Slots minutes of meetings - November 2020

30 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh updating on film crew visit to ddhills and the wifi set up.

  • Bhanu saying on Anurag's comments on biome invoice and he needs collect content drive from office and go through for tomorrow' meeting also working on Elastic Search.

  • Shalini will be asking Mayank to send seminar link so team can listening and explain.

  • Mani is working on photo blog on anthillhacks 2019 event.

  • Dinesh talking about anthillhacks lot of local young people interested in cowmesh so one of idea is to.

    -- Antenna workshop and cowmesh setup.

    -- Manjo's battery maintenance workshop

    -- Food things (small internet cafe) near Yatri Nivas.

  • Athithya working on Biome UI page.

  • Dinesh i have to work on APC report today.

  • Sonal and Yatharth explaining on Rooftop Makerspace measurements.

  • Yatharth talked on design group and planning push to Janastu website.

  • Dinesh asked Micah and Safali to update on Milli meeting once in a while.

  • Dinesh shared Meghana is part Art camp they all using this hubs "residency" during covid times so its interesting.

  • Micha talked on milli sketch.

  • Dinesh and athithya on Janastu list for Stree format for artisan data

28 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Athithya working on Biome landing page

  • Yatharth will be working on the measurements of the space and sonal will be drafting the plan on CAD

  • Mani writing a photo blog on anthillhacks 2019.

  • Micah working on Raspberry Pi.

  • We will create design group on Telegram and share the details there.

27 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Mani writing a Photo Blog on anthillhacks 2019 event

  • Bhanu and Arun discussed about Elastic Search

  • Bhanu working on search functionality for the Long Term website

  • Yatarth and Sonal working on designing and also yatarth working on Blog

  • Arun fixed static website and he suggested shalini is the right person to check the non working websites

26 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Mani writing a Photo Blog for anthillhacks 2019 event. He have gathered all photo, video and related info.

  • Sonali updating blog works and she will help with 2d, 3d modeling helps and also Panaroma

  • Shalini have updated womens community meeting and DA community meeting. She also one of the speaker.

  • Shalini have updated Garima Girls issues. They are facing issue with network, some more group not able to access the pi.

  • Next week, Medha people conducting paid Intership to Garima Girls

  • Dinesh suggested to send hotspot to GGirls

  • Upasana have updated Design Archives workshop.

  • Dinesh suggested manoj and upasana to collect covid impact.

  • Athithya started Biome UI development

25 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Arun and Dinesh talked about Elastic search update.

  • We have deadline for ACP, srirupa, DA/mxpr report inputs, APC

  • Sonali will ready to help on Design kind of work. Dinesh suggested sonali to create blog

  • Dinesh asked Athithya to collect unbroken static website

  • Dinesh shared the router setup photo

  • Bhanu have updated Mirzapur updates and Biome UI design.

  • Micah created Documentation of working with an RPi to implement a Webinar

  • Mani asked team members to contribute all your Project’s Links (such as docs, sheet, ppt, hackmd, drive, nextcloud or relevant info) here: that could be useful for archiving links.

  • Dinesh asking team to add 2 0r 3lines, images for the DA documentation it will helpful for Explain.(work we have done with Mirzapur)

  • Renu said we can use new little cottage is available as janastu iruway office

24 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Mani gave desigining ideas to Sonali

  • Sanketh gave Janstu, Community Network, Network setup on Tumkur, Anthillhack project to Sonali.

  • Sonali gave introduced herself to Team.

  • Shafali and Micah introduction and Milli Introduction to Sonali

  • Arun gave Web development from Janastu to Sonali

  • Yatarth also gave where sonali will start the design on Janstu

  • Manoj introduced his work to sonali.

  • Arun working on Elastic Search

  • Athithya gave introduction to Papad

  • Sanketh gave APC meeting updates to team and Pi updates to Sonali

23 November 2020

Participants: Team with Megha

  • Shalini and Dinesh, both are in Field. Girish and Dinesh connecting farm pi. In farm they are getting good network.

  • Manoj need design help from Mani.

  • Arun working on Elastic search to load data.

  • Megha introducing and she's working with Manoj.

  • Yesterday, Yatharth, Manoj, shalini, Sanketh and Dinesh they were in Tumkur and they fixed Battery issue. and they are getting 13mbps speed of network.

  • Sanketh have updated Libre Router setup on Tumkur. He suggested shalini to test the pi through SSH from Durgadahalli to Renu House.

21 November 2020

Participants: Team

20 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh, shalini and mani had discussion about Video for the Community Network

  • Aiswarya will do the Final version of Video Edit. Shalini and Mani will help for the Copying videos from Mani

  • Pragathi told we can apply for the

  • Madhu, Shafali and Geeta take the responsibilty for the application

  • Shalini have updated Jingle event with Garima girls a

  • Today, Geeta and Shafali taught Music Editing tool to Garima girls on Mobile

  • Shalini suggest that will introduce Audacity to Garima Girls on Raspberry pi and also she asked mani to take the Audacity to them.

  • Shalini have updated Community Network meeting, and also she updated Auto Mesh.

  • Bhanu updating on Biome design and working on Papad

  • Arun working on Elastic Search to querying the service

  • Mani wants to provide Video details to Aiswarya

  • Bhanu introducing Thirumal to the team.

  • Thirumal have interest to introducing computer, Raspberry pi to his village and his main interest to building cooperative chain from various field.

19 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Manoj, Sanketh and Dinesh discussed on Antenna setup and wi-fi problem in tumkur.

  • Tomorrow meeting at 3:00 pm (9.30UTC) on Friday for video production with Aishwarya and APC comms.

  • Arun and Bhanu trying fixing on site issue.

  • Bhanu updating on biome design and Athithya will be doing html css theme development.

  • Geeting updating on jingles session with mirzapur girls.

  • Arun working on Elastic Search doing progress.

18 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Mani had edited video:

  • Bhanu updating on Milli meeting and he's working papad application on UI part.

  • Shalini and dinesh on cowmesh

    • everything is setup

  • Arun was been working migrating site into static sites and athithya has test. i have fixed the few errors that i could. others couldn't be fixed because they are giving the same error in the original site as well. so we need to fix that.

  • Shafali updating mirzapur girls call we had faced problem with jitsi in the middle of meeting.

  • STREE came through

  • railtel will provide fibre to rave mill

17 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Bhanu, Micah and shafali discussed on milli meeting on what will happen today.

  • Shafali updating Garima Girls session on conva tool and some girls not showing interest also with data recharge issues. So we should plan properly for the daily activities with girls.

  • Tomorrow probably we have to setup PI for Kavita's group.

  • Mani is completed APC video and still he's working on CNx video.

  • Bhanu and Mani addressed on OBS recording issues.

  • Athithya updating on discord testing in that issues are in the text message and share screen. Later she was talking the static site sheet with the test comments.

16 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Akriti introduce herself to team and Bhanu explained projects to her.

  • Shafali was suggesting udyam its for improving education, Later she discuss about storytelling.

  • Athithya on Discord and she was checking timings with others for testing on Low Bandwidth, High Bandwidth and invite more people.

  • Mani is working on APC video and CNx video.

  • Bhanu this week i have to work biome, papad front end development.

  • Geetha one of Pi we have to setup with Garima Girls. So we might set it up today or tomorrow.

12 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • In today's meeting @2pm. Annapurna Garimella (AG) will give a guest talk for 30 min. On ART, CRAFT and VERNACULAR. AG will present a talk that uses the mortar and pestle to think about art, craft and the vernacular as 3 ways of categorizing, making and thinking about objects in India since 1947. This conversation is important for janastu and friends because it impinges on the work of the organisation and seeks to engage with it critically.

11 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Micah updating Mirzapur community to Akriti

  • Akriti introduce herself to team

  • Geeta updating Aamne samne Pi. Pi reached to Garima Girls.

  • Shalini updating Pi status , network and Sim card update.

  • Arun updating server updates

  • Athithya updating Discord testing on Office Pi, Dinesh asked to test Discord on Low Bandwidth, High Bandwidth invite 4 or more people.

  • Dinesh updating Batteries for the Pi.

10 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh and Mani discussing logo, website link to share, communication guidelines and social media for Janastu Servelots

  • Bhanu created twitter account for the Janastu Servelots

  • Dinesh uploaded images on Google Drive

  • Dinesh asked mani to upload images on Next cloud and all team members will share the Images to Mani

  • Mani and Upasana take the Twitter Social media ownership

  • Bhanu created instagram account for the Servelots

  • Kavyashree Introduced her team members Arjun, Akhilesh Mutagi, Miximoon, Prince Soni.

  • Prince Soni updating web development issue

  • Bhanu and Dinesh suggest to create issue page on Github or Gitlab.

  • Bhanu and Dinesh suggested to use Jquery or Vanilla JS

  • Micah and Athithya updating Discord Testing

  • Dinesh asked Athithya to Install Discord app on Office Pi through yggdrasil network

  • Geeta updating Mind mapping event with Garima Girls.

  • and

  • Dinesh updating Anthillhacks 2020 - CNX sessions - a proposal

  • Arun migrating static website and he struggling on Elastic Search mapping Date field

  • Bhanu updating Papad UI. He is struck on that and he paused for while. He starting Syncthing.

09 November 2020

Participants: Team

07 November 2020

Participants: Team

06 November 2020

Participants: Team

05 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Bhanu updating on metadata need to upload 2 sheets meeting with biome.

  • Dinesh talking about Pi and its plan. pi there. what might be first few activities That Medha was asking and i think we need to do radio programmes making activities.

    • jingle making to audio editing

    • Micah showing illustration tool to GGirls

    • Geetha we have to start with creativity activity because girls are more interested.

    • Bhanu suggeted on audio recording session in audacity.

  • Shalini on Mahendran's call update.

  • How to structure blog

  • Geetha and Micah updating mirzapur girls call. Today girls were in revolutionary mood and signing songs. Later geetha was saying on opening up study center and teaching and helping poor students if possible we can suggest them to use kolibri for learning resources.

  • We have to see how to recording of the session?

  • Bhanu on he's stand up comedy.

  • Introducing Pi with Dhuriya village and Garima Girls group.

  • Shafali suggested for content we have look on any App for storytelling.

  • Micah: We can also move from scratch to the drag and drop game builders.

  • One of you can start hackmd page with this activities.

  • Micah will be helping for sanketh in documentation.

  • Arun will install discord on raspberry pi for testing.

  • Micah on Experimenting with aframe

  • ASPi blog

    • may-june update, suno-suno, mesh-mash

04 November 2020

Participants: Team

03 November 2020

Participants: Team

  • Dinesh asking on discord feedback either to use or not for mirzapur girls.

  • Bhanu on webpage class with mirzapur girls. he showed how to download the templates and how to push the code in github.

  • We have to postpone our meeting time.

  • Sanketh, Arun, Shalini and Dinesh discussed on tower setup in tumkur, Powerbeam and Roshy's works

  • Locnet - document and graphics in share2 (pw Locnet2020September)

02 November 2020

Participants: Team

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