh: Bhanu As you edit sheet will it automatically update on map?

    --- Bhanu: Yeah

    --- Dinesh: Okay, Others try editing on the sheet experiment it and see how it works on the map.And if we go to other link in the agenda Shilpa call for volunteers click that link, In that we see like we made a call which could be announce and she also sung a song in the link you can listen to it. and this a call and we seen how many how is the volunteers like everybody is volunteers that's the idea.

    --- Dinesh: Can anyboday contribute on this page?

    --- Bhanu: suggested google form could be more convenient for others.

    --- Dinesh: anyboday tried form, Ok after meeting do spend some time and i think will put up form later today.

  • Emery update - Emery as putted one yggdrasil on pantoto server one on thinkcentre and he shared setup doc https://cryptpad.fr/code/#/2/code/edit/a8IpbwLEp+lCYRnF8LlgjozI/

  • Shalini - Tomorrow we can have a chat with Neha from Duriya village. I’ll introduce her to all of as. and yesterday spoke to Priyanka as well then toay i shared her all our recording in the field and i asked her to listen to it. and tomorrow brief introduction call to everyone, i will introduce Neha to everyone. trying with Priyanka also or I'll ask Neha to bring Priyanka in the call. So on the excel sheet given introduction people who will be talking tomorrow and audio recording included. and tomorrow's call will be between 3pm-4pm.

  • Mani- Can i look into Irrfan's Maaya, So previously we did for AnthillHacks similar to that right

    Dinesh: Yeah correct so you can call me independently after we talk can try something.

  • Vignesh- Papad integration is done and we are testing and i also pushed to cloud setup is done. but something missing so we are working on once it is done it will be live.

    Dinesh: Okay by tonight

    Vignesh: Yeah

    Dinesh: Okay, looking forward

Lockdown Day 36

Date: 29th April, 2020 Participants: Team

  • Dinesh suggested to setup raspberry pi in Leo's house: Sakshi and few other people at Leo's house because they couldn't go back home when the school shutdown. So they're like six teenager. so what do you think can we setup One Raspberry pi over there and then they would do our storytelling even collecting stories.

  • Shalini and Dinesh discussed installing Yggdrasil on Raspberry pi after Emery make a page.

  • Vignesh update - I have created table and given all AS to Athithy she's trying to integrating and currently i am deploying to cloud So once Athithy's integration is done Alpha is reddy meanwhile Bhanu asked create one single table later Dinesh suggested to Vignesh as soon as possible setup on server not waiting for Athithy's thing.

  • Mani update - Shared papad ux doc explained how he went through the process and asked feedback with peers.

  • Arun was explaining about he lost 3-4 days of works beacuse to Ubuntu 20.04 upgrade and he wants to redo again.

  • So Emery was asking did Maaya hosted somewhere? Dinesh mentioned

    -- Bhanu, Yes so i have only release so far it's hosted on github right now and i can share the link

    -- Emery, i want to packaging so hosted easily

    -- Bhanu, sure i can share my code file like part of my notes, structure and also deployment. I think that will help you more.

  • Dinesh shall we discuss about Media Server issues can we look at it together to see if we need a backdoor url maybe somebody can help. First thing, see first preference whatever files/folder i have shared everything should available in simple file path is now someother path. we can discuss which path is good?.

    -- Bhanu after the call we all sit and look together i think about nextcloud it self to and probably clearly to find what all is possible.

  • Khushboo update - I have made some changes in document, We'll discuss into tomorrow's call probably me & shalini will update tomorrow.

    I been like zombie, my online class on 2.30 AM to 3.30AM and i wake-up at 6AM so today i highly disoriented.

Lockdown Day 24 - 35 summary


Lockdown Day 23

Date: 16th April, 2020 Participants: Team with Nikki

  • Nikki is covering some lockdown related issues.

    1. people when going out to neighborhoods for relief - providing rations are being discriminated by religion and been barred from entering some streets. wants to map these locations

    2. North east migrants related security issues

  • Dinesh mentioned that Giri also needs help with mapping their recent trips

  • Shalini spoke to gita re. stories of covid, also meeting with preeti, name suggestion for the program module

  • Vignesh supposed to update team with timelines / milestones

  • Srirupa has responded re. maintainence and upgrades. Need to write a project report summary may be this weekend. then have to reply back to her email

  • Priyanka is willing to help with ui ux re. instagram stories idea

  • Jabi is also helping with the Groupies app.

Lockdown Day 22

Day: 15th April, 2020 Participants: Team

Bhanu started re. remote collaboration with Suresh and other Mirzapur peers

Storycorps and the listening project seems like a nice model to emulate during this situation. They also have guides and tutorials for DIY models. More on the DIY and courses here https://diy.storycorps.org/courses/storycorps-diy-fundamental-course/ I skimmed through the course they cover all aspects from starting the project, hiring staff, Themes, training and facilitation so on. For mirzapur use case, i propose a recruiting campaign, to identify interespted participants and volunteers to conduct interviews and organize listening parties around specific themes.

  • Setup of staffing and responsibilities

    • On field point person

    • remote point person

    • interview participants

    • program / theme designers

  • Reach out and promotion: need to prepare material, call for and communication with peers to promote community participation

  • After receiving recordings, identify individuals who can be trained further as facilitators

  • Equipments, Training, apps to use, guidelines to follow, sound check and other recording related workflows

Dinesh suggests that i give homework to team, so that we see how this fits our use.

Shalini updates on the meeting with Myna, Prachi and Gita - the main outcome of this conversation seems that they all need a platform to collaborate and communicate to move forward.

[name=bhanu's mind voice] while i had suggested earlier on git issue system or trello kind of tools can be useful, am not sure of what it means here.

Dinesh update re. conversation with priyanka, got suggestions on if a instagram like audio - visual newsletter can be of use. Tiktok is opensource, may be we look into and explore how this works.

Polar annotation app re. small discussion

Gopi and Girish are back from the field campaign in Turvekere Tumkur with Redcross and back at farm. Rajeshwari and Ramya making some masks, slow due to issues like needles broke so on Shalini - Shared audio recordings of her one on one interview, Whatsapp compress files and ignore file metadata. sanket received file on telegram, upon ffprobing he found all metadata is preserved by telegram.

[name=bhanu thinks] thats a good insight to carry forward when we consider on incoming channels to receive audios or other files for archiving purposes

Athithya has some problem with her mike and reports on chat that she war working on responsive css. tonight along with Vignesh should be able to focus on papad backend. while vignesh was busy with his office work, not much progressed.

Minutes of meetings Timeline Lockdown 1.0

Lockdown Day 21

Date: 14th April, 2020 Participant part1: Bhanu, Dinesh, Prasoon, Shalini, Dinesh Re. Specere - Milli From 16:45 to 18:00 More on this in the working document

part 2 from 18:00 to 19:30 Participants: Bhanu, Dinesh, Naveen & Padmini (Design Beku), Prasoon, Shalini

we started with a update on the previous call re. specere put it out there. Padmini pointed out on calling out the purpose and motivations of the proejct and also to some links like the Listening project and ... Naveen added in reference to Bidar DLL and he looks the primary importance now to be on ground relief Padmini updated little on what Design Beku has been doing re. covid, the info. posters for GoK and making them available in many languages and other needs of public awareness and precautions for pregnant women, breast feeding, other vulnerable people. working with swasthi on Tattle to build something to gather trending fake news and do a bulletin of sorts to reach out to people to educate re. fake news. following this we had a lengthy conversations on motivations, politics and cuture of fake news and how mainstream is pushing it, what may work or not. wish i had recorded that part :man-facepalming:

Lockdown Day 20

Date: 13th April, 2020 Participants: Team

Shalini editing audio recordings, to edit required fragments. also working with emery on the Syncthing. Need to write call for collaboration and volunteers re. our ongoing projects for writing, coding, design, co-ordination, be a friend on phone, masks campaign and other general needs that we come across our networks / groups. some themes,

  • record your stories

  • remote activities

  • software dev

  • hardware related

  • open source and commons

  • volunteer

Some of the apps that we are using right now to organize our own work in ways that we didnt see needed when we were working under one roof.

  • Riot.im for messaging, also can be used for video calling and conference

  • Mattermost - A slack like alternative

  • Nextcloud - Files storage and sharing

  • Jitsi - Video conferencing

  • Polar - reading and annotation

  • Hypothesis - Annotation

  • Zotero - Bookmark, annotate, Bibliography

  • TBA

Lockdown Day 17

Date: 10th April, 2020 Participants: Bhau, Dinesh, Shalini, Venkat Re: Milli Specere conversations duration: 30 mins

Given the situations contextualize this project in the pandemic usecase and can we handle audio as the primary media candidate to work on annotations for milli specere. Venkat, shared his ideas re. architecture. more notes in the working doc.

Further with Team, Dinesh suggest that team spend some time on using nextcloud and if plugins available to add and manage metadata. also decided that we can have our nextcloud instance at files.janastu.org

Lockdown Day 16

Date: 9th April, 2020 Participants: Team

Shalini follow up with Suresh and Mirzapur peers. Challenges in interviewing / co-ordination

  • How to get everyone involved on same page, while Suresh is enthusiastic getting Urmila and others on board with our agenda, seems like a long way ahead

  • Majorly, conversations on phone re. training and tech products like video conferencing and other might need much more hand holding

Dinesh suggested, That definitely only shalini cant be speaking with all of them, over time we need to get collaborators to help with having conversations and follow up conversations, figuring out community need in covid situation. Myna is available to help with mentoring needs for the young girls group, and we should also put out word (call) for all these collaborations we need. Bhanu adds, Definitely we need to get more people to involve, but also to keep the continuity of conversations we need a process. In that how do we document these calls? Though there is a audio recording which is for re-visiting the conversation for a clarity later, the primary thing would be to maintain call log and notes. Just like how i used to do in my previous life working in call centres. Every call we receive will be associated to an account / contract on a CRM, from where we get basic details. Every associate who speaks with the account holder will have to document the call in a pre-decided template. our template for customer service was called C (customer / identity), S (statement / problem), R (resolution / solution) while that fits for a call centre we need to come up with some simple format in such a way that it will make our life easy in going through these conversations. Also allow collaborators to join based on availability. much needed when we have crunch in resources. Vignesh had a few questions on papad backend re. how to upload audio files, we decide to go ahead with alpha release assuming audio is already a public url. backend to catch much steam next week

Lockdown Day 15

Date 8^th^ April, 2020 Participants: team + Gita + Preeti - (minus) Vignesh

Shalini following up with urmila and suresh, and how to get started with asking for collaboration on here follow ups.

Re. DA report, how to proceed with this covid 19 situation. Phone / Virtual campaigns and study group kinda activitties

Re. Burst the hate with Gita

Reply to venkat's email

Lockdown Day 14

Date:7^th^ April, 2020 Participant: team

Discussion agenda

Updated comments at agenda

Along, we also discussed about the masks for pourakarmikas project, That Megha is working on illustrations.

Lockdown Day 13

Date: 6^th^ April, 2020 Participants: with Shreya and Gita

Was on bad connection and unable to join for most part of the call

Lockdown Day 11

Date: 4^th^ April, 2020 Participants:

Update: No Call - No Show

backlog: added update on using zotero on mobile

Lockdown Day 10

Date: 3^rd^ April, 2020 Participants: Athithya, Bhanu, Emery, Mani, Shalini, Vignesh

Dinesh: re. message on current group about zotero, it's quite not clear or there's lot to do to just bookmark a URL, did a little bit of guiding, but couldnt proceed without my password

Shalini: Spoke to Suresh and Urmila, who was angry earlier coz we didnt visit them, but Suresh clarified how it was better that Dinesh and Shalini left from there at the right time. Further, checked how is the situation with the lockdown, and it seems that there is a atmosphere of fear, Hindu / muslim (religious) color by the media seemed to have worked along with Xenophobia re. chinese virus and other such sentiments are popular. Suresh coordinating for ensuring the relief reaches the most needed. Though Urmila and team need to use the audio tools, it's going slow suresh also thinks a one time in person training may be needed. was helping Shreyas install nextcloud and mount the storage on raids, they were able too do it with sqlite3 DB but was not able to configure MySQL DB. Work on BaaApp android didnt move forward, however migration from eclipse was successful, not setting live debug mode with connected phone. Need Emery's help with syncthing Emery: added shalini's device, they were able to start sync with Emery's machine in office to Shalini's machine at her home. GUI is nice, but there's semantic problem with concepts such as device, folder so on.. which is not quite clear. Dinesh: To shalini, Did you speak with Dolly and Mallesh - they are working on migrant issues Shalini: Doesn't have Dolly's number Dinesh: that can be fixed. Also did you give any money to Suresh Shalini: Yes, Also NCBS work should start, we received the money but seems venkat thinks theres still some accounting issues, need to clarify. Dinesh: where is prasoon, lets see if hes OK, and what hes up to Bhanu: will message on Signal Dinesh: Re. Girish's Wix site namdu1radio.com though girish enabled share, the urls are not to the actual audio but to a HTML page, thinking out loud here Vignesh: Database or CSV for Papad, since he's not so familiar with raspberry pi All: in quorum re. this CSV store is a good start, start with documenting code architecture. Vignesh: will share gitlab url, need to fork it to Janastu, also what license to add Dinesh and Emery: start with restrictive and go on with easing it, decided on GPL V3 Athithya: working on Responsive design, finished navigation Bhanu: Still waiting for Documentation, start coding only after writing please Athithya: Question re. User sign in when adding tags Bhanu: since this will be group / community activity, we will have the admin manage users and their phone numbers as identitity. no sign in required, we can see how to authenticate Dinesh: yes, no sign in required but we should be able to moderate users, such as blocking spam / mischievous users. Also you may authenticate with a passcode. Setup a passcode in the admin backend, which will be saved on a file or memory. when request to POST / PUT client will ask to provide the passcode. Server will verify / validate and update or reject Mani: Murali called re. cubbon park map design project, he sent the missing details that was awaited, now will be able to finish this work by end of day today. Also thinking about starting a user experience research project for papad to document the design system in place for this application. will share a set of questions on a pad to get team's comments. Dinesh: Girish coordinating with someone in Redcross going to takr his van to different villages and replaying the messages of officials, Emery working on if Girish can sync while he is away for centralizing data collection if any. Gopi is sending pictures on Map, and specifically to mani be able to work with the mask design group in making the guide like the knitting guides, so that can we printed and shared. Later we can see on what else is need re. usage, re-use and so on.

Lockdown Day 9

Date: 2^nd^ April, 2020 participants: Athithya, Bhanu, Emery, Mani, Sanketh, Shalini

Discussion on how the lockdown will be released, Sanketh mentions that it could be phased and later came across PM conference call with all chief ministers and suggesting a phased release, but states should ensure no overcrowding (density) after release as well. Sanketh also brought up ClimateSchool by GSS, Prasanna answering questions re. Sacred economy and people centric solutions, providing state benefits for such productions where machine is minimum and people are maximum.

Updates, Bhanu: finished the eng to kannada translation for Zainab, had missed out a portion of the article, which i only noticed later. Apart from that, i am doing some DIY smoking tools like water bong, and coconut leaf smoker. Put my first batch of 1 litre grape juice for fermenting. Helping shalini and mani find poster r. covid19 in different indian languages. Emery: Not much Janastu related work, he's caught up with the C language toolchain on one of his projects. Bhanu: Not that my wine making and other DIY is janastu related either, but still goes on the doc :laughing: Athithya: Working on responsive upgrade for papad Bhanu: suggest to document the breakpoints and device / screen size support, definitions for landscape / portrait views, also for Sanketh and may be also dinesh, Vignesh was asking if he can use a CSV file as data source for the papad app. will bring this up again tomorrow. Sanketh: Re. the messages on servelots current group, looks like mani is describing each image. instead what would be more helpful is conceptualizing on the overall theme, that will help peers to add valuable feedback Mani: The intention of this posters was to keep the Anthillhacks Social Media channel with relevant posts. Bhanu: also the subjects chosen for the posters is already repetitive, in case the intent was for Social media you can go ahead and publish what ever you want from your own handle / account and tag anthillhacks. But as far as what goes out with Janastu logo should have a clear relationg with what we are doing, Ex. like what jhanvi suggested re. home made mask making guides, Sanketh: yes, also may be "what happens to Dreams deffered" is also a powerful theme, and since we are associated with these conversations, Bhanu: right, that will help us contextualize our work to our peers and will help us in seeking contributors. Shalini: Mani, can we have this posters in different languages Mani: I need translators Bhanu: Thats not a design problem, but we should be able to crawl the internet atleast manually to find posters, videos, images and other awareness materials in different indian languages, here is the preliminary search results in kannada, hindi, malyalam, telugu, tamil, seeking contributions https://www.google.com/collections/s/list/b4L2dzqjQLei2TLHk4R0Gw/-CoUYa2KzMY Mani: ok will note this, also with this time with me want to focus more on Interaction design tutorial Bhanu: sure you can do that, but i would suggest, need to also do hobby projects and not just papad, follow other people in this domain, reach out to community for help and so on should be much more important than going through a tutorial Dinesh joined towards the end and said will share something later about his call with jhanvi and others.

Lockdown Day 8

Date: 01 ^st^ April, 2020 Participants: Team with Jhanavi

The Masks video, and initiating a personalized mask making campaign for delivering to pourakarmikas

Jhanavi joined in from Barcelona spain, she was updating on covid status in Spain, Germany and italy. And to initiate mask making as a local activity to help people.

Dinesh: $1000 USD donation from Dinesh's friend - $500 for purakarmikas and $500 for Migrant labours. Dinesh suggesting if we can make homemade re-usable masks for pourakarmikas.

Jhanavi: will speak to some people, mentions inscriptions Vinay, call scheduled for next day.

Emery update re. sync thing that he has setup in office on 3 machines that is managing the sync services for the mesh radio project

Shalini follow ups with Suresh re mumble and other things and Shreyas re. nextcloud

Dinesh follow up with Shridhar - re. trucks taking produce to kerala

Disucssion re internet shutdown and alternative networking opportunities

Digital Sovereignity, resilience -

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