Slots minutes of meetings - April 2021

23 April 2021

  • Started with general discussion

  • Athitya made the document for Pastoralists https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VeZYJFpxFjyWoMPZSX4C5We4OpspoXr3DrahGjpp8os/edit. Dinesh said will go through and later we will structure the Doc

  • Yatarth have structured the W4P knowledge report and he presented with team members https://hackmd.io/2ZblLFZRTv-dOWQM19ZozA

  • Dinesh and Shalini have discussed Thimnayanahalli status and how to go forward with them. Dinesh was suggested we can create center like a library and that center should owned by the community people.

  • Arun have updated Maptales updates. He created home page for Maptales project and he have presented the demo to team.

22 April 2021

  • Bhanu, Athithya and Dinesh have discussed about Pastoralism map and Dinesh asked athithya to create the document and put all the google sheets and map link and we will share the document to center for pastoralism people so people can comment it.

  • Dinesh have presented Center for pastoralism(Story Map).

  • Dinesh have shared meetings with shreya, co-create works.

  • Bhanu have updated Papad work, he is facing issue while pushing the papad application to server.

21 April 2021

  • Dinesh proposing Desiging opportunity for the Pastoralist project to team members. We will interact with design people and also will think about Mapping.

  • Yatarth siad micah will take the interacting part and yatarth will take the design part and coordinate with developer members.

  • Dinesh and Shalini have discussed Server issues and Dinesh asked shalini to give the server.

  • Arun having progress on Maptales

  • Mani have updated Mirzapur girls activities. Girls are not ready to go out of the home, so that there is delaying in making film.

  • Dinesh said hopefully next APC people will consider our Team to

  • Athithya and Dinesh have discussed about Pastoralist google map. Dinesh suggested put all the datas in spreadsheet and use some satellite map or 3d map for the base map.

  • Yatarth and dinesh have discussed about DA report

  • Dinesh asked Shafali and Micah to contact venkat for the milli updates from design side

20 April 2021

  • Dinesh asked shalini to if any help need ask team members

  • Dinesh need help for the w4p report to complete the page, here is a start on w4p knowledge report. https://hackmd.io/2ZblLFZRTv-dOWQM19ZozA I am wondering what is a simple way to revisit our mxpr related activities, review and write a simple "knowledge report" - response/action on issues, inputs and engagements, opening up a future and state of the challenge (our project was an award given for responding to a work 4 progress challenge). can everyone fillup the time line of all activities you can recall with links where possible. esp the ones you were part of [thank you for acting on this asap as project has ended officially and this is the only way to requestthe release of the final trance]

  • Bhanu suggessted will take minutes notes for the timeline to make the report

  • Shalini asked Mani to try to upload files on files.janastu.org

  • Dinesh and Bhanu have discussed Milli and Joel conversation

  • Bhanu have updated Prasoon works and issue what he facing currently.

  • Bhanu have sent mail to Jasraj and also he asked to map package instead of using google map.

  • Shalini have asked Bhanu to check Campuscockpit.demx.in

  • Dinesh and Sanketh have discussed cow mesh issue and what is the issue may be occur

19 April 2021

  • Jasraj introduction and Dinesh introduced team members to Jasraj. Jasraj from Sristi designing team.

  • Jasraj have presented DDHills podcast presentation https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q_32NZm1Wzcbc-RiCwjiSRmD6RElgpuI/view

  • The objective for the project is the visitor who are all visiting they can access the Podcast through cow mesh network.

  • Bhanu and jasraj have discussed Development issues, Bhanu asked him to push the code in github or gitlab and go forward.

  • Jasraj have presented Mesh Quiz presentation https://malayvasa.github.io/meshquiz/

  • For the Mesh Quiz app Dinesh and Shafali suggested to add Images and audios instead of making question in text format

  • Shalini have asked Mani and Athithya to check the server status and update in Group and shalini asked Mani to record the Mirzapur session an will do documentation later

  • Arun have updated Maplates application to team

16 April 2021

15 April 2021

  • Dinesh explaining w4p recognising skills in the girls, and suggested then interconnect girls individually understand problems like timing and data issues then plan accordingly.

  • Dinesh asked Wiki.janastu.org is not running in backend.

  • Shalini, Emery, Arun and Dinesh discussed server related issues

  • For EKOenery climate our application sent to the second round.

12 April 2021

09 April 2021

  • Dinesh and Shalini have updated center for pastoralism meeting. They need help from mapping the data. Today Shalini will start excel sheet work.

  • Athithya updated Ragiguda Film Festival and Rishi planning to take Girls playing role on Friday and also Sunday Raniamma home is availbale. We can use it for film festival

  • Madhu updates Mirzapur Girls meeting. Shalini will take initiative responsibility for Thimnayanahalli film festival.

  • Madhu, Geeta and Micah will take initiative responsibilty for Mirzapur film festival

    Sindhu will take initiative responsibility for Ragiguda film festival

  • Sindhu have updated Unnat Bharat Abhiyan meeting updates. Dinesh also updated work to do for the setup of Network community build.

  • Shalini getting clarified with her doubts.

07 April 2021

  • Dinesh and shalini have updated Thimnayahalli updates. Renu's willing to take forward the workshop and also crafter made things

  • Mani have updated Yesterday meeting with Garima Girls

  • Shafali and Dinesh have discussed about Curriculum activities, shafali said will ask madhu and Geeta's idea also

  • Sindhu have updated Ragiguda Updates

  • Dinesh, Mani and Shalini have discussed about video editing for the KIFI Thimnayahalli footage.

  • Dinesh,sindhu, shalini and shafali have discussed about how to link Girls parents, why girls are hesitatte to learn the technology.

  • Shalini have updated TP link issues and server issue

  • Dinesh and Athithya have discussed about content collection for all the projects. Dinesh asked athithya to collect question from all the projects.

06 April 2021

05 April 2021

  • Dinesh, Geeta, Micah and Shafali discussed Mizapur Girls activity and also how to integrate Papad into film making.

  • Dinesh said we have to list out the activities without papad

  • Madhu have updated Garima Girls meeting and also she shared the next coming activities.

  • Dinesh said we have to collect the details - how many ggirls having mobile, pi? and will make certification for the film making

  • Dinesh said we can make the template for the script

  • Dinesh and Micah have discussed about deadline for the each fund proposal project

  • Dinesh have updated DA Global activity update

01 April 2021

  • Dinesh shared photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/z2uTvi6JicamG9ix6 devarayanadurga jatre week photos. Ddhills and around.

  • Shafali busy with Milli deadline.

  • Dinesh asked anybody catching up with Bhanu, Shalini, Madhu and others on process for KiFi films. someone has to initiative.

  • Arun updating Maptales working on sample mptal file.

  • Two student from srishti they're in office yesterday are doing film on Devarayana Durga hills.

  • Mani working on photos archive uploading files in google photos

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