Slots minutes of meetings - February 2021

26 Feb 2021

  • Dinesh going to camp workshop at Basavanakudi

  • Mani asked yatarth to redesign the open.janastu.org. Yatarth have to look the website redesign

  • Yatarth working on Eco energy document with manoj

  • Yesterday Mani faced some issues with AWS screening. Sindhu tried to figure out the problem

  • Sindhu updated USB speaker issues with Raspberry pi.

  • Shalini and sankethasked Sindhu to add issues in gitlab page http://gitlab.com/jivjanastu

  • Athithya and sanketh discussed upgrade version of raspbeian is script. Sanketh said will sit together for the documentation

  • Sindhu asked some document tracking software. Joel comment on that If people are comfortable with Markdown then gitlab works for doc tracking as well If not maybe just google docs would be fine.

  • Yatarth suggested gitbook to track the issues

  • Sindhu updated Ragiguda kids update. And she asked projector availability. Shalini said 1projector we are having. Sindhu can use it for the Ragiguda film screening.

25 Feb 2021

  • Mani have some doubts on AWS video and he clarified with Sindhu

  • Dinesh, Shalini and Sanketh went for the crafts workshop

  • Shafali made video for Discord Intro. She need help from shalini.

  • Yatarth working with manoj for the Eco Energy document https://www.notion.so/fc6e5573989d4271afa271366a1055f6?v=b699d480b86b46afb691ad59e7c794e1

  • Sindhu having doubts on how to project film to Ragiguda people, Shafali suggested in office we are having projector will use it now.

  • Sindhu updated AWS video update and ragiguda

  • Dinesh updated craft workshop and kori is capturing short videos with her mobile, after tht mani will edit it make a video

  • Tommorow Ram and OSF team going to village for the sky watch workshop, Dinesh asked to join whoever wants to come,

  • Coming Saturday Dinesh and Shalini leaving Bangalore for the crafts workshop

  • SIndhu said 38people interest to work on short film. Dinesh saidwill ask them to use raspberry pi, slowly start with tech

24 Feb 2021

23 Feb 2021

  • Dinesh, Sanketh and Mani discussed about Diptis poster.

  • Dinesh and Team confirmed the workshop days. will make it Malleswaram on Thursday, Friday on Jayanagar and weekend on Durgadahalli.

  • Dinesh updated Jaga, Crafts status and Libre Router status. Ram asked Open Space Foundation people to visit Durgadahalli to conduct telescope workshop to the Youngsters and also the same time we will test Dplink

  • Dinesh updated Dplink status.

  • Sindhu interested to help debugging the low internet.

  • Sankeeth have changes for the webinar Document and he need help from Micah.

  • Yatarth updated UK grant. Our grant was rejected because our project look like 1year project. Their project schedule for 5months We are not eligible. Yatarth have to reply for the mail.

22 Feb 2021

  • Sindhu is working on AWS configuration once she figure out the settings. Later in evening she'll do demo session with Mani.

  • Mani will be creating poster for crafs workshop which will held Malleshwaram or kehaan place.

  • Dinesh and Sindhu discussing ragi gudda area activities how to include more younger girls.

  • Sindhu is in office, she needs help raspberry pi with sanketh.

  • Micah was asking sanketh to review on Sculpting a Webinar Pi - The Pi 4 Debacles https://hackmd.io/pGk1fFIdSECY1QRs1yz9VA

  • Librerouter about to release new version

  • Shalini and Bhanu discussed server related

  • Bhanu updating on papad application

  • Micah and Dinesh was talking on Compost design.

  • Shalini updating on internet setup issues at DD hills

  • Rishi talking on ragi gudda area activities about film fest

19 Feb 2021

18 Feb 2021

  • Shalini working on server related issues in the farm

  • Sindhu and Mani was talking about Joel excel sheet for open.janastu to use same sheet and separate page in it. Later that format on how to maintain it for Shalini, Bhanu, Sanketh, Arun' s project documentation tracking.

  • Shafali talked to Shadman, he will be sharing list of girls and they numbers so that we can further communicate with them for flim fest.

  • Dinesh and Micha discussed about Com-Phone Story Maker (Create, tell, share and enjoy multimedia digital stories) - https://f-droid.org/packages/ac.robinson.mediaphone StoryMaker (produce professional-grade videos with your Android phone) - https://f-droid.org/packages/info.guardianproject.mrapp and suggested others to install for testing..

  • Sindhu updating on ragi gudda area they made some videos like dance, singing etc..,we are plant to show how to use camera.

  • Mani and Sindhu going to test AWS account.

17 Feb 2021

16 Feb 2021

15 Feb 2021

  • Shafali updating on yesterday she had call with Bhanu how to take forward ASPi and also discussed about papad.

  • Dinesh went to a session yesterday in tumkur it was about research done on local storyteller

  • Shafali attended workshop on sound related.

  • Sindhu able to create simple event in eventbrite and embed somme video. Later updating on ragi gudda area met local girls and planning for one flim from that area.

  • Dinesh thinking of taking Pi to ragi gudda and should do trial run with films reference then explore with Kolibri, discord and papad.

    • Sindhu and Athithya will follow up (responsible person) and they'll present plan for Pi trial run by tomorrow.

  • Dinesh saying will setup Pi in ragi gudda and Gurappanapalya (Ac3) area

  • Shafali updating on Preeti's call

  • For Film workshop dinesh told instead of having alternate days announce two session for a week.

  • Dinesh will share photos what they did and they'll update more by tonight also Ram is in farm he's helping with setup.

  • Shafali and Dinesh talking about status of compost. Shafali sent mail again and waiting for reply.

11 Feb 2021

  • Joel asking project list . Project with Description

  • Mani pi having memory card issues.Once Sanketh comes to office Mani will check with sanketh.

  • Dinesh updated farm work. He is going Thimnayakanahalli tommorow evening. He will ask ram and ruchika whether they are coming or not.

  • Arun does not having site running on the pantato server.

  • Arun comfortable with flutter now. Dinesh suggested to do Baa app, epicollect5 or something using flutter.

  • Ashwin call was scheduled at 6:30 for change for good project. Ram also here.

  • Sindhu coming office today.

  • Shafali updated web literacy Practical Tech event. We have interview today.tactical tech doc

  • Dinesh and shafali discussed about the web literacy diagram. Dinesh asked to replace the word Literacy to something like actively participating.

  • Dinesh asked Mani to check the status for the Raspberry pi Documentation with Micah.

  • Dinesh and shafali discussing the film festival.

  • Dinesh said we are planning to put one more router on Crafter space amd Thimnayakahalli village.

  • Arun and Shalini discussed the sites which we want and shalini plan to remove all the unwanted application. She is going to remove omega related.

  • Athithya used script editor to text all the sites status. Mani suggested to use Server & Website Monitor app

  • Dinesh suggested keyboard launcher and he suggested to try this launcher on pi or desktop

10 Feb 2021

  • Dinesh updated Film festival form responses. We got responses from Rajvi rabari Luisa Perira.

  • Dinesh asked mani to upload video to files.janastu.org and also Milli collective archive and also Micah here we can think about how to go Anthillhack repo also.

  • Dinesh said we already started some activities with Thimnayakanahalli people we have to think next activities.

  • Dinesh updated Harshitha.

  • Dinesh asked Micah to check Anthillhack gitbook repo, discord and also we have to think how to go forward.

  • Shafali updated Thesis work.

  • Dinesh comment on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_philosophy like Halma in Jharkand (shivganga NGO shafali worked with) "human capital"

  • Dinesh and sanketh discussed Wifi mesh network

  • Dinesh planning to take Libre router to Thimnayakanahalli and he updated Thimnayakanahalli school status. 1router will put into crafter space so it will act as hotspot and another one on Thimnayakanahalli village.

  • Shalini updated Thimnayakanahalli and Hallokotte womens status. They are willing to do tailoring, mushroom farming. So we have to think about how to come into action

  • Dinesh want to sit with pi owners after 3pm we need to look into home page. Athithya,Dinesh and Yatarth here . We will work together

  • Dinesh asked shalini to call Madhu, Geeta whoever interact with Garima Girls.

09 Feb 2021

  • Dinesh and sindhu trying to fix Sindhu mail issue.

  • Dinesh updated Thimnayakanahalli trip, They also visited near by schools amd interact with teachers. Dinesh shread his photos collection

  • Next week Dinesh planning to again visit Durgadahalli to setup Libe router there.

  • Shafali got call from kutchch for kifi and also she created doc for the kifi

  • Shafali assigned roles to team members for the Film Festival

  • Dinesh will take care of large tech part to introduce papad, kolibri and Joel also there If I will do tech thing I will join with Joel

  • Dinesh shared Rita Banerji and Ranjani updates

  • Yatarth need help for the Doc which is Ananda shared. He invited everyone to edit the doc (list the activity)

  • Dinesh said we will think from art and crafts to make a list, and also Mizapur girls activities and also he mentioned not shared so many details

  • Dinesh asked Athithya to check all the sites status(Up/Down) and tommorow will discuss how to go forward.

  • Sindhu updated AWS meeting

  • Sindhu asked to create the form on Janastu side

  • Dinesh said again will start Raspberry pi activities, we are having pi with Athithya, Bhanu and Mani. We have 6months experienced with pi, so we will start next plan with pi

08 Feb 2021

  • Dinesh in Durgadahalli school. And also Dinesh and school they are thinking about Film making for the 9th and 10th std class

  • Dinesh said will make gitbook page for the Film Festival continue with the Anthillhack section and aslo he said we continue with discord, wonder so people can come and interact there. Continue the Anthillhack repo.

  • Shafali thinikng will conduct alternative workshop with Garima Girls and also dinesh asked to create seperate folder on files.janastu.org

  • Shafali also working on Compost fund we have to send Day after tommorow. Dinesh and shafali after meeting they will sit together will finish it.

  • Mani created gitbook page for Film Festival https://open.janastu.org/activity/kifi-2021 he is updating the page

  • Dinesh updated Durgadahalli School status.And also he mentioned will get back to kolibri channel, papad if they share film or videos to us

  • Shalini have to complete config file from the server side.

  • Sindhu updated Amazon Web Services conference. AWS conducting film festival on live and offline also. She suggested we have to integrate payment gateway for the upcoming film festival on our Janstu website.

  • Dinesh added sindhu to team@servelots mail group. Sindhu mail Id sindhu@servelots.com.

  • Dinesh updated Thimnayakanahalli visit and also me, kids, Ram and Ruchika played together. Vatsala has been using command line to startup chromium and shutdown pi. They also gave feedback for the Pi. By using Cowpi Internet they passed public examination. They are not sharing the wifi password to group of boys, because they are using the internet to play pupg

  • Once everything done we have to forward the mail to Anthillhack people mails also

05 Feb 2021

  • Yatharth & Mani will list out all communities today to send anandana for project.

  • Athithya has completed Website Monitoring Sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a-xrbACb5CCSJrxQ25t976JFkIfYL3-3hVliYeyXaaE/edit?usp=sharing which will move to open.janastu page.

  • Sanketh was check with shalini if she can join Charaka Utsava event. But unfortunately she has plan of going tumkur to submit report.

  • Shalini updating on server: Yesterday Ram was in office we have installed Nginx server and resolved proxy and docker server issues.

  • Joel and Dinesh had talk yesterday on image annotation.

  • Sindhu was asking sanketh and others to submit project details.

  • Tomorrow Nikki is going to take film making session.

  • Dinesh saying we have to write 48percent report.

  • Aishwary's friend Randall he's working at chhattisgarh area and he interested in health and technology also he convinced his team to try wifi mesh network. So he wants to come give a presentation and also talk to some of us. He probably coming next week.

  • Shafali or Yatharth designing film festival flyer

04 Feb 2021

  • Dinesh saying sanketh is going to setup wifi mesh network in charaka event then shalani and manjo will join.

  • Micah working on biocultural.

  • Dinesh asking with shafali how to go with film fest.

  • Shafali suggesting Nikki can conduct workshop on film making.

  • Shafali will be calling and check with Geeta and Madhu if they're interested to take responsibility in film fest.

  • Girish will do one film and we should check witth others.

  • Sanketh updating bidri craft and its price for pi box.

03 Feb 2021

  • Sanketh bidri colony live virtual tour he has been working with the craftsmen to get a raspberry pi case made for some of our projects.

  • Introducing Amroota, Anandana and joel

  • Amruta Supate and Anandana spoke about art project and fundraising with an NGO which works in providing digital Access to communities after the pandemic.

  • Yathath will collect list and sending to Anandana.

  • Dinesh and joel explaining meaning of Scrum and scout sprint.

  • Shalini, manoj and others travelling to charaka event

  • Dinesh, Arun and Athithya meeting with ashvin

  • Contacts:

    • joel: jlouzado@gmail.com

    • Anandana: anandana@gmail.com

02 Feb 2021

01 Feb 2021

  • Dinesh updating ac3 visit https://fsmk.org/ac3/ Ambedkar Community Computing Center.

  • In weekend Shafali was working on paper for the CIS Sahara peoples culture content were all put papad way for culture mapping.

  • Dinesh and Arun was talking about what Ram was saying related to server.

  • Rishi supposed to come today he's from Srishti School intern and he wants to go work with ragigudda slum

  • Mani needs help with archiving content for open.janastu he's was asking others to contribute.

  • Dinesh shared Ashwin's document: change for a cause https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uM9vj4lmB7h-bWtEeQNMsZbWNCQvodpRMuwcRFsg0ks/edit ram is willing to do backend and front end if we do.

  • Then we can talk to Ashwin about this project.

  • Dinesh saying about film fest and Nikki's things and he share Bidri Craft - Alemaree Journals https://hackmd.io/@alemaree/ryc407_yd

  • Shafali, shalini and dinesh are planning to start activities for Daswatpur girls.

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