Our pieces in the launch issue of compost mag.

COMPOST is a magazine about the digital commons, telling stories about people building the web as a shared resource. But it is also a process to metabolize and renew relationships with the Web, to imagine and build interdependent, equitable, and solidarity-based systems of communication and knowledge sharing. COMPOST is published to the web and DWeb using the Distributed Press API. This debut issue of COMPOST magazine features writing and art about technologies, protocols, and communities that enable authentic and trustful connections. Shafali and Micah have lead two articles for the first issue.

The theme of the first issue is fertile grounds. "As large swathes of the Web decay, we want to explore how its remains can help new networks flourish. What are the raw materials we can work with? What tools can we employ? What worlds can we shape together?" Until the COWs come home. Rural ecosystems are losing their voice. They are treated as passive recipients of emerging developments with their data environments fractured by infrastructural problems. The textually prolific internet doesn’t account for other common forms of knowledge. There is a dire need to envision an inclusive platform that accommodates creation, discovery, and navigation of alternate worldviews that don’t fit into Western categorisations.

Techno-Futures from Bidar is a group reflection of a mesh-network project run in Bidar along with Living Labs Network and Forum. This is an effort on our part to bring out the intangible, give a glimpse into the cultural interconnections as well as account for different articulations than what a traditional format allows. A navigable map of the stories tending towards a more accessible (and non-textual) interface is suggested.

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