IruWay Farm

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IruWay is a collectively owned farm that aspires to be an inclusive laboratory of holistic technology exploration. Iruway is a farm located at the foothills of Devarayandurga near Durgadahalli village in Tumakuru district. Iruway is inside Halekote, and is close to forests and hills.

Iruway, or “iruve” means ants in kannada. As “iruve” becomes Iruway, we take inspiration from ants, as creatures of cooperation, coordination and the collective. Iruway was built with this concept, to foster a sustainable alternative for local knowledge creation and creativity.


Crafter Space

The Crafter Space engages in research and technology development to make sustainable connections between local people, locally available materials and tools, and the required techniques and technology. A community knowledge archive, community radio and digital storytelling activities are also in development at the CrafterSpace.

Namma Halli Radio

A community WiFimesh radio, and makerspace of crafterspace encourage and involve local girls to explore and manage these spaces.

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Anthillhacks and Annotated Knowledge Archives

The transformative potential of indigenous knowledge production, archiving and storytelling in a decentralized wifi-mesh context is likely going to lead to alternate possibilities of development for low-literate and remote communities.

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